Kinki hand lover does not wither the small pot flower you are my little sweetheart 1 pink purple limited small potted

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/ Dimensions,/ The flower surface is about 7-9 cm in diameter, and the total height of the flower-containing device is a

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Kinki hand lover does not wither the small pot flower you are my little sweetheart 1 pink purple limited small potted

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/ Product description and story / Kinki's hand-made romantic ღ lover does not withstand small potted flowers: you are my little sweetheart ✿ Honey, I like to be tired with you every day. Listen to you shouting sweetheart to me. I want to tell you, you are also my little sweetheart. / Dimensions,/ The flower surface is about 7-9 cm in diameter, and the total height of the flower-containing device is about 8-9 cm. The actual size of hand-made floral goods is inevitably slightly wrong, but the amount of flowers will not be reduced, can accept the purchase, thank you! / Material / No flower: Rose Hydrangea Flower material: ceramic ribbon / Use / Valentine's Day Flower / Wedding / Bridesmaid / Detective / Wedding Layout / Home Layout / Store Decoration / Studio Layout / Desk Small Things / Birthday Gift / Graduation Gift / Confession Gift / Table Setting / Romance / Surprise / Use and maintenance methods / The flowers do not like moisture, please give him a dry and ventilated environment, avoid direct sunlight. ❤ Dry flowers, not withered flowers can be stored for several months to several years, each period has a different taste. However, there is still a period of appreciation, and natural weathering is normal with time. /Precautions/ This is made by hand, and the quality of the flowers purchased each time will be different, and the production will not be exactly the same as the photos. It is normal for the shipping process to have a slight drop. The last reminder: Each flower is measured by hand, it is inevitable that some errors are also forgive me! ❤ Kinki is very eager to meet everyone’s needs. This is our original intention. I hope that you can reconfirm the size of the bouquet before you order it to ensure your rights. If you can't accept it, please don't order it喔 If you want to customize, please read the following information, and ask the designer for the deadline, thank you! Because the customization process is more rigorous and cumbersome, the time required before and after is very long. A single purchase of NT$1,000 (excluding shipping) can be customized, and it needs to be inquired two weeks before the product is received. If the time is less than two weeks, it is not acceptable for customization. It is recommended to purchase the goods already in the store. Good quality customized creations require patience. Since customization requires precise discussion, you need to join our facebook fan page and send us a private message. The communication is more immediate and more accessible. We do not accept the use of other people's floral works as a basis for customization, because we respect all originals. Respecting the creativity of others means respecting oneself. ❤Customization Because the use of flowers may be different, the price will be different, please inform the designer of the budget and the color style that you want to make, or inform you that you want to use the flower, let us evaluate the quotation for you. Before you can customize, you need to have clearer ideas and good communication between the two parties. If you are imagining "feeling", difficult to describe or unable to provide similar pictures, you can only choose to believe in the floral beauty of Kinki, and customize the proofing. After only accepting two fine-tuning, I can't accept the big adjustment, and I can't accept the double heart. If you have a decision that you are more uncertain, it is recommended to buy other works in the store. The customized payment method is the same as the store product. It will be proofed after payment, and the photo will be provided when the proof is completed. ❤We are not a traditional flower shop, nor do we pursue certificates, but we strive to integrate the flower art into people's lives with the continuous learning of the orthodox floral technology and the endless creativity, and inject more positive energy into this society. . Therefore, whether it is the original works in the store or the works that continue to innovate, or each piece of work customized for the guests, they are strictly required to meet the same high standards and high quality. Therefore, the above "custom system" has been derived. Need to know, because quality can not be compromised. ✿About the color of the product: Why is the photo for reference only? The recent case and experience are summarized as follows: ❤About the color of the work, you must explain it to you as follows: The work you see is taken by our top-of-the-line digital single-lens camera Canon 5D3 + Canon original top L mirror + Canon original top flash, supplemented by The photographer's exclusive Japanese automatic correction screen and imac mini system + Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom CC latest version, the color correction of the work and photos, the photo is compared with the photographer's commercial photo specifications, and strive to be like the daylight in the daylight At the time, I saw the actual appearance of the goods. That is, we are responsible for the products we output on the original side, but the color chromatic aberration that may occur in the back end may have the following factors: 1. When our photos are uploaded to the Pinkoi system, they are compressed again by the Pinkoi system, causing some chromatic aberration and shading. If the guest downloads a photo of our work, upload it to the message and discuss it with us, and then compress it again via Pinkoi, causing secondary distortion. On the professional screen side, the color may be more vivid than the original photo, which may cause your misjudgment. 2. The browser used by the guest may also have a color difference, which is a problem of program color coding. 3. The operating system used by the guest may also have chromatic aberration, which is a problem of system color coding. 4. The screen used by the guest is usually the most obvious factor of color difference. Because each screen has different color breadth and reduction stability, and the brightness and darkness are different, a color shift will occur. 5. The ambient light of the photo is also the biggest source of color difference that affects the viewing of photos. For example, under the yellow light, the color reflected by the screen will be different from the indoor and all black environment with window light during normal daytime, causing misjudgment of color difference. It is recommended to watch under the black environment. 6. The degree of surface reflection of the screen will also cause misjudgment of chromatic aberration, especially when viewed on a glass mirror screen, and not in the black environment, or even the color of the clothes worn on the body, will be reflected on the screen, causing viewing When it comes to color chromatic aberration, it is recommended to use a matte screen that does not reflect in a black environment and wear black clothes. 7. The color perception of the eye or the material and light transmittance of the glasses, as well as the cleanliness and wear of the glasses, may also be factors in the color difference. This standard cannot be defined or recommended. 8. The viewing environment of the guests after receiving the goods will also affect the color of the works they see, especially in the dark and faint yellow light, or under the weak fluorescent light, which will seriously affect the work presented to your mind. a feeling of. 9. The image seen by the human eye is actually illuminated by light, the reflectivity of the object is different, and the light source of the scene environment is refracted. The light entering the eye is refracted by the transparent cornea, iris, crystal, and liquid vitreous. , imaged on the retina. The retina transmits physiological signals along the optic nerve to the brain, triggering a visual judgment. The image formed on the retina is inverted with respect to the object, and the mind automatically converts into an erect feeling when it is interpreted. The area in the visual neurons in this brain is very small, and that is the perceived image that people eventually "see". Therefore, because of the physiological factors, each person's judgment on color may also be different. The above is the error factor for the color judgment of the guests that may be encountered after the output of our photos. It does not include the lighting and color problems faced by the previous products. Even though the color and shade of the products that the customer finally sees will be different from our perceptions or presentations due to so many factors, we still insist on the specifications of commercial products for the guests as long as they are customized. After taking a photo and carefully checking the color, try to get close to the standard color temperature of the original product and present it to the guests. Although it is still in the final color, we still have to take responsibility and insist on doing the right thing. This section will be based on the desire to make customers who are particularly sensitive and sensitive to color understand the efforts we have made and the factors that are full of variability, which may result in your products and actual works. Misjudgment, we may think that the color of our product photos is different from the actual works, so we declare and inform, which is why each piece of work will be different and not exactly the same. This is the natural dry floral, not withered, the temperature of the hand made, unique. If you have doubts and would mind, we recommend that you do not place an order. Generally, the flowers may have slight differences in each color, so the color may be slightly different from the photos taken in the same work on the original photo, but they are all collected from the same flower. Because the flowers are dried by natural flowers, the color of the flowers themselves will be different for each flower. For example, dry hydrangea is particularly noticeable, and the colors sometimes vary in color. Therefore, we have indicated on the product page that the works cannot be exactly the same. If the flowers are out of stock, they will be replaced by the same color. If you would like to place an order. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade