North American Purification Holy Product Homemade White Sage Four-Hour Pan Incense Launched

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North American Purification Holy Product Homemade White Sage Four-Hour Pan Incense Launched

Product Description

Please read about me before purchasing. ***All discounts are optional. Multiple discounts cannot be combined with the discounts for members of the club! Please choose one of the two discounts, except if your order has two discounts, I will cancel the order directly! ***From now on, please be sure to record the unpacking, and use the video as a proof to make up, exchange, and return. If there is no video, it will not be accepted! ***There are some color differences in the photos, please be careful to subscript if you mind! ***To our dear overseas guests (especially Hong Kong and Macau): Thank you very much for your long-term support and love from Hong Kong and Macau friends! Many people will ask me why I can't send SF Express, in fact, I'm happy to help you send SF Express, SF Express is good, fast and cheap, but unfortunately, SF Express is not willing to help me send vanilla and powder parcels (he will one by one. Check and seal the box for me, so I can't hide the entrainment), so if you want to buy vanilla and powder, you can only use it by post. Maybe some old customers who have been supporting for a long time will find out how the freight price has been increased. In fact, the freight rate of the Taiwan Post Office has been increased. Before I started shipping from $170, now it is $250. In fact, we are really losing money on shipping. In particular, we also have a full-amount shipping waiver event. Now the smallest item of the same item sent from Taiwan to Hong Kong starts at NT$248. I have the mailing documents from the post office here. If you have any doubts, you can ask me to see the shipping documents, so We have to increase it. We don’t want to earn your shipping costs. We have absorbed shipping costs for a long time and also give you full discounts. Moreover, Pinkoi’s handling fees are very high. In addition to Taiwan’s sales tax, our operating pressure is also very high. Big, we only think about how to provide more natural and better quality products to everyone, and it is really a last resort to increase the freight. I hope everyone can understand and continue to support. PS: Because the coiled incense is really fragile, sometimes there may be a small break in the process of transportation or bagging. We have packed and shipped it carefully. If you open it and still have such a situation, please bear with me. , if you are a perfectionist, please place your order with caution. PS: The newly launched limited edition of white sage incense during the Dragon Boat Festival. It is said that all the homemade incense in our store is made of well water during the Dragon Boat Festival. To 1:00), the water at noon of the Dragon Boat Festival can attract good luck and avoid evil, and also has the effect of warding off evil. ..., but this batch of limited editions was kneaded before noon and just went out to the sun at noon, so it absorbed the most yang sunshine in the year, with extremely yang, and only one hour of the year can make this fragrance, So it is sold in limited quantities. A customer asked, is there any obvious difference between the lunch version and the usual price? When I use it personally, of course, I feel that the yang energy is more abundant than usual. The main reason is that I can only do it once a year, and the quantity is limited. I need to adjust the barrier powder and sticky powder in proportion two hours before that and add it. Last year's afternoon water was mixed well and then rolled out to dry. It was labor-intensive and time-consuming, and the cost was high, but in fact, the usual version of the barrier-removing fragrance has a very significant effect, for your reference. Boxed incense stick (with a gourd metal incense stick): Diameter: about 6.8mm Weight: about 100g, a total of 24 pieces, a piece of two discs, a total of 48 discs, burning time: about 4 hours (it will be slightly different depending on the local wind speed and temperature) Trial bag (protected with a bubble pad on the outside): Diameter: about 6.8mm Weight: about 20g, a total of 5 pieces, a piece of two discs, a total of 10 discs, burning time: about 4 hours (it will be slightly different according to the local wind speed and temperature) Origin: Taiwan origin: Our homemade incense has always been a signature, because we insist on natural and no chemicals added, giving you the most secure aromatherapy experience, and also firmly believe that the energy of plants is the most primitive and powerful force in the world, so we only want to put the most natural The plants and plant products of our company will be shared with you. After the white sage lying incense, the incense tower, and the incense stick have been listed one after another, the pan incense is also here! I joined our big family of white sage homemade incense products. Why do you want to make coil incense? Because coil incense can be burned for the longest time and has the smallest volume. A small piece can be burned for several hours, which is very suitable for hoping that it will last forever Use it for guests who smell the scent of white sage intermittently. Although a box seems to have only 48 plates, in terms of hours, it has at least 5,000 more minutes of burning time than a large box of white sage lying incense, which is really cost-effective! Brand exclusive: In fact, Taiwan's incense-making technology originated from China. The history of incense-making in China can be said to have a long history. Needless to say, the details of which are exquisite. You can refer to the famous works such as incense and incense. When it was recently discontinued, I also developed and refined incense for a long time, so Taiwan's incense production technology is actually far superior to many countries. Most of today's white sage incense sticks or cone incense are produced locally in the United States or other American countries. Made by myself, although it has the original flavor but the quality is rough, most of the incense sticks taste different from the original leaves, and the price is very amazing. The most famous incense in the United States sells white sage incense sticks. Take a businessman as an example (the incense sticks he makes are closer to the original incense sticks), the local price of a 20 cm or 10 incense sticks is already equivalent to about NT$350, then you think about the price imported to Taiwan. Today, there is no white sage incense in the world (because foreigners don't make incense, they don't have the technology), and I am the first. After continuous testing by the incense maker, it is purely made with pure white sage powder and pure natural high-grade sticky powder. Natural Health: In order to allow everyone to use good incense with confidence, the entire fragrance is guaranteed to have only two things, the 100% pure white sage powder that I imported from California, the United States, and the natural high-grade sticky powder and afternoon water. That's it, absolutely natural and non-toxic. If there is anything else to add, it is my full blessings and love! About White Sage: This white sage comes from California and is the most purifying sage among the sage species. White sage is a flowering perennial plant native to the southwestern United States with tall woody stems and small white flowers that grows on dry, sunny hillsides. For centuries, this fragrant plant has been used extensively in ceremonies among Native American tribes, and is known as "ceremonial white sage", which shows the importance the American Indians place on it. In addition to burning for purification, white sage has X uses among the indigenous people of India. In addition to this, Indians burn white sage leaves to purify spaces or dwellings. The spiritual benefits of white sage: breaking the suspense of greed, hatred and delusion, and defending yourself with reason and understanding (from Wen Youjun's "Essential Oil Guide") The difference between white sage coil incense and lying incense incense tower: In fact, the taste is really the same. We have tried our best to make the incense no different from the original white grass leaves. If you like the closest to the original flavor, choose Lying incense, because the annual powder at home is the least. If you like less smoke and easy to burn, then Just choose the incense stick. If you like a large amount of smoke and it is easy to carry, choose the incense tower. If you like to burn for a long time, choose the incense plate. As long as it is not for offering, it can be extinguished in the middle, and it can be used as a general incense. Use space: Directly light the white sage incense and hold it in your hand (or put it on the incense burner or incense pot), and go around the space to be purified in a counterclockwise direction, whether it is a room, a car, etc., or light the incense and let the smoke naturally Scattered in space to flow purification. For personal use: Directly light and hold the white sage incense (or place it on the incense burner or incense pot), and follow the outline of the human body at a distance of 15 cm from the person (in principle, the smoke will be infused on the body), including the top of the head, front and rear, left and right. , The soles of the feet (the feet should be raised), when detouring around, the hands should be raised horizontally, and the same goes along the outline. how to use: Put it on a special incense stick or in a burn-resistant container with incense ash at the bottom. Lighting method: Insert incense stick (incense table) or lie down, lay incense ash underneath, and light the incense stick with a lighter (please pay attention, then remove the flame and leave the spark to continue burning) usage time: There is no limit. Some people say that you should not burn incense at night. In fact, essential oils, perfumes, shower gels, sprays, etc. are all incense. Personally, I think your heart is the most important. Use place: There is no limit, it can be used in any room or office. Amount used: How much depends on your personal needs, I personally recommend to use it as a fragrance, purification is only a necessary additional function. My use experience: The first time I smelled white sage from a friend, I was deeply attracted to it. The smell was unheard of before, very fresh and comfortable, with the white smoke rising, the relaxation and relaxation that followed. It feels like I have lifted all my burdens, so I have fallen in love with it ever since. Because it comes from the United States and is not a plant native to us, it has a very special taste. In the field known to Chinese people, it will purify, remove obstacles, and ward off evil spirits. Just use wormwood, but white sage also has wormwood. Those functions of grass, but the taste is completely different from wormwood, with a fresh and comfortable feeling. If wormwood is like a warrior wielding a weapon to purify the space, then white sage is like a fresh but stable. The woman shook and danced like a fan. So I often use sage to purify the space, any space is fine, if I go to a hospital or a cemetery and other similar places, and before I come back home, I will use sage to smoke myself, and I personally think the effect is powerful And quickly. Before, a friend who had nose problems and was often allergic to the smell smelled the smell of white sage and actually liked it. Of course, there are many effects and stories, but due to Taiwan regulations, it is not suitable for direct sharing in the store. In short, sage is a powerful protection and purification item for me and my family and friends. And I also hope that everyone can enjoy its unique taste like me, so sharing it with you is not for profit, but I really hope to share with you such a good thing from the other side of the earth. May this sage protect you as it protects me and my family. May this sage help purify you as it helps purify me and my family. May the freshness, comfort and peace this sage bring to you, too. #white sage #香香#purification#elimination#white sage#sage#white sage#disk fragrance#incense#4hours dish fragrance

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Natural Health: In order to allow everyone to use good incense with confidence, the whole incense product is guaranteed to have only three things, the 100% pure white sage powder that I imported from the United States and polished with white sage, as well as natural high-grade sticky powder and natural bamboo branches. Noon water only, absolutely natural and non-toxic. If there is anything else to add, it is my full blessings and love!

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