【Workshop(s)】4/20, 5/18 Island Light Pickup · CANDLE SWEET Milkshake Style Essential Oil Fragrance Candle Experience

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Workshop Information

Workshop Summary
. The scented candle and the essential oil fragrance course are more healing, 100% pure essential oil, and no artificial flavor. ・Events include: Soybean essential oil modeling candle 120 ml A cup, exquisite packaging, small knowledge of candle use, on-sit
Workshop Location
Taiwan / Taipei City
Workshop Language
Workshop Address
台北市中正區襄陽路 1 號 6 樓
Admission Time
15 minutes before the workshop begins
Workshop Duration
2 hours
Age Restriction
Aged 12 and over
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Wax Candles/Fragrances - 4/20, 5/18 Island Light Pickup · CANDLE SWEET Milkshake Style Essential Oil Fragrance Candle Experience

Workshop Description

Carrying history, senses and memories, the island gradually shapes its own independent and interdependent appearance; in the spring and sunny days, together with local designers, pick up and create time. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7838/47408798421_c9fcf056d3_c.jpg **Pinkoi Product Academy**Invited**CANDLE SWEET**Leading friends, want to make a unique gift to your loved one through your hands? Hand-made not only suppresses, but also improves negative emotions such as insomnia, irritability and apathy. Afternoon on the weekend, spend the afternoon of healing with the soy oil candle & pleasant five sense experience! **Milkshake shape soy oil candle** Look for the elements of healing in the dessert, make every creative dessert candle with your heart, feel the fragrance of nature faint out from the air, warm and happy energy will slowly shine from the corner! It is an essential oil candle, which is also a small helper to soothe emotions & purify the air, while helping to moisturize & massage the skin. The essential oil candle products on the market are very rare to achieve true natural and custom-made styling. Why not limit yourself, design, research and develop, and teach the production of small skills, so that everyone can complete the satisfaction and creative Gifts, let the senses drive the power of emotions, infinitely extending and changing. ・100% dessert oily soy oil candle ・Relax cute little healing things ・Natural plant extract & burn clean & biodegradable resources ・Used containers can be reused https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/33879132038_786b4b3239_c.jpg **Course content** The workshop will use 100% soy wax + natural essential oils, as well as natural earthy raw materials such as natural dyeing powder. Since natural essential oils will volatilize over time, emphasis on freshness (it is recommended to use within three months after production), comfortable and not The rich aroma will not cause harm to the human body. These persistences have greatly increased the difficulty of production, only to bring you the most authentic and natural sensory experience. A selection of three different essential oils (with different emotional healing effects), allowing everyone to choose the right flavor. Lavender is the main tone, supplemented by woody Lavender flowers with calming mood and soothing stress can warm emotions, insomnia, and relieve discomfort when menstruation comes. Rose geranium is the main tone, supplemented by citrus Full of sweet and fruity, warm and soothing. When you are nervous, you can feel calm, calm and relaxed. When you are indifferent, you can regain your sense of well-being. Mint is the main tone, supplemented by floral Symbolizes the never-ending love, the fascinating aroma, in addition to invigorating vitality and bringing refreshing vitality, can help to improve attention when the thoughts are not smooth. After burning, the soy wax with essential oil aroma and soft temperature is most suitable for relaxing massage. The course will lead you to a hand massage to arouse the hidden happiness inside! Designers don't teach the wax tips to everyone. The steps seem simple but full of small details. Calmness and patience are required to make the perfect candle. Whether you bring it to yourself or give it to a friend, anyone who receives a gift can feel the warmth and care. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/32812776327_57e9719695_c.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/7855/47373861871_d7b15180e7_c.jpg **Pinkoi Product Cooperative Brand|CANDLE SWEET** In the beginning, I just wanted to create creative products by hand and natural, and add fun to life without any burden on the environment. After constantly researching essential oils, coloring and complicated production procedures, when giving a cup of dessert-like gift to friends around you, I found a very important thing: People have different emotions and imaginations about the feelings brought by the sense of smell and vision. At that time, I decided in my heart to help everyone evoke the joy and happiness brought by the sense of smell and vision. From that moment on, I found that the essential oil candle products on the market, very few can achieve true natural and customized shape, why not jump off the limit, design and develop exclusive gifts for customers to satisfy, let the senses drive the power of emotions , infinitely extended changes. This is the business opportunity that CandleSweet decided to establish. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7920/46442804105_0e9d7fc843_c.jpg **Pinkoi product school collaboration refreshment | afternoon snack light** The continuation of the insistence on safe and healthy ingredients, Use Taiwan's high-quality ingredients for change and development, Make these afternoons with peace of mind, health and deliciousness with these high-quality ingredients. It is the only mission of the afternoon light to make the snacks that people around you enjoy and enjoy. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/32698311877_8471ed730c_c.jpg **Pinkoi Product School Activity Venue | Pinkoi Space** The product school has created a new field for the event, so that the friends can form their own memories together with the designers in the dream atmosphere of Pinkoi. ▶ Event Information ・Date: 2019/5/18 (six) 15:00-17:00 ・Number of people: 20 people / field ・Including: experience activities, soy oil modeling candle 120 ml a cup (100% pure essential oil, no artificial flavor), exquisite packaging (with paper bag), small knowledge of candles, use of on-site tools, and a refreshment. ・Location: 6/F, 1 Yuyang Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City ・Transportation: Take the MRT to Exit 4 of Taida Hospital Station and walk for 1 minute. ▶ Ticketing instructions ・Ticket description . Single ticket NT$ 1,280 . 10% off for doubles (one person NT$ 1,152) **・After the successful purchase, you will receive an electronic ticket notice and will not send the physical ticket. On the day of the event, please present the e-ticket after the registration to enter the venue.**


**. Since designers must prepare materials in advance, in order to protect the rights and interests of designers, if the ticket is refunded due to personal factors of the consumer, a 30% handling fee will be charged, and the ticket will not be refunded within 10 days before the event.** ・If you need to reschedule, please refund and repurchase the ticket. ・Only those who are over 12 years old can sign up for this event. ・Participation is limited to those who have purchased a ticket. Those who have not purchased a ticket are not allowed to accompany and participate in the venue. ・If the number of applicants for the event does not reach 10 three days before the event start date, Pinkoi has the right to cancel the event, or notify Pinyou to change the event or refund. ・Admission is open 15 minutes before the activity. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the experience activity, please be careful not to be late. If you are late for more than 30 minutes, you will not be able to enter the venue and you will not be able to refund. ・Tea bags and water dispensers will be provided at the event site. For a friendly environment, please bring your own water bottle or cup. ・Pinyou shall abide by the rules of the event venue and cooperate with the instructions of the on-site lecturers. If there is any violation and damage is caused, Pinyou shall be responsible for it. ・In case of force majeure such as natural disasters, Pinkoi will take the initiative to contact you for an extension or refund. ・If the participation in the activity is suspended due to factors that are not responsible for Pinkoi , no refund will be made. ・If you need to issue a consolidated invoice, please provide the consolidated information and notify Pinkoi 3 days before the start of the course. If the invoice is overdue, the invoice will not be replaced. ・In the event of a refund or course cancellation, the full authority of the invoice discount operation will be handled by Guoyi Wenchuang. ・If classes are suspended due to force majeure such as natural disasters, Pinkoi will take the initiative to contact you to postpone or refund. In case of a typhoon, the class suspension standard announced by the event venue will be the class start and refund standard, regardless of the location of the participants. ・Side-shots will be taken by the organizer according to the needs of the experience activities, and will be uploaded to the Facebook fan page "Pinpin School Pinkoi Experience" after the activities, for the participation of the activities and followers of Pinyou. In the future, the organizer may use photos and images containing your portrait for activity records or other recruitment channel promotion purposes. If you do not want to be photographed, you can inform the staff at the event site, and we will pay attention and make special arrangements.

Additional Information