【Workshops】The Secret of Taiwan Tea-Follow the craftsman to play and explore (weekday class)

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There is no hiding and no private. We have always been happy to share Taiwanese good tea with you; this time we are not sharing good tea, but an open tea sharing session. Whether it is a tea lover who is obsessed with tea, or a newbie friend, all are welcome to join. Every Wednesday from 2pm to 5pm, welcome to join together^^
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2022/7/6 (Wed)
Payment must be completed at least 2 days before the workshop.
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Taiwan / Taichung City
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15 minutes before the workshop begins
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3 hours
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Aged 6 and over
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【Workshops】The Secret of Taiwan Tea-Follow the craftsman to play and explore (weekday class)

Workshop Description

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwmsVM-kBck Walk into the hand shake shop. Looking at the black tea, green tea, oolong tea, and four seasons spring tea and light tea written on the menu, are you still trying to figure out the exquisite teas on the market? When there was no Taiwan, tea grew on this land earlier than we did. As a Taiwanese, you must know Taiwan’s tea. https://w.tw.mawebcenters.com/static/website/252/252500/files/_products/other/_imagecache/6.jpg There is no hiding and no private. We have always been happy to share Taiwanese good tea with you; this time we are not sharing good tea, but an open tea sharing session. https://w.tw.mawebcenters.com/static/website/252/252500/files/_products/other/_imagecache/5.jpg All of Taiwan’s tea is full of exquisiteness, but did you know? There are only three types of tea, black tea, green tea, and oolong tea! https://w.tw.mawebcenters.com/static/website/252/252500/files/_products/other/_imagecache/7.jpg Can overnight tea be drunk? Is there mixed tea? Do you want to wash it off first? How much is a catty? Taiwan's tea is not terrible, but ignorance and lack of channels to know is terrible. https://w.tw.mawebcenters.com/static/website/252/252500/files/_products/other/_imagecache/10.jpg Through the sharing session, let everyone find tea and not find the ballast from now on. It seems to be to give the tea a clean, but in fact, we value the consumer's dominant power in choosing tea products. People and tea can understand each other under the premise of a comprehensive understanding. , Can further distinguish the tea. Use tea in your own way and choose tea^_^ https://w.tw.mawebcenters.com/static/website/252/252500/files/_products/other/_imagecache/12.jpg -- Activities-- 1. Fermentation process: black tea. green tea. Oolong tea 2. Variety: local species. Exotic species. Found species. Improved species (Taiwan tea series) 3. Tea tree type: shrub. arbor 4. Season: (Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Winter +24 solar terms) 5. High mountain tea. Flat tea 6. Why Taiwanese tea is the pride of the world 7. Naming of Taiwan teas: Dongding Oolong, Oriental Beauty, Wenshan Baozhong, Tieguanyin 8. Your tea making experience 9. Bring home the exquisite tea ceremony-continue your experience and exploration —— Course Highlights—— https://w.tw.mawebcenters.com/static/website/252/252500/files/_products/other/_imagecache/share-01.jpg ●Fundament One A girl who takes notes seriously. I was very unfamiliar with tea at the beginning, but my family made tea and then drank it. The most common tea in life is the hand shake. She told me: "Tea is very bitter, hand shake is very fragrant and sweet"; I asked her, "Then what kind of beverage do you like best? Mature black tea? Passion green tea? Four Seasons Spring Green Tea? "While thinking about it~ Tell her that all the drinks are changed from these three kinds of tea; and the green tea is ○○ tea! This sentence aroused her curiosity to know why~~ https://w.tw.mawebcenters.com/static/website/252/252500/files/_products/other/_imagecache/share-02.jpg ● Highlights 2 In the experience of tea exploration, in addition to making tea, DIY also has the principle of making competition tea. This time we are sharing with a group of teachers. There are many details to pay attention to in the tea making of the competition, especially the conditions are limited by some people~ Watching the teachers earnestly picking out the tea-making process of the competition, not losing to the masters in the tea factory! https://w.tw.mawebcenters.com/static/website/252/252500/files/_products/other/_imagecache/share-03.jpg ● Trivia 3 Tea leaves from tea tree research→cultivation→planting→process→appraisal→promotion, There is a system context to follow to find the cause of the problem and solve the confusion. https://w.tw.mawebcenters.com/static/website/252/252500/files/_products/other/_imagecache/teacher.jpg [Professional staff] Chen Xinyi, store manager of Wuzang Wuri Experience Store I have been in the tea industry for 8 years, I am very interested and explored in the tea industry-related fields. I found that many consumers repeated the issue of tea, Such as: Wash the tea for the first tea? Is black tea a specific variety? What is the difference between oolong tea and green tea? What should I choose as a gift to a foreign friend? …. Consumers’ questions stem from incomplete information about the tea industry. Turn tea into "Science Knowledge" through his own professional field, Let everyone no longer have a clue about tea, and better understand how to choose the tea that suits them.