No.9 Rare Tantra Double Reflection Master Crystal Green Ghost Laser Laser Scalpel Akashic Record

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No.9 Rare Tantra Double Reflection Master Crystal Green Ghost Laser Laser Scalpel Akashic Record - Items for Display - Crystal Transparent

Product Description

[Laser Crystal] 👑No.9 Rare Twin Powerful Green Ghost Laser Laser Column Scalpel Color Ghost Crystal|Increase in career wealth|Inspire Light Energy Master Crystal Tantra Double Reflection Crystal Introduction to Tantra Double Reflection Crystal Tantra Double Reflection Crystals hold the key to unlocking the secrets of appropriate intimacy and true union with another person. Its natural structural design communicates the "new direction" we urgently need to create the relationships we share with ourselves and others. When the crystalline light energy of Tantric Double Reflection Crystals enters our aura, we have the ability to create new forms of connection based on the divine order of the Golden Age of Aquarius. In pursuing true partnership with others, individuals must first be in harmony with their own inner nature. Each individual must first be in tune with his or her own Source. Tantra Double Reflection Crystals - Master Crystal Series Laser Crystal [Laser crystal] is also called the laser column, which is what we usually call the spiritual scalpel. It carries the sacred healing memory of ancient Lemuria. Its appearance is usually flat and flat, with a small flat surface at the end. The crystal is long and narrow, but has a broad base. This causes the energy to appear as intense and dense laser light when it is guided and emitted upward. It is usually used in surgeries on the subtle energy body to lead out and cut off energy. It is an indispensable tool crystal for advanced crystal healers. When using ancient laser crystals, we need more concentration and endurance to perceive the ancient wisdom and teachings inside them. Because anyone who has the opportunity to get a laser scalpel will definitely not be a novice using them for the first time. In our reincarnation, it has accompanied us for more than one life and taught us, and it is a well-deserved master crystal. Laser crystal: -Laser crystal can be used as a barrier to create a personal sacred space -Removable energy locks guide out negative energy and introduce positive energy -Can be used for crystal alignment healing and other energy healing. -Start crystal "What is a Master Crystal?" Master Crystals, as the name suggests, are "masters". They exist in perfect form and appear to be one with the source of light. Each Master Crystal reveals a unique principle and opens the door to experience a world of spiritual and physical integration. Master Crystals are most commonly used for individual meditation, or with a like-minded partner or group. While you are actively working with these crystals, it is best not to let others touch them. Based on the nature and function of every crystal that communicates, the individual's ability to feel clearly and work with the crystal is fundamental to the knowledge that is being transmitted. So first learn to quiet all the thoughts that are constantly emerging from your subconscious mind and train your mind to accept the teachings of the Master Crystal. By training the mind to perceive the frequency of the Master Crystal, one can learn the art of interdimensional communication and bridge the barriers between people and minerals. These crystals are ambassadors from heaven and masters of divine law. Some Master Crystals ruthlessly remove self-centered attitudes and the darkness of identity, others serve to open up conscious communication to the realms of the Higher Self. In the world of healing crystals, there are some special crystal companions classified as master crystals who exist in perfect form and manifest oneness with the source of light. Each Master Crystal reveals a unique principle and opens the door to experience a world of spiritual and physical integration. These crystals are masters of beings and divine laws from higher dimensions. Some master crystals relentlessly remove self-centered attitudes and the dark side of our hearts. Others serve to open conscious communication with the higher self. . Master Crystals are being positioned and delivered on a large scale on the surface of the earth in this era, indicating that we are ready to receive the vast and profound knowledge and wisdom they impart. The frequencies they transmit can unlock the higher powers of our minds, directing our attention from the everyday physical plane to the depths of the soul. ---------------------------------------- "Colorful Ghost/Flower Ghost/Four Seasons Ghost" The colorful ghost combines different energies, including: green, red, white, and yellow ghosts. Each has different effects. The five elements complement each other and are improved in all directions. It is an all-round crystal. [Ghost Crystal]: Also known as vision crystal. Phenomenon crystal means that during the growth process of the crystal, minerals such as volcanic mud of different colors are included. In the transparent white crystal, natural phenomena such as clouds, water plants, whirlpools and even pyramids emerge, and the color of the inner contents is green. It is called green ghost crystal. In the same way, due to the change in the color of volcanic mud, red ghost, white ghost, purple ghost, gray ghost crystal, etc. will also be formed. The term "ghost" comes from the Western theory that US dollar bills are green, and the green pyramid in the crystal reflects the mechanism of the universe, the original force that creates the foundation from scratch, and therefore represents today's society. Self-made entrepreneurs and successful people are highly sought after for their fighting spirit. Anomaly crystal is also a member of the crystal family. Its main feature is that it contains some inclusions of volcanic ash and other minerals. Visionary crystals are a true gift from nature, formed slowly and slowly tens of millions or even billions of years ago. The anomaly crystal is of course a member of the crystal family. The main crystal base is white quartz, citrine or citrine, and most of them are white quartz. When the white crystal is formed, it may be due to natural earth-making movements such as crustal changes or volcanic eruptions, causing some minerals or volcanic ash to be covered by the forming white crystal. If it contains green volcanic ash, it is called Green ghost (green phantom crystal), in the same way, if it contains some white inclusions, it is called white ghost (white phantom crystal), and if it contains various inclusions (more than one), we call it alien. Like crystal. Most of the crystals seen on the market are green ghost or white ghost crystals. Most of the green ghost crystals are crystals with pyramids or mist-like layers inside. The mist-like layers are green, so they are called green ghosts. The reason for white ghosts is also same. Containing green volcanic mud and other connotations, in the transparent white crystal, natural phenomena such as clouds, water plants, whirlpools and even pyramids appear. So far, no scholars and experts can explain why a complete, ancient and ancient crystal appears in the crystal. A pyramid identical to the Egyptian pyramids? The neat green shadows are actually a diary of geological changes! Will you forget your troubles when you see such a beautiful crystal that seems to have experienced thousands of times? Strange crystals have been regarded as must-have treasures for crystal collectors. In fact, appreciating strange crystals is quite subjective, because it is impossible to find two identical strange crystals in the world, so high-quality exotic crystals Like crystals, just like antiques or treasures, their prices in the market are rising and even sky-high. The high-quality anomaly crystals are worthy of collection by crystal fans. 🟢Green Ghost: The green ghost is in charge of financial affairs. He is called the "Ghost God of Wealth". If you want to be busy and make more money, the green ghost will definitely help! 🔴Red Ghost: Health series, relieves fatigue, relaxes emotions, improves interpersonal relationships, stays away from anger, and helps you put out fires. ⚪️White Ghost: Purify personal aura, refresh your mind, and enhance your memory. 🟡Yellow Ghost: It attracts partial wealth and improves thinking patterns, making people more compassionate and increasing tolerance and empathy. "Olina Design👑" ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ "Feel the power of Olina's soul free. not afraid. love❤️ The long night shines for you Flying with you makes me proud of you" ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ❤️Olina’s highest service: Before reaching the master's hands🌈Olina has each crystal baby be purified and charged on the high-frequency energy array! ✅Open the awakening of original energy. This is why Olina Crystal is different from others. Olina Crystal helps you realize your wishes and mission! 🔮Natural stones all have ice cracks, cotton wool clouds, symbiotic wrappings, black spots or mine holes, etc.⋯Natural features, please buy if you can accept it!

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No.9 Rare Tantra Double Reflection Master Crystal Green Ghost Laser Laser Scalpel Akashic Record Color Ghost Crystal|Rise in career and wealth|Inspire Light Energy Master Crystal Tantra Double Reflection Crystal

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