Natural Aquamarine Wisdom 108 Bracelet Rosary 4mm Rainbow Lucky Peach Blossom Only One Piece

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Natural Aquamarine Wisdom 108 Bracelet Rosary 4mm Rainbow Lucky Peach Blossom Only One Piece

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**◈What the designer says** The aquamarine has a pleasant tone like sea water. This carefully selected icy aquamarine is in three colors of ice powder (orange), clear blue, and long green, which are popular nowadays. It is paired with large, icy, and fluorescent effect. And gorgeous enamel, reflecting the top gorgeous beauty. Insist on carefully selected and exquisitely hand-made this single product, just to help you (you) who knows gems and cherishes for unique works. **Only this one, waiting for the host's appearance^^** **The new concept of 108 bracelets** In the traditional concept, 108 bracelets are only used by Buddhist prayer beads, so it is too outdated to think about it:p The 108 bracelet is indeed derived from Buddhist classics, and because of its length, it has to be wrapped around the wrist several times or worn as a necklace. But today, 108’s materials, shapes, and decorative uses have progressed and changed over time, becoming more fashionable, multi-layered, and versatile. Designers must also adjust to the user’s preferences to prepare unique customized works. Furthermore,**108 has never been exclusive to Buddhists. Even if you are not a Buddhist, you can still accept 108 auspicious meaning and multi-level matching effects**. We often share with customers that the 108 bracelet is something outside of the body, whether we are Buddhists or not, chanting or praying is mainly in the heart,**not tied to or obstructed by objects**, let alone trapped in your hands What kind of material is the bracelet, how many pieces it needs, how to twist it, and it should be held in the left or right hand. People hold beads for convenience and freedom. Just as the "Diamond Sutra" says: "All the phenomena are false. If you see all the phenomena, you will see the Tathagata." Bracelets and prayer beads are also one of the appearances, so you should not use them excessively. Regard it,**Everything is comfortable**. **108 rosary reason** The 108 rosary beads represent 108 kinds of defilements, that is, the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind of the six rosaries have three feelings of suffering, happiness, and renunciation. Among the six rosaries, there are three kinds of good, evil and flat, which are combined into 18 kinds. There are 36 types in total, and finally the past, present, and future of time are added. 108 kinds of defilements, meaning that there are 108 types of defilements of sentient beings, defilements can produce all kinds of bad karma. Therefore, we must eliminate, eliminate one hundred and eight kinds of defilements, so that the body and mind can reach a state of silence. Wearing the Buddha beads on our hands reminds us all the time to learn the compassion of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. In any environment, he can maintain a stable and relaxed mentality. In Tibetan, the rosary is called "Changwa", which means to miss, to miss, to remember, and to continue. It represents the constant and constant remembrance of the guru, deity, dakini, and Dharma protector; also refers to the constant and constant remembrance of the guru, deity, dakini, and Dharma protector to me, giving Siddhi and wisdom. **Aquamarine** Aquamarine is named for its clear blue-green color like the ocean. According to legend, a group of mermaids live on the blue sea bottom. They usually use aquamarine as ornaments and allow the gems to receive sunlight to gain mysterious power to protect themselves. Therefore, aquamarine is also called "mermaid stone." For centuries, sailors drifting on the waves have also used aquamarine to pray to the sea god for the safety of navigation. Therefore, aquamarine is regarded as the "stone of the brave", symbolizing composure, bravery and cleverness. **Cloisonne (cloisonne enamel, burnt blue)** Cloisonne, scientific name copper cloisonné enamel. This craft originated in the ancient Near East. In the 19th century BC, ancient Egyptian pharaohs used it to make necklaces and used them with gemstones. The post-Eastern Roman Empire used this craft to an extremely high degree. China was introduced during the Yuan Dynasty and developed to glory during the Jingtai period of the Ming Dynasty, hence the name "Cloisonne". The exquisite cloisonne products are bright and moist in color, thick and solid, the silk is neat and well-proportioned, and the gold-plated is brilliant and bright, which can reflect the warmth of jade, the brilliance of jewelry, and the meticulousness of porcelain. Therefore, the cloisonne process is cumbersome and costly. **◈Strictly select materials and carefully check** Material: natural aquamarine, enamel, 18K gold, 925 silver Size: The diameter of the bead is 4mm, and the diameter of the hand circumference is 5cm after 4 circles. The hand circumference can be communicated and adjusted. **◈Look forward to the only one you meet** We assure you that this is a single product, not mass produced. If you need to reprint or mass produce, you must understand that with extraordinary taste, because it is purely hand-made, each work cannot be 100% the same, but we will try to make the style consistent. Please give us some time to brew each masterpiece. **◈About use and collection** 1. Natural gems have natural luster and unique textures (small black spots, stone grains, ice cracks, clouds, ore defects, asymmetry and other natural details). As long as you wear them often, you can observe slight color changes of natural gems , It usually looks more translucent and more charming, and it is also the best maintenance method. Natural organic gemstones (such as coral and amber) have low hardness and are not resistant to acids and alkalis. When they are dirty, do not wash them with detergent. Wash with water and wipe with a soft cloth. You can also use a soft brush to get a small amount of mineral oil ( (Such as baby oil) lightly brush for maintenance. 2. The service life of metal art is quite long, but it should avoid external damage, or strong acid and alkali which may cause the color to fade. 3. Fabrics (ribbons, cotton, yarn) have a soft and comfortable texture, and have a long service life, but avoid high temperature, external force damage, or strong acid and alkali to cause fading. 4. When any material of jewelry is dirty, it should be wiped with a soft cloth dampened with water as appropriate, or an appropriate amount of neutral detergent should be used for the appropriate material, and it should be kept dry as soon as possible after washing. 5. When the jewelry is unloaded, it must be properly packaged and stored, to block excess air, to avoid oxidation and discoloration, and not to overlap with heavy pressure. **◈Work packaging and after-sales maintenance** 1. If you have any questions about the work, please keep in touch with the site letter. 2. For the packaging part, please love the earth with us. We insist on environmental protection and recyclability, supplemented by the texture of the work, to achieve unique packaging, durable transportation, and easy opening and retrieval. 3.**Your ❤❤❤❤❤ praise, let us feel warm, repurchase in the future, and we will not forget to give you gifts**. 4. We provide life-long maintenance services for works. It is recommended that you take photos of the works you want to update or damage and discuss with us.**Precious metal (18K gold, 925 silver), elastic thread, silk thread, hand-made and replacement costs are "all free", and the shipping costs are borne by consumers**, so it is recommended that you can repurchase the product when you send it for repair, and we will complete the repair The works are sent together with the repurchased goods, which can save you shipping costs.

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