Beautiful long stone long chain

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Sterling Silver Long Necklaces Silver - Beautiful long stone long chain

Product Description

Beautiful and moving colorful feldspar Can attract attention, and can enhance the charm ~! Very sexy~ Can repair the human body field that has been broken by emotion or electromagnetic waves In this Wi-Fi city is a very good protection jewelry ~! Ps. If the person's gas field is broken, it will invade the evil spirits, and it will be more irritating and melancholy. It will keep the health and integrity of the gas field, and it will be more pleasant and happy. Thank you for purchasing **Shining Star energy jewelry use** **Precautions** 1. All are handmade silver jewelry Please put the clip when not in use? Reduce oxidation in the bag If it is oxidized and blackened, put it under water for 10 minutes and wipe it with a silver cloth. Will be bright soon 2. Crystal and silver are fragile, exquisite, please carefully collect and wear. Don't fall and squat. Easy to deform and rupture. I want to be taken as a baby. 3. All crystals have their function With a special design, it is doubled. Can enhance energy and consciousness Sleep, do not wear when taking a bath (silver in the bath) Let the body readjust. 4. Crystal is a very strange and sensitive treasure, and it transfers energy when it is delivered. Therefore, no replacement and return are provided. 5. Normal crystal should be cleared Every two weeks, you have to rush underwater. If it looks wet and dirty, it should be clear. If it is too troublesome, I have a clean energy container. Can be purchased. Put it in every day and put it in. 6. Because energy products sometimes accelerate the body's self-adjustment, If you have a faint feeling when you wear it, you can take it down next to it. Let the body and energy products resonate for a little longer and wear it. It may be that the body is weak. It can't bear too much energy at a time. This is especially true for the crop circle series. Don't worry, normal phenomenon, take it slowly, wear it slowly, wear it when you wear it. When the body is more suitable for the energy of energy jewelry, it will be worn and can be worn for a long time. Wait until the body reaches the next stage, turn up the energy, and drive away the low-frequency energy, you can replace the higher energy jewelry. But still depends on the situation of the people. I know what is better. Can consult me for consultation. Usually, when you start wearing it, the condition of each person is different, but there will be more perspiration, more tired, want to rest, or very excited, happy different reactions, some friends may suppress anger or sorrow for a long time, or Very tired, it will help to release properly! All are ok. They are all adjusting their own needs. Jewelry is helping. As long as it is not too excessively reactive, Just look at it. Drinking plenty of water and resting more is the main recommendation. Take it easy. Take it easy, let the body rest, re-adjust, After a while, it will balance a lot. Once people are balanced, they will be easier and happy. This is our original state. 7. This is the friend who used it for the first purchase. For the first time, the energy products brought more changes, and whether they were felt or not, they were subtle. So it is recommended to take it easy and let the body adjust. Do not make major decisions, wait until the balance is done. And because these energy products do things, they will carry some toxins after the event, and silver will use drugs. Some crystals also absorb energy. So be sure to clear it. It’s best to clear it twice a week. After a month or so, clear it again in two weeks. Rinse under water. Looking at the situation of people, everyone is different, the physical spirit is poor, it will be easy to black, dull and dull, then it is always clear. If it is very bright, it will be brighter and brighter, which means that the body is in good condition. Congratulations, you can clear it once in two or three weeks. After all, take a picture outside. If the situation is not good, it is recommended that you can change it regularly, bury the old batch in the soil, or put it away. Because the crystal is small, it can be collected, and so much. It must be the dirtiest at first. Don't wear it when you don't want to wear it. You can consider changing it, which is more suitable for the current situation. It is recommended to check once in two or three months. Dai’s diligent friend. If the physical condition is not bad, the body and mind are ok, It is recommended to change for about a year. Because it can be a higher level. 8. All crystal energy accessories are helpful, Help the body heal itself, balance, and return to natural health, But not medicine, if you have a disease, you still have to seek medical attention. Can not be used as medicine. If people keep their energy high, Less depressed, depressed, See things easier to see, avoid a lot of trouble The energy of a person is caused by the occurrence of things, and it is difficult to maintain. Crystal is a gift from nature, formed by natural high pressure. The energy is different from the crystal and is maintained at a certain height. Wearing them can help us to get through bad times, difficult moments, in short, awkward world. So use it well, enjoy, this God gives us love. Help us to be brave and live every day. face challenge bless you **[Jewelry maintenance]** * Wear advice: Any jewelry is not recommended to bathe, bathe, swim, exercise, avoid contact with hot springs, sea water, pool chlorine, detergents, or other chemicals. When dressing, wearing jewelry should be the last step. You should wear jewelry after finishing makeup, rubbing lotion, spraying perfume and hair gel. Before changing clothes or going to sleep, the jewelry should be removed first to prevent the jewelry from being broken or falling off due to inadvertent pulling. * Daily maintenance: When not wearing, use a cotton cloth or glasses cloth to gently wipe the surface, remove moisture and dirt, and put it into a sealed zipper bag to avoid contact with air to oxidize. If the jewelry is stained with sweat or makeup, it is recommended to rinse with water, dry it, air dry, and put it in a zipper bag. * K gold jewelry: After wearing gold ornaments and inlaid stones, it may lose its luster due to sweat or dust. At this time, the gold ornaments can be placed in warm water with neutral detergent to soak or clean with a soft toothbrush. Take a neutral cleaning solution (such as neutral dishwashing detergent, soapy water). Lightly brush the bottom of the pedestal and the crevices, and rinse with water and dry. * Sterling Silver Jewelry: The hardness of sterling silver is low. Please avoid pulling or stressing the concave fold. The best maintenance method is to wear it regularly. Because the body oil can make the silver produce a natural and lustrous luster. If there is oxidation, use silver cloth or silver water, but if you have a gemstone, it is recommended to use silver cloth. * Pearl jewelry: pearls have low hardness and should not be stored together with other accessories to avoid collision and scratching the skin. Avoid acid touch. Use a soft cotton cloth to remove sweat and stains. If you need to clean it, please wash it with water or neutral soapy water, dry it, and do not use toothpaste or silver cloth to clean it.

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Sterling Silver
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No.277,611 - Accessories  |  No.1,046 - Long Necklaces
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Beautiful and beautiful labradorite, natural flare Color is wonderful, dazzling and beautiful Can qi Repair the broken gas field Mysterious South American Labradorite Suitable for wearing any clothes

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