Wake me before dawn wake up before dawn organic cotton to increase the quilt group (shallow indigo blue) (increase quilt and a group of pure white double needle pillowcase)

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Wake me before dawn wake up before dawn organic cotton to increase the quilt group (shallow indigo blue) (increase quilt and a group of pure white double needle pillowcase)

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"Wake up before dawn Wake me before dawn" I turned to you I turned to you Looking at the ups and downs, quiet and sleeping you Thinking of trouble complicated, I was sleepless Night quietly As if the whole world can hear the voice of my insomnia As if the whole body knows my inner turmoil and helplessness Dear Hey, my dear I can Not yesterday's me? *Size Description: 210x240cm double increase quilt cover (with straps, into the mouth to the natural Ma's shell embellishment)* Contains a group of Pure in me pure; I pure white double needle pillowcase (two into) *Material Description: Turkey 100% OCS organic certified organic cotton* * <Abrasive awakening series Before every day of awake, lie down every day. Photo cooperatives in the third installment of products, hoping to bring the awakening of the primer, for the new day of thinking; also just the end of the day memories. Day by day, we are constantly in the life of repeating the same cycle? Or with a clear heart, not for the external framework of the bondage? The awakening series of light cooperatives, to awaken our sleeping soul, every day with a new mind to face self-life, not for the fear of the framework of the heart, live more comfortable everywhere every possible ..... To three years without pesticides and herbicides of Turkey organic cotton, the introduction of Taiwan by the well-known old factory Taiwan weaving cloth, and commissioned by the special manufacturing counter senior bedding group work with 24 years of manual experience in the processing plant fine sewing Come into being. * * The idea of the photo cooperatives is to make the plastics industry in Taiwan, the people of the country, in the daily eight hours of sleep, the use of the skin every hour of pores can be fully breathable organic cotton material, so already familiar with the fast fashion of the people, From the understanding of natural fibers and hobbies. As a brand of adult natural fiber bedding as the main axis, we hope to bring you more on their own use of product awareness and reminders, but also by the beauty of the concept of fusion, so that sleep life, delicate skin more easily close to the natural desire. * In the crowded, colorful streets of the East, from the Korean flow, the Japanese trend of the shop to the internationally renowned brand everywhere, fashionable clothing every season are changing, hugging fast fashion people are their own day of skin care of the fabric no knowledge The Unconsciously, we can not identify the body of the fabric is actually poor quality of the petrochemical fiber. We do not feel that we can not feel, although we did not eat the fabric, but in a large number of printing dyes and chemical substances, forget their own body in fact need a good breath and breathing, will not be in the raw materials and consumers Looking at each other that day, we all forgot that the earth and the earth breathe ... Because the bedding is not a daily replacement of the clothes, so pay more attention to its material and process is friendly to the human body, we try to be a little bit more on the environment, the supply chain, the transparency of product information, the creation of a brand The starting point and each of the options should proceed from good. **"Photo cooperatives" is a brand of beauty, temperature and friendliness.** **FiatLux photo cooperatives of the double personality.** External personality is derived from the sense of responsibility for social care, so we are committed to the promotion of natural fibers (such as cotton, linen, wood pulp fiber, Tencel, etc.) or the use of recycled fiber. The inner personality is from the beauty of the show, the design of the fabric itself set the texture, simple and elegant style, people back to the bedroom after the gentle release of the full pressure and tension. **"Photobics are not just selling bedding, nor just sleeping, we are responding, and every time we go back to the bedroom, that wants to be real ... the real desire for quiet ..."** ** "Photo cooperatives", is Taiwan's first to provide a variety of colors of organic cotton bedding brand. Taiwan is also the first to a natural fiber, environmentally friendly as the core of the bedding brand. ** Origin / manufacturing method Turkey organic cotton / Taiwan textile factory manufacturing Taiwan / three decades of processing plant sewing