【Workshop(s)】September cooking class. Men's Chef's Breakfast Store Opens

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Workshop Information

Workshop Summary
Are you already a little tired of meat floss on toast and fried dough sticks on sesame cake? This time, I have invited Chef Eason to teach you how to level up your breakfast! Most of the ingredients can be found by flipping through the refrigerator, paired with affordable big-box breads, turning into Cuban Sandwiches, Garlic Butter Shrimp New England Burgers and Tri-Color Souffle Meal Packs, three eye-catching, delicious and quite satisfying meal!
Payment must be completed at least 7 days before the workshop.
Workshop Location
Taiwan / Taipei City
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Workshop Address
Admission Time
30 minutes before the workshop begins
Workshop Duration
2 hours
Age Restriction
Aged 18 and over
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Fresh Ingredients
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【Workshop(s)】September cooking class. Men's Chef's Breakfast Store Opens

Workshop Description

★ Time: September 18, 111 (Sun) 14:00~16:00 ★ Course format: demonstration teaching + tasting ★ Teaching teacher: [Playful. Cooking Skills] Operator – Eason ★ Location: Thomas Butcher Roosevelt Store (No. 17, Lane 176, Section 5, Roosevelt Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City 116) ★ Transportation: Walk for about 5 minutes after MRT Bandung Station Exit 4 / Nearby bus stops: Wugong Elementary School, Normal University Branch, Wanfu Elementary School (all need to walk for about 5 minutes) ★ Surprise gifts: [Provided by Thomas's Butcher's] After the course, you can get a 15% discount coupon for use on the day, and enjoy a 15% discount on non-special items for a single purchase! **※As this course is taught in small classes, the number of places is limited. After registration, a special person will prepare relevant course materials for students. After registration, if students fail to attend this course on time due to personal reasons, no refund will be given.** **※This activity is for demonstration teaching and tasting, and will not be done by yourself.** **※The photos of the dishes are for reference only, the ingredients may be adjusted according to the raw materials, seasons and other factors, and the class will be based on the same day.** **※The course registration will be cancelled and the full refund will be made if the number of participants for this course is not full.** **※Students agree that their photos will be provided free of charge for the promotion of the activities of the Association. If you do not agree, please do not register.** **※You are welcome to take pictures during the course, but please do not stand or push to affect the rights of other students in class.** **※In order to respect the intellectual property rights of the lecturers, video and audio recordings are prohibited during the course.** **※The venue of the event is on-site at the store, with limited space (as shown in the picture below). During the epidemic period, you must wear a mask and measure your body temperature when entering the store.** **※There is a small plate for each of the three dishes to try, and you will take off your mask for a short time.** **※During the epidemic, the health of the students is the first priority, and the details of the course may be adjusted according to the instructions of the epidemic command center** **※The organizer reserves the right to change the course content, rules and suspend activities, and reserves the right of final interpretation of the course content and rules.** https://www.thomasmeat.com/img/page/product/646/646_product_img_ext2.jpg?1644895544 **Invincible Breakfast: Beef Cuban Sandwich with Truffles and Mushrooms** When it comes to Cuban sandwiches, the movie "Five Star Chef's Food Truck" is often mentioned. Simply put, it is the story of a chef driving a food truck that sells Cuban sandwiches and regaining his life's direction and fighting spirit from frustration. The movie The box office is quite bright, so this sandwich has gradually become popular in the United States. But...you know, you can't actually get a Cuban sandwich in Cuba? Cuban Bread originated from the snack bar frequented by Cuban workers near Florida, USA. The classic style is composed of Cuban bread, ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickled cucumber and mustard. It can be said to be Cuban local ham and cheese. An upgraded version of the sandwich (Sandwich mixto) (Cuban workers who make a living in the United States usually earn more than their relatives and friends in their hometown in Cuba, and they want to eat good food if they have money~), and then along with the movie, Cuban sandwiches spread to countries all over the world, After the baptism of different local customs and the creativity of the chefs, from the stuffed meat, sauces, etc., there are more diverse tastes and styles. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside (overflowing cheese), the taste remains the same, and the deliciousness is upgraded – "Truffle Mushroom Beef Cuban Sandwich", you can make it at home with just two frying pans, sign up quickly to watch Chef Eason The teacher demonstrates his signature dishes! **★Using our ingredients:** **Australian MB2+ Carbon Neutral Plate Tendon Hot Pot Slices (Grain Fed)** The Five founders brand has long been committed to maintaining the ecological balance of cattle breeding and environmental protection. It is Australia's first carbon-neutral beef, hormone-free, and single-grass MSA certification. Selected carbon-neutral beef tendon with oil flower grade MB2+, with a Q-elastic fine rib across the middle, the taste is rich in layers, solid and not greasy. **La Rustichella Black Truffle Sauce** It is blended with truffles and vegetables to present a warm and long truffle aroma, and is unique in the world with fresh beef liver mushrooms, which stabilizes the aftertaste and brings out a deep forest flavor. https://www.thomasmeat.com/img/page/product/646/646_product_img_ext3.jpg?1634549010 **Breakfast That Smells Hungry: Smoky Butter Shrimp New England Fort** Is there any experience in which the sense of smell wakes up before the brain and body? It may be the smell of braised pork next door and the hash browns at the breakfast shop downstairs... Try the "Smoked Cream Shrimp New England Fort"! New England Hot Dog Buns is related to the classic English dish lobster burger. The sides of the New England Fort are soft noodles, unlike the hot dog burger, which has a crusty texture on the surface. It is quite suitable for smearing cream and then grilling. Served with lightly fried garlic butter shrimp, sweet peppers, and Spanish smoked paprika! If you have a partner, child, or roommate who can't wake up no matter how noisy they are in the morning, learn this, not only to fill your stomach, but also to function as an alarm clock~ **★Using our ingredients:** **Qiu Brothers White Shrimp** The selected Qiu brothers drink yogurt white shrimp. The live shrimp are frozen and peeled. After removing the head and tail, each tail is about 4~7 cm. Do not soak borax, phosphate and various chemicals or preservatives that may increase freshness. Not even salt water was added. Just enough to stir-fry a dish, such as scrambled eggs with shrimp or asparagus with shrimp. There are no chemicals, no antibiotics, and no growth hormones throughout the breeding process. https://www.thomasmeat.com/img/page/product/646/646_product_img_ext4.jpg?1642510967 **Colorful Breakfast Carnival: Three Flavored Soufflé Spreads** ...Simple bread is a bit empty, and you want to have a photogenic breakfast, but you don't want to start a fire and wash the pot? At this time, making a little soufflé spread should meet your needs! As long as all the ingredients are prepared and stirred in sequence, you can put whatever flavor you want in the soufflé, chocolate, matcha, original flavor... It is safe to eat by hand, and it is also convenient to store it in the refrigerator. It’s too late to go to work and class, just spread a layer of soufflé and bake it, and it will be fragrant; if you want to be simple and light for picnic and camping, you can have colorful photos and various flavors with a few bottles~ https://www.thomasmeat.com/img/page/product/646/646_product_img_ext5.jpg?1660789355 **About this chef [Playful. Cooking Skills] – Teacher Eason** The handsome male chef of Thomas's butcher's shop, known as "E God"! Passionate about cooking (it's the kind of true love that would jump out of bed to cook when inspired in the middle of the night), and once opened "Thinking." "Cooking" brick-and-mortar restaurants, brick-and-mortar cooking courses, etc., author of many recipe books, and also has a certificate certified by the Taiwan Sports Nutrition Society. He is good at cooking national specialties with bold and delicate techniques. The dishes are not only full of color, aroma and taste, but also healthy and nutritious. The teaching style is cordial, sincere and well-organized. He is a popular lecturer that is very popular among students! https://www.thomasmeat.com/img/page/product/646/646_product_img_ext6.jpg?1647139560


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