[Customized gift] Mysterious and mysterious candle flower can choose color soybean candle

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[Customized gift] Mysterious and mysterious candle flower can choose color soybean candle

Product Description

Mysterious candle (about 200g/piece) You don't know what color it is before you light it, it's a mysterious candle. It looks like a white candle, but the inner layer has an unknown color. After burning for a period of time, the tears of the candle venting are very beautiful and romantic. There is also a fragrant smell~ it is very cute in the space. In addition to lighting, it can also be used as a shooting prop. The unique mysterious candle is quite suitable as a gift, bringing surprises. ・Size: Approximately 5cm in width and 11cm in height **・You can choose one color and make a color similar to your favorite (not 100% the same), please note the color, or communicate privately. Please choose "dark color" to have a clear lava effect. If you do not specify a color, you will receive a "Secret Surprise" candle.** **・Please select the type of natural essential oil in the "Specification Menu".** ・Containerless candles need to be placed on a candle holder or favorite dish. ・If you want to give gifts, you can customize "Congratulations and Name Tag" for free, and private messages are welcome. ・Since the candle is made of natural materials by hand, the surface texture of the candle may be uneven, holes, cracks, etc. do not affect the natural state of use. ・Natural soybean Wax has a low melting point. Please do not place it in direct sunlight or high temperature, which may cause the candle to melt and deform. https://s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/cdn.store-assets.com/s/273791/f/4502106.jpeg **Raccoon no Mori Handmade Company | 100% Natural Soy Wax Handmade Essential Oil Candle ~ Thick Essential Oil and Moisturizing Oil** 100% HANDMADE NATURAL SOY CANDLE WITH PURE ESSENTIAL OIL ・It is made of 100% natural plant-derived soybean Wax, essential oils imported from Europe and the United States, vegetable oils and other materials. It is full of plant energy and is friendly to the body and the environment. ・Equipped with rich essential oils and moisturizing oils, each bottle luxuriously uses more than 60 drops of essential oils (mixed in equal proportions with candle volume) to prepare a skin care oil suitable for application. *Excessive concentration of essential oils can irritate the skin ・No chemical additives such as synthetic flavors, fixatives, stabilizers, plasticizers, preservatives, etc. are used. ・When it burns, it will not produce black smoke such as chemical Wax waxworm and harmful substances to the body. ・The use time is about 50% longer than that of paraffin candles. ・It has the functions of deodorizing, dehumidifying and generating negative ions to purify the air, changing the environment. ・Soy Wax is a low-temperature candle. You can apply Wax on the skin and massage it with a good moisturizing effect. https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/273791/f/4502108.jpeg ◆The secret of 1/f fluctuation and relaxation🕯 The irregular beating of candle flame is called 1/f fluctuation. 1/f fluctuation is the rhythm of nature, like the sound of waves and streams, the caress of the breeze, and the twinkling of stars. Watch The sway of the flame can feel the healing effect of stability and soothing. **100% PURE/** ◇Natural soybean Wax Soy Wax~ It is made of pure natural environmentally friendly soybean Wax, refined from soybeans, completely free of paraffin wax toxins, safe and non-toxic, with good moisturizing and moisturizing properties. It is a natural skin care ingredient and can be used safely without burden. ◇Pure essential oils ~ Use natural pure essential oils imported from Europe and the United States, certified for international safety and purity, and not tested on animals to make candles, instead of chemical synthetic fragrance candles that are cheap and harmful to health on the market. ◇Shea Butter~ One of the best skin care oils, with deep moisturizing effect. Our candles add up to 30% natural shea butter to maintain your skin. ◇Jojoba Oil~ The natural jojoba oil has excellent moisture retention on the skin, and can have a maintenance effect on the skin, and the skin can be absorbed quickly, making it soft and elastic. ◇Sweet Almond Oil ~ Sweet Almond Oil is suitable for all skin types. It is rich in vitamin E and has good moisturizing and spreading power. It is the most suitable natural vegetable oil for skin massage. https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/273791/f/4502110.jpeg **whole series products/** ・One party: Purple Sweater/Lavender, Have a Rosy Day/Rose, Neroli/Orange Blossom, For Miss Jasmine/Jasmine, Flower and Poet/Geranium, Mediterranean Dew Dew of The Sea/Rosemary, Natural/No fragrance -Mori Quartet: Dance in the Light/Marjoram, Raccoon Forest/Pine Needles, Cedar, Juniper, Frankincense Compound, Gentleman/Fir, North Africa Traveller/North Africa Cedar ・Compound: Saturday Morning/sweet orange, bergamot, cinnamon, vanilla compound Lovers Movie Romance Movie/Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang Compound Sunshine Cocktail/bergamot, grapefruit, lime compound Bangkok Night/Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass Compound Vanilla Holiday/Vanilla, mint compound -Trilogy of the day: Morning light Sunlight 9AM/ Rosemary, grapefruit, cinnamon bark compound Daylight 1PM/Mint, patchouli, lavender compound Moonlight 10PM/sweet orange, lavender, ylang ylang compound **About the author**/ Candles are indispensable in life. I have always loved the tranquility and healing charm of candles. I have obtained the certificate of the Japanese JCA Art Candle Association (Japan キャンドル Association). I hope to deliver healing through natural hand-made candles and pure essential oils. The energy of the human heart. **Product information MADE IN TAIWAN** ・Materials-natural soybean Wax, imported essential oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, German cotton candle wick (natural wood core), edible dry flowers and plants ・Capacity and burning time-Soy Wax burns 2-4g in an average of 1hr, depending on usage ・Forest jam jar (diameter 7cm × height 7cm 150ml, burning for about 30 hours) Transparent jam jar candle, fresh and lovely, it is also very suitable to be placed everywhere in the space as a situational fragrance lamp, recommended for those who love natural home life you. Large-volume packaging, you can enjoy the fragrance for a longer time. ・Late night antique shop (5.5cm in diameter × 7.5cm in height 100ml, burning for about 20 hours) dark brown glass jar candles, as if you are in an antique shop with a retro temperament, it is recommended to light them at night when you want to relax. The dark-colored bottle reveals flickering flames and fragrance, soothing the body and mind. ・To travel together (diameter 6cm × height 5cm 85ml, burning for about 17 hours), portable aluminum cans are light-weight packaging, suitable for traveling, picnic or camping, and you can enjoy your favorite aroma when you go out without emitting ash smoke Or harmful substances, friendly to the environment. ・Four aromatherapy tea candles (15ml/1 piece, one can burn for about 4 hours). The small tea candles can be tested for incense, or used when traveling. 4 into the package, you can freely choose your favorite natural essential oil aroma to meet the needs of changing the atmosphere of the space at any time. ・Sculpted candles (burning time depends on the candle size) candles can not only illuminate, but also have aromatherapy effects. At the same time, it is also a work of art and furnishings, which will decorate your indoor space with personality. Shaped candles without a container should be placed on a candle holder or a favorite dish. https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/273791/f/4609770.jpeg [Order production] Natural essential oil skin care candles are made by hand for fresh quality and small quantities are made by hand. After placing the order, it will take about 3-10 working days to complete and ship. Please understand. If you have a specific date or a large number of orders, please contact us one month in advance, thank you. __**・Please leave a message "German Cotton Candle Wick" or "Natural Wood Wick" in the product remarks column during checkout (if not specified, it will be made with wood core)**__ __**・If you have a gift request, you can customize "Congratulations and Name Stickers" for free. Private messages are welcome.**__ https://cdn.store-assets.com/s/273791/f/4502117.jpeg **[About the use of candles]** ・The candle made of 100% natural essential oils releases a light natural and pleasant fragrance, just like the whisper of plants, the room is full of pungent and strong fragrance of non-artificial fragrances, and the size of the space will also affect the fragrance diffusion effect, please understand. ・Candle wick selection: You can choose cotton wick or wood wick. When the wood wick is burned, it will make a subtle healing crackling sound, and at the same time emit the natural burnt scent of wood. It is more suitable for matching with flower and wood series essential oils. Fruity citrus essential oils are recommended to be matched with cotton The core is better. (Please note that the wood core will leave more residual Wax than the cotton core at the end of the combustion) ・Since the candle is made of natural materials by hand, the surface texture of the candle may be uneven, holes, cracks, etc. do not affect the natural state of use. ・Please trim the candle wick in time to keep the wick at a length of about 0.5 cm. Long wicks are prone to smoke and keep the wick in the center of the candle. (The wood core does not need to be trimmed, so as not to be too short to be ignited) ・Do not continue to use the candle when there is about 1.5 cm left, to avoid overheating and breaking the glass bottle. ・When the glass bottle or container is still hot, do not hold it with bare hands. ・It is recommended to use a long lighter or a match to light the candle, which is more convenient to light and use. ・When using the candle for the first time, please light it for at least 1-2 hours to completely melt the surface to form a Wax pool to avoid the "tunnel phenomenon" in which the center is sunken. ・When extinguishing the candle, please close the lid directly or use a candle extinguisher to extinguish the candle to avoid smoke. ・Store in a cool place. Keep the room ventilated when using the candle. Do not place combustible materials around. ・Please use the candle within sight, and do not go to bed when the candle is lit, please put out the candle before going to bed. ・Although the temperature of the soybean Wax liquid is not high, be sure to apply the Wax to the skin after the candle is out. ・Because our candles are rich in moisturizing oils and essential oils, they are in a state of incompletely solidified cream even if they are not lit, so please do not dump or drop them heavily. ・Since we have attached the instruction manual of the candle, even those who have never used candles can use it with confidence. **【Precautions】** ·Not edible. ・Avoid contact with eyes. ・When the candle is lit, keep children and pets away from it to avoid burns. ・Do not apply Wax to children or pets. ・During pregnancy or breastfeeding, please consult a specialist before use. ・If you have any discomfort or allergies after use, please stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.

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Raccoon no Mori Handmade Company | 100% Natural Soy Wax Handmade Essential Oil Candle Tired daily, when you want to relax, light up the candlelight🕯 Enjoy this peaceful night in the embrace of plants🌖 Certified Craftsman by Japan キャンドル Candle Association 100% PURE/ Handmade candles that are friendly to the body and the environment🌿

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