The Cinnamon Peeler Cinnamon Peeler-Essential Oil Soy Candle

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Cinnamon ─ Stimulation and spicy interpretation of the thirst for adventure and the unknown. In the era of sailing, it was a concrete practice of the imagination of the distant East by the West. Cinnamon ─ warm people's hearts, break through the barrie

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The Cinnamon Peeler Cinnamon Peeler-Essential Oil Soy Candle

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Cinnamon ─ Stimulation and spicy interpretation of the thirst for adventure and the unknown. In the era of sailing, it was a concrete practice of the imagination of the distant East by the West. Cinnamon ─ warm people's hearts, break through the barriers of self, and regain the passion for life. Cinnamon—has a powerful beacon energy, which can prevent villains from approaching and usher in “gui (aristocratic)”, which is very suitable for use in the workplace. It also allows you not to endure all injustices alone, and has the courage to say your inner thought And strive for their due treatment and respect! The same applies to the relationship between friends, lovers, and husbands. If you have something to say but ca n’t tell you, you can light up the cinnamon dancer and watch the candlelight to say what you want , It will give you the determination and courage to say what you really think! Cinnamon can bring joy and courage to the body, mind and body, and is a good medicine for shyness and jerkyness; especially, it provides positive support and self-confidence for the mentality that becomes the focus because of fear, and encourages the spirit of trying. It can help people see their talent potential, use your inner strength, and find your true self. ❤️Soul Magic: Love, Desire, Sex, Adventure, Confidence, Courage, Joy, Charming, Cheerfulness, Mobility, Anti-Villain Welcome to Guigui ✔️ After ordering, please use chat to tell Ban Niang the compound fragrance you choose 🌹Cinnamon Peeler Fragrance notes: lemon, bay leaf, curry leaf, cinnamon, rosewood, rose geranium, himalayan cedar, patchouli As if the passion of a Latin girl is hot-sexy and intoxicating. Fresh lemons, magic herbs, bay leaves and curry leaves relax your nerves. Rosewood and rose geranium blend with cinnamon to bring out mellow cedar wood and aged earthy patchouli, exuding the charming flavor of oriental spices. 🌲 Frankincense-Christmas Special Fragrance notes: Frankincense, Himalayan Cedar, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove Leaf, Ginger, Ginger Flower, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Bergamot Essential Oil The special Christmas fragrance is based on the wood of the gods-Himalayan cedar, the sacred fragrance-frankincense. It blends spices, essential oils such as ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and citrus essential oils such as bergamot, lemon, and sweet orange. The aroma is warm and harmonious. Holy quiet. 💰Rolling in Money Fragrance notes: lemon, mint, basil, ylang-ylang, petrolatum essential oil These essential oils have a strong connection with money. They are very suitable for attracting money or developing relationships. The top taste is fruity, slightly minty aromas with lemon and mint, and spicy basil and women. The ylang-ylang ylang-ylang, the aftertaste is finished with velvet grass that contains solid, warm energy from the soil. The overall is a thick oriental Zen woody tone and a fragrant herb tune, as if placed in the guardianship of the fragrant herb plant to give the body and mind a sense of stability. , A sense of support. 📍sleep like a log Fragrance notes: bay leaf, real lavender, rosewood, bitter orange leaves, ylang ylang, benzoin, valerian essential oil The top notes are a bit of herbs, a bit of floral bay leaves, and a real lavender with a hint of grass in the sweetness, which brings out a warm and sweet plant aroma. The middle taste is a rose with a sweet aroma, mixed with a light woody rosewood. , Bitter orange leaves, ylang-ylang perfectly connect, and finally, with the solid and warm energy from the soil containing the molybdenum grass and benzoin finish to form a unique sleeping fragrance. 🌲Norwegian forest Fragrance notes: Himalayan cedar, Himalayan juniper berries, fir, basil, lemon grass, real lavender essential oil Woody essential oils give people a strong sense of support. When the heart is weak, they can gather the “body and mind energy”, see the current situation with a clear heart, not be confused by the dilemma, and firmly believe in where they should go to the “heart” Go forward! Combining Himalayan cedar, Himalayan juniper berries, fir essential oil, and three woody essential oils plus passion basil, vitality lemongrass, and true lavender from Mother Earth, in a warm pine needle and dry woody aroma It has a fresh feeling of walking into the pine forest. Bong Orange Post Fragrance notes: bergamot, white grapefruit, bitter orange leaves, West Indian sandalwood essential oil The citrus family has sweet orange essential oils that are as innocent as children's carefree, and also bergamot, which is extremely elegant and delicate, with an intriguing floral sweetness. The happiness of bergamot smell belongs to the deep relaxation of the heart, and at the same time, it can soothe. It can also bring strength to boost yourself. Some people say that the taste of bergamot is like the "light of guidance in the mist" which makes people warm. I think it may be like the word "bergamot" in its name, like it is warmed by the hand of the Buddha I caressed and felt the infinite compassion of the Buddha. Bergamot and bitter orange leaves are the two tangerine essential oils that I love. They are like mellow wine brewed with time blessing. The smell changes with temperature and mood, Every time I can't let it go. You can use it in pregnant women from 4-7 months of mid-pregnancy. Heart Wheel Rose Fragrance notes: Rose Geranium, Rosegrass (Malac), Ylang Ylang, Benzoin, Bergamot, Bitter Orange Leaf, Sweet Anise Women's fragrant rose geranium and flirting ylang ylang ylang blend into a unique woman's fragrance. Adding bergamot and bitter orange leaf essential oils makes women's fragrance lower. Charming, full of different levels of scent, fresh rose grass, herb sweet anise. This candle fragrance is different from the wild wild roses, it is a warm and full of vitality roses ... Ayaka Fragrance notes: Eucalyptus, Mint, Sweet Basil, Chickpea, Himalayan Cedar, Marjoram Essential Oil A fragrance full of thick herb plants, with Eucalyptus, the first oil in the respiratory tract, paired with a strong refreshing aroma of peppermint, with a floral lemon scented chilli pepper (Marco), a little spicy. The slightly sweet sweet basil is in Himalayan cedar with a mellow pine scent, which brings out the warm marjoram essential oil. Warm and sweet Fragrance note (female): Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, West Indian Sandalwood Fragrance Notes (Male): Scots Pine, Himalayan Cedar, Basil, Lemon, Ginger, Pennisetum The warm and fragrant female fragrance is aphrodisiac, full of exotic ylang-ylang essential oil, combined with rose geranium essential oil that represents love, and warm and spicy spice essential oil, which makes girls full of passion. The warm and fragrant male fragrance is mainly based on woody essential oils, with brisk lemon and herb basil, to relax and boost boys. [Cinnamon Story] Cinnamon is one of the earliest spices used by humans. It originated from the coast of Malabar in southern India in the third millennium BC, and passed to Egypt in the 15th century BC, and then to China via the Silk Road. It was around 400 AD (about the Zhou Dynasty). There are records of the use of cinnamon in the preparation of food. [The Story of Cinnamon and Literature] Sri Lankan immigrant Canadian writer Canadian novelist and poet Michael Ondaatje released the famous novel "The English Patient" after his Booker Prize-winning masterpiece in literary and film history that was unforgettable in 1992; Published an anthology of life poems, "The Cinnamon Peeler: Selected Poems (1997)". If visual beauty and text art are two creative talents that straddle film and fiction, Michael, an immigrant writer renowned for his contemporary literary world • Michael Ondaatje not only has both, but also can achieve a state of his own unique style through the interplay of poetic intuition and narrative rhythm. This is a sexual lyric poem in which the writer emotionally describes naked love and desire. Based on the description of role-playing cinnamon, a special product of Sri Lanka from the motherland, the enthusiasm, spicy smell of cinnamon and the body smell of dancers are combined into a seductive picture. Your waist touches my hand, in the dry air, "I am the wife of a cinnamon peeler, smell me." You If I were a cinnamon dancer, I want to sit on your bed and leave yellow bark dust on your pillow. You touched your belly to my hands in the dry air and said I am the cinnamon Peeler's wife. Smell me. If I were a cinnamon peeler I would ride your bed And leave the yellow bark dust On your pillow. ─The Cinnamon Peeler: Selected Poems, Micheal Ondaatje Cinnamon can make people love each other. If you want her (he) to say "I do," then add cinnamon. — <Spices Republic> Next time you eat cinnamon rolls, remember her spicy and enthusiastic, choose a candle with cinnamon warm spicy fragrance, and let the enthusiasm warm your heart. 瑜伽 In yoga, there is an ancient method of meditation called "candlelight meditation" or "a little gaze" (Tratak), which is a meditative thought of staring at a point. It is a kind of yoga purification method. As long as you focus on a point, It can eliminate eye fatigue, relieve anxiety, and relax the body. When you light a soybean candle, you can just watch the candlelight, and you can end it in the blink of an eye, about 30 seconds at a time. This will stop the operation of the mind and help to relax the body and mind. You can try it. What I can do to make my heart more comfortable. [Product contents and specifications] 成份 ️ Ingredients: Soy Wax, environmentally-friendly soybean wax imported from the United States, and beeswax imported from the United Kingdom (decorative plants on candles, except cinnamon sticks, may vary slightly depending on the season) ➡️ ➡️ Fragrance ratio of essential oil: 12% ➡️ Weight (capacity): 170g ➡️ Up to 34 hours of use ➡️ Portable gift box size: 9x9x11cm No paraffin X No coagulant X No fragrance X No genetically modified ingredients │Using environmentally friendly soybean wax imported from the United States and beeswax imported from the UK │Add plant essential oils extracted from different parts of fruits, leaves and roots │Non-toxic and odorless, no black smoke and harmful substances will be generated when burning | Purify the air and remove indoor odor │ Free of paraffin, anti-shrinkage agent, artificial flavor and chemical additives │Design environmentally friendly products, take care of the earth, you and I can do it [Intimate reminder] 婴儿 Infants under 孕妇, pregnant women, epilepsy, high blood pressure or hypotension, and pets are not suitable. Can be tailored for essential oils. Please whisper to Banniang. 蜡 The concentration of 12% essential oil after burning is not recommended to be applied to the skin to avoid causing allergic reactions. 📍After the soybean candle burns, if you want to extinguish it, try to cover it with a candle extinguisher to prevent the candle wick from continuously burning in the air, and it is easy to have a non-combustion problem next time you use it. 📍There may be a slight color difference in the product shooting, please refer to the color of the actual product. 📍 In order for you to receive the candles with the best concentration of essential oils, you will only start making after receiving the order and ship within three days! License: Scottish Aromatherapy Art Soap Certification / British Bahuajing Certificate / American NAHA Aromatherapist Certification Central City Health Inspection: 10400 【Instructions for use】 ▶ ️ Burn the candle for the first time, until the entire candle surface becomes a flat wax pool, to avoid the incomplete burning of the pits in the middle of the candle. ▶ ️Please place the candle on the candle plate to avoid wax dripping. ▶ ️ When the columnar candle is burned, the wax on the outer edge of 0.5-2 cm will not be burned. After use, it can be used as a flower or indoor decoration. ▶ ️ Before each use, put the candle wick back to the center of the wax solution, and use the remaining 0.8-1 cm of the candle wick. The long candle wick will easily emit black smoke. Place candles on a candle plate to avoid dripping of wax ▶ ️ The burning time must not exceed 3-4 hours per use ▶ ️When you extinguish a candle, use a professional candle extinguishing device, scissors, or use a cotton swab to stack the wick into the candle pool to extinguish it. Do not blow it out with your mouth, it is easy to produce black smoke. ▶ ️ After the candle is used, it is recommended to light it up within six months to avoid the essential oil in the candle from evaporating and affecting the fragrance effect; if the candle is not used so intensively, it can be temporarily stored in a freezer to maintain the smell. ▶ ️ Keep candles away from flammable objects and children at home when using them. Avoid lighting candles when you fall asleep, causing unnecessary danger. ▶ ️ It is recommended not to place it in direct sunlight, to avoid volatile aroma and deterioration. Dry and cool places are best for scented candles. ▶ ️ Herbal scented candles contain natural ingredients, and the color will change slightly after burning. ▶ ️Approx. 34 hours [Instructions] ▶ ️ Soy Wax It is a natural renewable resource, extracted from natural soybeans, completely free of the toxins contained in general petrochemical waxes, and can be naturally degraded by environmental protection. Low burning temperature, long burning time, smokeless and healthier! Origin: United States ▶ ️White honey wax—After being harvested by the beekeeper, it is processed into beeswax and then processed by special treatment to filter, sterilize, bleach, and deodorize the impurities remaining in the beeswax ... multiple complicated processes can be completed only. Origin: Germany ▶ ️The candle wick (or wood wick) 100% cotton wick made in Taiwan does not contain formaldehyde, the fire source will be stable, and it will not release black smoke or toxic substances! Looking for the new scent of you! Everyone has their own natural scented herbal essential oil soy candle, find your own new scent here, sooner or later, you will end up with all the beauty. ─Doma | About Zhuoma Yoga practitioners in handmade soap: Only when you are calm and happy can you design products that make people happy. Everyday meditation, meditation, and yoga are "indispensable" in Ban Niang's life. All "incense" encounters in the world are reunions after a long absence! You are welcome to come here. The highest ideal of the rest of your life is to be implemented in the leaves of the lotus flower, to make soap, soybean candles, and to perfume the soul. Works that bring warmth and energy to people's daily lives. 🖍 Zhuoma reminds you that when you are physically unwell, it is still recommended to consult a professional doctor and follow the prescription medication prescribed by the doctor. Fragrant herb essential oil soy candles are just for scent use, suitable for relaxing and soothing mood.

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