Double-sided*embroidered canvas wrist rope production order*

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Double-sided*embroidered canvas wrist rope production order*

Product Description

It can be used as a hook string for a key ring, or it can be hooked on a bag or mobile phone bag. The special feature of embroidery is that the strokes of each character are composed of bright embroidery thread, one stitch and one thread. Each word requires hundreds of needles and threads, which is time-consuming, but the effect is exquisite, not easy to fall, and will not fade away. Let everyone want to leave a memorial and memorable name and meaning, which can withstand the test of time like embroidery. **Product content** **This is a single-color double-sided embroidered key ring.** * Material: Taiwanese material, cotton canvas, Tetoron electric embroidery thread, metal hook or double flat circle or key ring or mobile phone rope. * Size: The length of the strap is about 15~16cm, and the width is about 2.2~2.4cm. The white cloth strip area of the name book, about 2 x 5cm. * Accessories: a bronze metal hook on the front, which can be replaced with a bronze double flat key ring or a camera strap. **Product ordering process** **For beautiful customization, please pay attention to the instructions below for customized embroidery!!** **(1) Text** Please tell me the text to be sewn. (It can be written directly in the remarks column of the order "words to the designer") **Chinese within 4 characters; Japanese within 6 characters; English within 9 characters. One more pattern space can be added to the above. With full word count, words and pictures will be reduced. If the name that cannot be disassembled exceeds a little bit, please ask the designer if it can be made.** * Chinese: general font; girly font; bold font. * English: general font; cursive; Kristin handwriting. * Japanese (including Japanese Chinese characters): Hei, Biao Kai (similar to writing brush characters). * No Korean, no simplified Chinese, no Thai. -No remarks, all are made in general fonts, horizontal from left to right. -Some fonts cannot be displayed, such as rare characters or made characters. If the general fonts cannot be displayed, they cannot be made. -If you need (love picture) or (smile), (star), (eighth note), (cat's paw), (sun), (flower), (tree), (tick), (Taiwan)..., Please remember to inform, but the size of the pattern will be adjusted according to the embroidered space. Please inform us in text, for example: "(爱心)". If you type the symbol directly, the word "口" will become unrecognizable, thank you. -English cursive and capital letter strokes will not be written together. Only if English cursive uppercase + lowercase, or all lowercase, the strokes are written together. Font Vignettes to choose from **(Two) color** Rope color: pepper red, lake green, earth yellow. The color of embroidered characters: red, pink, yellow, orange, grass green, lake green, sapphire blue, dark blue, purple, dark purple, brown, black, total 12 colors. ※ Random color matching: If there is no special color to choose, you can indicate "please designer to make your own color matching" or "random color matching".**Random color matching is not interesting for every color! If the quantity is large, each color must be matched, please provide the color matching requirements directly! Thank you!** Cord color Word color **Things to know** -Customer-ordered goods cannot be returned or exchanged, please choose carefully, thank you. -The size of the characters depends on the strokes of the characters, and will be reduced to a suitable range. The more the number of characters, the thinner the letters. Too many characters will cause the strokes to overlap and make it difficult to read. Please consider the number of characters. The white cloth strip area of the name book, about 2 x 5 cm. The height includes the sewing range. The maximum embroidered character range of the cloth strip is 5 cm. If the character exceeds the range, the font and symbols will be compressed. If you don't want to compress, please buy -After the order payment is completed, the production will be arranged, and the production will be arranged in the order of payment, thank you. -Hand-made goods, it will feel a little bit~ :) -The characters on the front and back of the key ring are currently adjusted to:**the key ring head to be sewn on the left side of the text, so that when the key ring hangs naturally, the characters when rotating are read from top to bottom.**That is, when it is held in the hand and turned, the characters are read from left to right, without turning the key ring head left and right to read. If the other side is sewn with the front side, when the key ring hangs naturally, the characters on the back side will be read upside down from bottom to top. Some of the sample photos were made earlier, and there may be photos stitched upside down. Now all of them have been sewn on the left side of the text with the key ring to suit reading habits. Thank you. -After receiving the embroidery content and color, it will start production directly. If there is any part to be modified, please confirm it before checkout. **-Please provide the text directly. We do not process handwritten photo taking orders!! No graphics files are required. The text of the graphics files cannot be copied. If the text is wrong, it cannot be processed!!** -The embroidered cloth strips are "not bleached white" and "not bright white". They are "off-white" and "natural white" colors. -Because the production is made by Vicky alone, the production time of the embroidery service is very tight, so the customer confirms the content of the embroidering and completes the payment, and I will make it directly. There will be no drafting or patterning. For action, I have provided many sample photos that have been completed. If you insist on re-production of the draft before production, because it will affect the time of other customers' order production, in order to take into account everyone's rights and interests, guests who need to discuss the draft will not be able to make it for the time being, thank you everyone. -If you want to see the goods sent out because it is a gift, I have to take photos, so you can ask me for photos of the finished goods. :) * Two colors are required, please purchase additional colors: -The hook head can be replaced by a metal question mark hook or a mobile phone or camera hook. The default is a metal question mark tick. If you need to replace it, please note it together. If there is no instruction to replace it, it will be made with the default accessories. -Use one of the front metal fittings. If you want to install two metal fittings, you must purchase: * Additional purchases-metal question mark tick * Additional purchases-bronze key ring **Production and shipping information** **-After the order payment is completed, the production will be arranged, and the production will be arranged in the order of payment, thank you.** -Production will only start after the order is checked out, and the general quantity is calculated as 1 working day. Larger quantities will add 1~2 days. -Arrive at the store 48 hours after the goods are picked up by the supermarket. **-Please note that there is no delivery by express and post office on weekends and national holidays.** -Taiwan island express and mail delivery the next day, plus 1~2 days in remote areas, pay attention to the postman cup and the courier!! -The postman and the courier will not make calls. If no one responds, they will deliver it again tomorrow. If no one collects it three times, they will stay at the post office and wait for it. -Delivery at a specified time, please use the black cat delivery (not the meaning of urgent, refers to the delivery time). (╹◡╹) -Please choose mail in the outer island area; please specify the time for delivery, please tell the designer to make up the freight to send the black cat (not the meaning of urgent, it refers to the delivery time). **Precautions for washing and maintenance** • Many designs and colors are limited edition fabrics, sold out and out of print • Independent hand works, limited production • Use and maintenance methods: • It is recommended to use ordinary detergent and cold water to wash separately, and to wash with other clothes at the same time, please add a laundry bag. Do not dry clean or use bleaching agent, and dry it flat after washing. **Precautions for Handmade and Custom Products** This product comes with gift packaging, suitable for gift giving. The goods are handmade: • Each hand piece is unique, and the size difference is within a normal range of plus or minus 0.5 cm. • There is some color difference on each computer screen, which is slightly different from the product photos, which is not the scope of defects. • Each work cannot be exactly the same, and the parts captured by each piece of cloth are different. • If the stitches are slightly different from the product photos or slightly incorrect, it is normal and not defective. •Customized goods cannot be returned or exchanged. •Waguo Creative Co., Ltd. passed the "MIT Smile Mark Certification Made in Taiwan" ※Mark Number: 01900078 **Return and exchange instructions** -Individual customized products, in accordance with the "Criteria for the Application of Reasonable Exceptions to the Right to Dissolve Communication Transactions" announced by the Executive Yuan, designers have the right not to accept returns and exchanges. The designer agrees and guarantees to provide after-sales service such as defect guarantee, replacement, warranty and maintenance to consumers in accordance with the Civil Law of the People's Republic of China, Consumer Protection Law and other relevant laws or sales agreements. -We do not accept returns/exchanges for customized products. -オーダーメイド products, return products, 受付しかねる products. -Pinkoi return policy ( ) -Request a refund link ( ) **Origin/manufacturing method** Taiwan Taichung / Handmade ↓English general font. ↓ ↓English cursive font. ↓ ↓English cursive font. ↓ ↓ English Christian handwriting ↓ The characters will have a sense of handwritten rhythm, but they are not neat!! ↓Chinese general font. ↓ ↓Chinese general font. ↓ ↓Chinese girl font. ↓ (Girl characters are cute fonts, so they will be fat, and the strokes will feel crowded!!) ↓Chinese boldface ↓ ↓The love is the same color as the word. If you want a different color, you need to purchase it. ↓ ↓Smile picture. ↓ ↓Star chart, ↓ ↓ Eighth note ↓ ↓ Cat paw ↓ The sun (the sun on the right above)↓ Flower (the flower on the right above)↓ Tree↓*(NEW)* Tick ↓ Taiwan↓ ↓Japanese characters. ↓ ↓General numbers. ↓ ↓Christian numbers. ↓ ↓Zhuyin symbol. ↓ ↓Foreign language. ↓

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