Gemstone Natural Ore Aquamarine Sunstone 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Liz Art Studio
Liz Art Studio
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Gemstone Bracelets Blue - Gemstone Natural Ore Aquamarine Sunstone 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Product Description

Https:// Https:// Https:// Https:// Aquamarine Aquamarine belongs to the beryl group mineral in mineralogy. The English name is Aquamarine. Among them, "Aqua" means water, and "Marine" means ocean. It can be seen how much the name of this gem is attached to its color. The aquamarine is characterized by a sky blue color and a hardness of 7.5 degrees. Like the emerald, from the beryl family, Aquamarine and emerald are the two precious stones in the beryl, so the value is higher. The energy of the sea sapphire corresponds to the "throat wheel" in the seven rounds of the human body. Can help personal expression, language skills, comprehension and throat health and balance the operation of the lymphatic system. In terms of devotion, the "larynge" is a conversion station for mental strength and physical strength. Therefore, the development of the "throat wheel" is That will help the spiritual practitioners to achieve comprehensive progress and enhance their personal "savvy". Aquamarine is the lucky stone of birth in March, a gem that symbolizes love and peace. A brave person who stands for self-confidence, a personality that is not convinced, and a positive and responsible attitude. As long as you have a lot of patience, Chang Bao smile will be invincible. Aquamarine is related to water and is used in the five elements (water). It is most suitable for use and wear by people in the five elements. More suitable for some industries that use language, conversation, voice, etc. The sea blue treasure has powerful healing, purification and spiritual power, and is the most effective crystal. Relaxing the body, for a chaotic mood, as the sea of anger tends to calm and bring stability. Such a beautiful and magical thing in the world is a gift from nature to mankind. 1. Westerners generally believe that wearing aquamarine can make people have a foresight. 2. The aquamarine corresponds to the throat of the human body. 3, can enhance the ability to express, persuasive, However, the more powerful gems can only play a guiding and auxiliary role in long-term wear. 4. Four elements including earth, water, fire and wind, With powerful treatment, purification and smart power, it is the most effective crystal stone. Legend has it that aquamarine is produced on the seabed, and seawater is the essence. Therefore, the voyager prayed that Poseidon would protect the safety of navigation and called it "Folly Stone". It is also used as the "Marchstone of Birth", which symbolizes "sinking and courage", "happiness and longevity". Aquamarine is a very precious gem. Https:// Sun Stone People say that the sun is simple, tenacious and selfless, showing how important it is in people's hearts. Sunstone is a kind of plagioclase, which contains reddish-brown platy mineral inclusions such as hematite and goethite. The golden light shining on the light reflection, that is, the "daylight effect", it is called sunstone. This wonderful effect is also known as the gold effect. Sunstone is generally translucent, deep orange, gold, golden brown, and occasionally colorless and transparent. Sunstone has a strong positive magnetic field, and all natural mineral stones have magnetic field energy. In particular, the natural ore with a distinctive personality such as Sunstone can purify the haze of the human body. Especially in the gas field where the water is strong, the role of the sun stone is more obvious. In numerology, there is a theory that water and moisture are used to "tune" with five elements of fire. "The weather is warm and damp, and it is mainly based on the seasons. That is, only the winter and summer students use the cold and warmth; no, the moon and the moon see the fire again, the ugly Chen Yuesheng sees the water used for the dampness, other spring and autumn life does not need to wait." Sunstone is a very rare gem with a beautiful cat's eye effect, and the sun wheel also corresponds to the navel wheel. It can re-purify and adjust the body's discomfort after overeating, and can bring warmth to the body. The natural sun stone has a warm and jade color, and the tender orange color is youthful and energetic, emitting a dazzling light in the sun. Natural sun stone has powerful energy and can effectively enhance people's own affinity. Sunstone corresponds to the solar energy center. It is often worn to help people inspire their inspiration and has a strong positive energy. It can effectively prevent the invasion of villains and witchcraft, and has the effect of powerful evil spirits. It is a lucky gem and amulet that can protect people. Dispel the melancholy~ Natural sun stone has a strong positive magnetic field, pure and strong, often wearing natural sun stone bracelet to purify the blue melancholy in the body, making people more happy and happy life. Natural Sunstone helps the wearer eliminate and resolve stress and help people achieve their goals. It can also increase attention and concentration, so that people can keep their minds flexible at all times. Wearing Sunstone helps people become the focus of everyone, strengthen cohesion, and help people and work. Exudes powerful life energy, improves health and enhances vitality. It can drive away dark thoughts and pessimism, and bring correct positive ideas and bright prospects. Https:// [ product features ] Natural ore light blue sea sapphire. Combine the orange sun stone. 925 sterling silver beads lined up. It is a unique and practical bracelet. Material: natural ore, sea sapphire , sun stone , 925 sterling silver , Japanese elastic silk thread Size: Aquamarine : 8mm Silver Pearl : 7.5mm Hand on the photo 15.5 cm [ Reminder ] This bracelet is designed in a symmetrical manner. In order to balance the beauty, it is not advisable to increase or decrease the ore. Suitable for hand circumference 14~16 cm. Https:// Https:// [ Precautions ] 1. Natural minerals should avoid exposure, high temperatures, and hard objects. It is not advisable to wear jewelry when going to the beach, sunbathing, hot springs, etc. And keep the water, occasionally placed in the water, keep it moist, Usually wear to play contact friction, human sebum can be used for its internal structure, It plays a certain protective role, making the natural ore more shiny and beautiful. 2. Maintenance of silver jewelry. When not wearing, you can put it in a zipper bag. The metal can be wiped with a silver cloth. Or toothpaste cleaning. Drain the water after washing. 3. The color may vary depending on the screen of each monitor. There will be a slight color difference. Please consider above. 4. Photographs and introductions of the products in the museum. The status of the goods has been described as much as possible. If you want to know. You can contact us.

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Natural ore light blue sea sapphire. Combine the orange sun stone. 925 sterling silver beads lined up.

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