Tianya Road. Tencel Cotton Hooded Dog Warm Jacket-Blue

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Tianya Road. Tencel Cotton Hooded Dog Warm Jacket-Blue

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[3% of every business income of Shan Xiaobei will be donated to the Taiwan Animal Emergency Rescue Team! 】 [Taiwan master craftsman hand embroidery, cutting cloth, sewing, adhere to the quality, out of print limited edition! 】 [Double-layer fabric inside and outside, both skin-friendly, breathable and gentle to keep warm, dogs are not prone to allergies! 】 [Select internationally certified Tencel lining and wear-resistant cotton table cloth, quality is guaranteed! 】 [Exclusive pattern design and Taiwanese craftsman's precision embroidery, it is a high-quality wool child warm clothing worthy of your collection! 】 [There are as many as 12 sizes, and there are suitable sizes for big and small children!] ◆Shu Wen Jie Zi (Explanation of Embroidery Designs)◆ https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2439/32204611113_61b89a8ec2.jpg When will there be that peace again---Pooh. Good wolf Weiwei walks with Agua. The land is dry. The rubbish is smoking. Two dogs. At a loss... ◆No size (size + price) ◆ The price of Shan Xiaobei's clothes varies slightly depending on the size. Larger clothes use more materials and higher material costs, so the price will be slightly higher than that of small-sized clothes. Please check carefully before placing an order. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4416/36790205505_6e1b36970f_c.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4319/35451049894_3b87bf0244_b.jpg ◆Try-on report◆ https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4313/35634046990_759be555e2_b.jpg ◆Good password (material + Tencel tag)◆ https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4307/36001941362_a26a77c10c_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4329/35363873773_e8f8ddd9f6_b.jpg Table cloth: 30% polyester fiber 70% cotton Lining: 40% Tencel (with TENCEL® original tag) 60% cotton Thread cloth: cotton Ribbon: Cotton Copper Bronze: Bronze Zipper: YKK zipper Washing standard: environmentally friendly ink (certified by SGS) ◆Detailed description◆ https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3841/33036607645_610b89c452.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3788/32191323514_a9bcc35054.jpg Back & Abdomen https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3851/32654042930_8d4de96a08.jpg Washing label https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/298/32994778196_307067c95f.jpg Adjustment buckle The degree of tightness can be adjusted according to the fat or thinness of the hairy child. Because we use high-quality Bronze buckles, the buckle is relatively tight. When removing the button, please press your thumbs on the Bronze to exert force. Try not to pull the fabric to avoid damage to the joint between the fabric and the Bronze. Ribbed selvedge We use high-quality ribbed fabrics with soft extensibility, giving more elastic space to the cuffs and a better hem of the clothes. ◆Intimate reminders◆ Precautions for the use of Shanxiaobei's warm clothing 1. Please use a laundry bag when washing, protect the delicate tencel cloth and beautiful embroidery patterns, so that the product will last longer! 2. It is recommended to dry naturally or at low temperature (30-40 degrees) to avoid shrinkage of cotton products! 3. Tencel printing and dyeing has higher process requirements. The printing and dyeing washing label on the inner cloth will fade slightly with frequent washing. 4. Shan Xiaobei's clothes should be sampled according to the body shape of ordinary dogs as much as possible, but if there are some hairy children who are longer and fatter, they are prone to wrinkles or ribbed cloth upturned. Please forgive me, thank you. ◆Good colors◆ https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4590/39466682031_ba361a4704_c.jpg Shanxiaobei's products are mainly based on grayscale colors. Although the bright pink color is pleasing, there are many restrictions on its use to maintain the beautiful appearance of the object. In the process of developing products, we are often moved by some small pictures. For example, the street snack bar dog adopted from the home of stray animals patrols the store with due diligence; the working dog who sits tirelessly at the door of the house all the year round, faithfully guarding the family and so on. In them, we see a kind of simple and simple cuteness, which we cherish especially and want others to see. Therefore, we set the tone of all products in this simple color system; we hope that these products can accompany the furry children, roll over their emotions, and live life to the fullest. These traces of life, like old photos and old buildings, quietly exude the glory of the years. This is the color of Shan Xiaobei. ◆Brand Manifesto (Summary of Good Persistence)◆ https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4308/35883417931_c3be461773_b.jpg All manufacturing processes of Shanxiaobei products adhere to MIT. In the headwind, a group of people chose to stay in their hometown. With their optimistic and dedicated staff spirit, they continue to improve their technology, which we sincerely admire. Therefore, Shan Xiaobei abandoned the method of mass manufacturing to reduce costs and chose to insist on delivering all the manufacturing processes to these Taiwanese professionals. They squinted the eyes of presbyopia, stitch by stitch, stitching the temperature of their hometown into every piece of clothing. The clothes in your hand have our efforts to polish the MIT brand together. ◆Good knowledge◆ ◇Why do dogs need to wear warm clothes◇ The changing of the four seasons is a change that we have become familiar with since birth. Therefore, everyone's body has the function of environmental regulation and immunity. However, young, silver-haired, and sick friends often fail to keep up with the changes in the external environment, so they need more careful attention. The same is true for Maohai. Although they have a layer of fur protection, for young, old or sick fur children, their physical functions may not be perfect, may gradually decline, or may be struggling with other diseases. Therefore, a little change in the external environment is right. It is a heavy burden for them. Therefore, the fur children also need the assistance of clothes to help them through the cold winter, while also being able to isolate the dust that is easy to induce allergies in the environment. When choosing clothes for fur kids, you can help them avoid hidden risks: [Try to choose natural materials] Mao’s clothes are like our close-fitting clothes, which will directly touch the skin for a long time. If you choose airtight man-made fiber cloth, it is easy to cause skin stuffiness, itching, redness, allergies and other problems. Therefore, it is ideal to choose natural fiber fabrics with high air permeability as much as possible. [Try to avoid rough fibers] Although Linen, wool and other clothing are natural fibers, the cloth surface is relatively rough, which can easily irritate the skin of the furry children and make the itching situation more serious. Moreover, the friction of the rough cloth surface is relatively large, and the hair of the fur children is easy to knot. [Try to avoid allergy-inducing materials] Although most of the ink dyes and solvents in the processing process will evaporate in the air, there is a risk of absorption for the furry children who like to lick and bite. We choose more eco-friendly and environmentally friendly materials and processes, which not only take care of the health of the fur children, but also contribute to the protection of the earth. ◇The password in the fabric ◇ [From a seed to a dress: What is Tencel?] TENCEL®, TENCEL®, is the brand name of the most well-known lyocell fiber in the world. It is a regenerated fiber made of 100% pure natural materials. It is developed by the British acordis company to extract 100% natural wood pulp from eucalyptus as raw materials. It is generally translated as Tencel in Chinese. The eucalyptus used to make Tencel wood pulp comes from artificially cultivated forests approved and managed by the Forest Standards Committee. The smell of the eucalyptus itself can repel insects. Therefore, the planting environment does not require the use of pesticides. It is a very environmentally friendly raw material, so it is called " The dream fiber of the 21st century". [Perfect return to the dust: environmentally friendly manufacturing process] Tencel has passed the strict European OKO-TEX100 STANDARD standard and is produced by solvent spinning technology. The amine oxide solvent used in its production process is completely harmless to the human body, almost completely recyclable, can also be used repeatedly, and has no by-products, the production process has low impact on the environment, and is an environmentally friendly process that is non-toxic, harmless, and pollution-free . Tencel fiber does not contain any toxic substances and can be completely biodegraded in the soil. It is non-polluting to the environment and harmless to the ecology. It is a natural green product that is friendly to the earth. It provides a good solution to the garbage disposal problems caused by the use of disposable non-woven products. [New Century Dream Fiber: Combines the advantages of natural and man-made fibers] __1. Dry and breathable__ Tencel has good water absorption and air permeability, it feels refreshing and comfortable when it comes in contact with the skin, and it will not be stuffy and hot when worn for a long time. And the texture is light and thin, easy to wash and easy to dry. __2. Skin-friendly and soft__ Tencel's fiber cross-section is round or oval, so it has the drape and luster like silk. When it comes into contact with the skin, it feels fine and soft to the touch. __3. Not easy to shrink__ Tencel's shrinkage rate is only 2%, it is not easy to shrink after washing, and it has good washing dimensional stability. __4. Good flexibility__ Tencel has good toughness and elasticity. It is comfortable and not tight to wear, which is helpful for the physiological circulation and health of the fur child. __5. Easy to take care of__ The garments made of Tencel are soft and conformable. After repeated washing, they can still maintain a smooth and soft hand feeling, and are not easily deformed. __6. Perfectly complementary to cotton__ The blending of Tencel yarn and cotton yarn is an excellent match. It has very similar fiber characteristics with cotton, but after the two blends, it can improve the soft touch of cotton yarn and improve the stiffness of cotton yarn after multiple washings. . [DNA of Tencel Fiber: How to Identify the Real Tencel?] The easiest way to identify TENCEL is to confirm whether there is an authorized TENCEL tag. The Tencel materials currently on the market are all patented materials produced by the Austrian Lenzing Company. The proportion of Tencel for clothing products must be above 35% before a tag will be issued. In order to be cautious, Lenzing will not issue authorized hangtags to fabric factories, but directly to brands. Therefore, Tencel fabrics with authorized Tencel hangtags attached by Lenzing are more reliable. ◆Place of Origin/Manufacturing Method: Taiwan◆ All manufacturing processes of Shanxiaobei products insist on using MIT!

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[3% of every business income of Shan Xiaobei will be donated to the Taiwan Animal Emergency Rescue Team! 】 [Taiwan master craftsman hand embroidery, cutting cloth, sewing, adhere to the quality, out of print limited edition! 】 [Double-layer fabric inside and outside, both skin-friendly, breathable and gentle to keep warm, dogs are not prone to allergies! 】 [Select internationally certified Tencel lining and wear-resistant cotton table cloth, quality is guaranteed! 】

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