【Workshop(s)】360-degree zero-dead-angle Meiliuqiu canoe round-the-island tour

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Workshop Summary
Through canoe paddling, in the most natural and non-polluting way, enjoy the 360° view of the picturesque island in Taiwan - Xiaoliuqiu, explore the unique tropical coral beauty, visit the unique green turtles and marine life, Enjoy superb coastal views.
Next Workshop
2023/6/8 (Thu)
Payment must be completed at least 3 days before the workshop.
Workshop Location
Taiwan / Pingtung County
Workshop Language
Workshop Address
琉球鄉三民路1之38號 (22°20'31.1"N 120°23'03.2"E)
Admission Time
15 minutes before the workshop begins
Workshop Duration
See workshop description
Age Restriction
Aged 6 and over
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Other Materials Indoor/Outdoor Recreation - 360-degree zero-dead-angle Meiliuqiu canoe round-the-island tour

Workshop Description

Full ticket (over 9 years old and under 65 years old (inclusive)) 2,500 yuan/person Half ticket (over 6 years old but under 9 years old, sit between two full tickets without paddle experience) 1,250 yuan/person The blue sea water, abundant aquatic life and the unique green sea turtles in Xiaoliuqiu are difficult to get a glimpse of this scene by traditional roads. You can only see it by kayaking~ The latest popular activity is definitely sea kayaking! The sea is so vast, there is no need to crowd people on the island~ Xiaoliuqiu is the closest coral reef island to Taiwan. Affected by the tributaries of the Kuroshio Current, it has the highest annual average sea temperature in Taiwan, which remains above 25 degrees Celsius all year round, and is not easily affected by the northeast monsoon. one. Because of the warm sea water, more than a thousand different coral reefs are bred in Xiaoliuqiu, creating a dreamy underwater zoo in the sea area, and a special shore scene comparable to the Queen's Head of Yehliu formed by sea erosion on land, which can only be visited by canoeing on the sea. Watch carefully. Xiaoliuqiu is the island with the highest density of sea turtles in Taiwan. When sailing at sea, remember to say SAY HI when you see sea turtles. 【Fee includes】 1. Canoe experience and teaching courses (a professional coach can bring up to 11 students, excluding half-ticket students) 2. A full set of canoes and snorkeling equipment (one boat for two people, oars, one life jacket per person, river tracing shoes, helmet, one waterproof backpack for one boat "waterproof bag without mobile phone", non-degree mask breathing tube) 3. The coach escorts/guards the team and guides the itinerary 4. Provide commemorative photos during the voyage (not aerial shots) 5. Event insurance: public accident liability insurance 6. Wash with hot water after finishing. 7. Additional purchases are available: 150 yuan/pair of prescription mask breathing tube, 150 yuan/piece of winter clothing (please book three days in advance) 【Reservation restrictions】 A minimum of 3 work pre-bookings are required. Groups of 8 or more are welcome. Groups of 10 or more are welcome to sign up. If there are less than eight people, welcome to contact us, and the editor will help to form a group! 【Activity time】 about 6 hours 【Activity period】 05:00-11:00 【Event Date】 Available all year round 【Assembly location】 No. 1-38, Sanmin Road, Liuqiu Township (22°20'31.1"N 120°23'03.2"E)


[Extremely important information - this event takes consultation before ordering!] In order to protect your rights and interests, please leave a message with us to confirm the number of people on the event date before ordering, and pay after confirming that you can undertake it! 【Refund Policy】 Sponsor Cancellation Policy: (1) The Central Meteorological Bureau issued a sea typhoon warning, the trip will be canceled and a full refund will be made. (2) The Central Meteorological Administration issued a big wave forecast and will announce the cancellation of the trip within 24 hours and a full refund. (3) If the weather forecast is good, but the water conditions on the day are obviously not suitable for launching, the event will be canceled and a full refund will be given. (4) If the sea conditions worsen halfway after the voyage, if the voyage is changed or canceled for safety reasons, no refund will be made. Consumer refund policy: (1) If the cancellation is notified 6 days to 4 days before the departure date (excluding the departure date), only 50% of the paid amount will be refunded. (2) No rescheduling or cancellation will be accepted within 3 days to the same day before the departure date, and no refund will be made. Change of participant must be notified before noon of the day before the event, and the insurance information of the new participant must be prepared. Due to personal factors, it is necessary to change the activity level (date session), and the change is limited to one time, and please inform in advance (temporary change of level will not be accepted 3 days before the event date). Rescheduling, cancellation and refund will not be accepted after changing the class. 【Precautions】 1. Activity restrictions: (1) Those who are over 6 years old and under 65 years old (inclusive) can sign up (2) The kayaking experience requires a lot of physical strength, so please be sure to carefully evaluate your own abilities; passengers who are pregnant, have knee injuries, or have poor physical strength are not suitable for participating in this activity 2. Professional coaches will accompany the team during the itinerary. According to Taiwan's water area recreation management regulations, a coach stipulates that it is legal to bring within 20 people. In principle, we have 1 coach for 8 to 11 people to experience, 2 coaches for 12 or more people, and so on. 3. The team is based on the principle of group entry and exit. Once the coach and team members have left the shore, latecomers will not be allowed to go out of the water (and no refunds). Please pay special attention not to be late, so as not to affect your rights and interests. 4. Water activities are easily affected by the weather. When actually sailing, the tour leader may modify the itinerary according to changes in wind direction and hydrological conditions. When the weather conditions get worse, the voyage may even be canceled midway. If you cannot accept that the itinerary may change for some reason, please do not participate. In order to ensure the safety and smooth progress of this activity, all groups enter and exit and follow the instructions of the team leader coach. We will not be responsible for accidents caused by leaving the team or not listening to advice! 5. For the photos taken during the trip, if you do not want to appear on the Internet, please also declare to the coach who took the photo.