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Benefits of joining Pinkoi

  1. You get to work with a MacBook. Work in style!
  2. Beautiful office and happy working atmosphere.
  3. We have a fridge that grows beverages; monthly afternoon tea.
  4. Endless supply of coffee from a Swiss coffee machine, and coffee beans from around the world!
  5. Every Monday morning, free take-out coffee to help you ease back into work.
  6. Enjoy paid time off in your first day.
  7. If Pinkoi’s performance targets are met, a pay raise will be given. Annual performance bonuses will also be allocated depending on company growth.
  8. At Pinkoi, we don't need to do overtime to finish our work (or even more).
  9. There's always something fun happening.
  10. Pinkoi is growing fast and going international. Join Pinkoi and you'll have an opportunity to grow and shine!
  11. Work with amazing, talented people. Everyone is a star player in Pinkoi.
  12. Our HQ is in Taipei near NTU Hospital station and 228 Peace Memorial Park. We'll tell you more at your interview. :)

If you have what it takes, see below for our current vacancies.

If there is no relevant position, you can still email your resume to hr@pinkoi.com. Share something impressive with us, something that most people would find challenging but you know; if we believe this skill or knowledge will help Pinkoi, we will get in touch!

Language Specialist - Thai (Full-time or Part-time)

Pinkoi, leading online marketplace for unique and original design goods in Asia, is looking for a Thai Language Specialist.

Language Specialists are the guardians of Pinkoi's tone, style, and voice who enforce the quality and excellence of their languages. The Thai Language Specialist will be responsible for translating Traditional Chinese into Thai for international users. As a language specialist, it is essential to have a passion for languages and cultures in order to provide our customers with a great user experience across all platforms.


  1. Pursue excellence in translation quality and consistency across all platforms in Thai
  2. Proofread and check other translation work
  3. Respond to feedback from users and Pinkoi team members about translation
  4. Understand the needs of international users and assist the Community team with inquiries from customers


  1. Native-level Thai, fluency in Chinese and English
  2. Ability to communicate and work effectively as a team member in a multicultural environment
  3. Organized with great attention to detail and great flexibility
  4. Time management skills
  5. Basic knowledge of HTML, Markdown, SEO notions and localization cloud tool (e.g. OneSky, Transifex, etc.)
  6. Your aim for full-time or part-time. If part-time, please provide your available working schedule. At least 3 days per week to communicate and work effectively as a team.


  1. Please email your cover letter and resume to hr@pinkoi.com with “Thai Language Specialist” as the subject line and describe why you are the best fit for this position.
  2. State the position you are applying for: full-time or part-time. If part-time, please provide available working hours or schedule.
  3. Translate these into Thai:
    1. Pinkoi 是亞洲領先的設計商品購物網站,擁有眾多海內外優質設計師群,堅持用好品味、客製化的獨特設計,實現每個人的美感生活,也讓每個送禮時刻更加獨一無二。2011 年 8 月成立至今,致力於經營台灣、日本、泰國、中港澳、美加及其他國際市場,期望讓亞洲迷人的好設計在全世界散發光芒,並創造一個讓生活更美好的設計生態圈。
    2. Pinkoi 是個交易平台,所有的商品都是由設計師自行管理及出貨,平台提供買賣雙方交易的媒合,並提供買家一個信任、安全、美好的購物體驗。因此你是直接跟設計師溝通及購買,同時也是由設計師照顧你後續的服務(包括商品退換貨及訂單退款)。如果你在交易的過程中認為權益受損或者有任何不愉快的購物體驗,請聯絡我們,我們都會盡力協助你跟設計師溝通,提供最好的購物體驗,是我們最重要的事情。