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Benefits of joining Pinkoi

  1. You get to work with a MacBook. Work in style!
  2. Beautiful office and happy working atmosphere.
  3. We have a fridge that grows beverages; monthly afternoon tea.
  4. Endless supply of coffee from a Swiss coffee machine, and sometimes even Blue Bottle coffee beans!
  5. Every Monday morning, free take-out coffee to help you ease back into work.
  6. Enjoy paid time off in your first year.
  7. If Pinkoi's targets are met, quarterly bonuses are rewarded for hard work.
  8. At Pinkoi, we don't need to do overtime to finish our work (or even more).
  9. There's always something fun happening.
  10. Pinkoi is growing fast and going international. Join Pinkoi and you'll have an opportunity to grow and shine!
  11. Work with amazing, talented people. Everyone is a star player in Pinkoi.
  12. Our HQ is in Taipei near NTU Hospital station and 228 Peace Memorial Park. We'll tell you more at your interview. :)

If you have what it takes, see below for our current vacancies.

If there is no relevant position, you can still email your resume to hr@pinkoi.com. Share something impressive with us, something that most people would find challenging but you know; if we believe this skill or knowledge will help Pinkoi, we will get in touch!

Account Manager - Malaysia


  1. Discover and invite Singaporean/Malaysian original-design brands to open Pinkoi shops.
  2. Increase awareness of Pinkoi in the Singaporean/Malaysian design scene.
  3. Evaluate incoming applications for opening Pinkoi shops. Follow shops' sales figures, and provide specific suggestions to improve shop performance.
  4. Build up the designers' community.
  5. Contribute to Pinkoi Designer Newsletters.
  6. Conduct workshops for designers.
  7. Pass on designers' feedback to Pinkoi HQ in Taiwan, work closely with Pinkoi HQ Teams, and create more sales opportunities for designers.
  8. Your performance is measured by the number of Pinkoi shops opened, sales figures, and designer satisfaction.

Ideal candidate

  1. Passionate about design products, and familiar with the Singaporean/Malaysian design scene/culture. You frequent craft fairs, boutiques, exhibitions, design markets, and Pop Up events. You have connections with people in the design industry/scene.
  2. Understands Pinkoi's style and ethos. In keeping with Pinkoi's products and style, you are confident that you can invite a variety of Singaporean/Malaysian designers to join Pinkoi.
  3. Great communicator. You can build trust between Pinkoi and designers within a short time.
  4. Shops online frequently (computer or mobile). You can often identify user issues with various shopping platforms. You can provide useful suggestions on how to solve these issues.
  5. Loves a challenge. You can solve problems creatively.
  6. Speaks and writes English, Chinese, and Malay.
  7. You will be working in Malaysia. You may be required to go for short business trips to Taiwan and Singapore (on a needs basis).

Highly desirable

  1. Has 1-2+ years of work experience in the online/mobile shopping industry.
  2. Has expertise in data analysis, and frequently uses data to interpret task results.
  3. Has a good grasp of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts and methods, and can use these to increase product page traffic. Has experience using Facebook, LINE, Instagram, or other social networks for business.


Please email your resume to hr@pinkoi.com. Please also describe why you are the best fit for this position in the email. Thank you. Please attach:

  1. The link to your Pinkoi user profile page.
  2. Share your insights with us regarding the design/creative industries in Singapore and Malaysia. If Pinkoi chooses to develop the Singaporean/Malaysian market, what would be your suggested approach?
  3. Tell us about 3 Singaporean/Malaysian original design brands that are not found on Pinkoi, but you think should be! Explain why you chose these 3 brands.

Online Marketing Manager - Thailand

Pinkoi is Asia's leading online marketplace for buying and selling original design. We are committed to selling products that reflect good taste. Pinkoi is more than an e-commerce platform: it is a community for talented homegrown and international designers. Our mission is to empower designers, champion great designs, and enrich people's lives. We want to bring Asia's best designs to the world!


  1. Manage our Thai social media platforms
  2. Create, develop, and execute online marketing campaigns for the Thai market
  3. Track and analyze web traffic regularly
  4. Support other offline events, such as workshops for designers

Ideal candidate

  1. 3+ years of relevant work experience
  2. Native level Thai and working proficiency in English
  3. Excellent in social media marketing and passionate for all kinds of social media platforms, including Facebook and IG
  4. Know and like Pinkoi. You also love design and enjoy shopping at craft markets and design boutique shops
  5. Able to engage with people online and always know what people are discussing about online
  6. Know about analytics. Experienced in Google Analytics
  7. Excellent copywriting skills
  8. Able to manage projects
  9. Able to realize your creative ideas as online campaigns
  10. Based in Thailand, but required to travel to Taiwan regularly

Highly desirable

  1. Passionate about online shopping (computer or mobile)
  2. Experienced in hosting offline events and PR


Please email a covering letter and resume (in English) to hr@pinkoi.com (subject line "Applying for Online Marketing Manager (Thailand)". In addition, please find 3 items on Pinkoi that you think you can introduce in a creative way, and write 3 Facebook posts for them. You should write the posts in Thai, with the aim of bringing traffic from Facebook to the Pinkoi website. You don’t need to post them on your Facebook account, but only send us the copy.

We will only notify those invited for an interview. Thank you for your interest.