[Qin Cui] Natural Jadeite’s highly praised second violet blue finger bracelet No. 8 ring ring is the first choice for gift giving

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[Qin Cui] Natural Jadeite’s highly praised second violet blue finger bracelet No. 8 ring ring is the first choice for gift giving - General Rings - Jade Purple

Product Description

https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/53138504276_07c8705a8d_b.jpg **|░ Product Description░|** [Qin Cui] Natural Jadeite’s highly praised second violet blue finger bracelet No. 8 ring ring is the first choice for gift giving After the highly acclaimed first batch of purple rings were sold out, the second batch of purple rings from the manufacturer Lu Lai, want to wear purple rings but can't afford it? This is suitable for the people **|░ Size░|** A: 22mm x 15mm / 6mm / International ring size 8 B: 22mm x 15mm / 6mm / International ring size 8 C: 21mm x 15mm / 6mm / International ring size 8 D: 22mm x 15mm / 6mm / International ring size 8 E: 22mm x 15mm / 6mm / International ring size 8 **|░Certificate░|** The entire series of jadeite is purchased from reputable business opportunities in Sihui and Jieyang, the distribution centers of bulk jadeite, and has been inspected by instruments and professionals. After purchase, they will be illuminated with a purple light, and each batch will be sampled and sent to the Taipei Gemstone Identification Center for identification. If the Qincui series is accompanied by a Taiwan inspection report, the buyer needs to pay the inspection fee! Additional certificate entrance → https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Xk255fYC The pure green series will be accompanied by a Taiwan certificate. **|░ Reasons to like jade░|** It takes three years for a person to nourish jade, and jade nourishes a person for a lifetime. The crystal magnetic field is strong, but it needs to be demagnetized regularly. Jadeite is a kind of natural jadeite, which is warm and soft in nature. Although the magnetic field is not as strong as crystal, the energy of jadeite itself is very clean and pure, which will only have beneficial effects on people and eliminate negative energy. . At present, more than 40 kinds of minerals have been found in jadeite. The chemical composition is: sodium aluminum silicate-NaAI〔Si2 O6〕, often containing trace elements such as Ca calcium, Cr chromium, Ni nickel, Mn manganese, Mg magnesium, and Fe iron. White, basically free of impurities. Red, containing ferric iron. [2] Black, containing more than 2% chromium. Green, containing more than 2% chromium and ferrous iron. Yellow, containing elemental iron. Purple, containing elemental manganese. Blue, basically the same as green, but less common than other colors. The trace element "calcium" (Ca) is the most abundant mineral in the body. It is mainly distributed in bones and teeth. Calcium is also found in blood and muscles. Calcium is also an important regulator of human life activities. It is responsible for important physiological functions in all growth and development stages of life, from childhood to adulthood, and then to old age. Calcium is an indispensable element to ensure human health and longevity. It is an indispensable element for the human body Huge amounts of minerals. Trace element "Chromium" (Cr) is very important in maintaining normal physiological functions of the human body. It can prevent cardiovascular diseases and help regulate blood sugar. The human body cannot synthesize it by itself and must rely on natural foods or refill to absorb it. Type 2 diabetes patients can increase their sensitivity to insulin, obese people can help control cholesterol and blood sugar, and people under high stress lose chromium faster than the average person, so these three types of people are particularly in need. Trace element "Nickel" (Ni) Nickel is an indispensable trace element for the human body. The nickel content in the adult body is about 6 ~ 10 mg, mainly in the brain and liver. Nickel is absorbed in the human intestine, and the unabsorbed nickel is mostly excreted through feces. Only 10-20% of nickel in food will be absorbed by human body. Trace element "Manganese" (Mn) Manganese in the human body is another type of trace element to protect itself. Jadeite also contains this element. Wearing jadeite for a long time can promote human blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, relieve aging, and prevent some geriatric diseases . The trace element "Magnesium" (Mg) "Magnesium" is also a huge amount of minerals that the human body cannot lack. Magnesium, like calcium, is an essential nutrient for maintaining normal bone growth. If the content of magnesium is sufficient, it can effectively regulate calcium. To maintain normal neuromuscular function, the two complement each other. Magnesium inhibits platelet aggregation, so a deficiency may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Not only that, magnesium deficiency can also increase chronic inflammation in the body, which is related to the occurrence of many chronic diseases, especially mortality from cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that people who drink hard water have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease due to the relatively high calcium and magnesium content in the water. Therefore, if the blood magnesium concentration is normal, the risk of atherosclerosis is lower. Trace element "iron" (Fe) Iron is one of the "essential trace elements" for the human body because it assists enzymes in biochemical reactions and metabolism. Adults usually contain 3-5 grams of iron, of which 60-70% are distributed in red blood cells, and other cells also need the help of iron to function smoothly. From medical research, it can be found that jade has a strong healing ability. Wearing jade for a long time can not only prevent diseases, but also alleviate or even treat some diseases. Treatment of chest tightness: some weaker friends sometimes have chest tightness. In fact, wearing a jade pendant can treat common chest tightness. Continuous massage can achieve the effect of root removal. Theory of traditional Chinese medicine: In traditional Chinese medicine, jadeite also has the effect of "eliminating heat in the middle, nourishing the heart and lungs, nourishing the hair, nourishing the five internal organs, calming the soul, dredging the blood vessels, and clearing the eyes and ears". Frequent wearing of jadeite can make the trace elements in it absorbed by the human skin, which helps to coordinate and balance the physiological functions of various organs of the human body. Nourish the skin: Jade jewelry, whether it is necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, can directly contact the skin. The mineral elements in the jade can enter the human body through this, nourishing a woman's skin and making her look fairer and more attractive. Refreshing the heat, the coldness of jadeite, touching it can heal and relieve the heat. In the Tang Dynasty, every summer, let Concubine Yang have a refreshing jade in her mouth. From then on, summer became a cool summer. Jade pillows, jade bracelets, jade beds, and jade pendants play a role in relieving the heat. The above are all grounded reasons for emerald. Another unfounded reason is that when you are depressed and stressed, looking at emerald has inexplicable healing effects, as if you have been comforted.

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[Pro-Cui] Natural jadeite praise second bomb violet finger bracelet No. 8 ring is the first choice for gift giving After the highly praised first batch of purple rings are sold out, the second batch of purple rings from the manufacturer Lulai. Want to wear a purple ring but can’t afford it? This affordable model is suitable for everyone.

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