Gabriel Walker Kyanite Titanium Crystal Black Onyx 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Gemstone Galaxy Walker Natural Ore Kyanite Titanium Crystal Black Onyx 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Gabriel Walker Kyanite Titanium Crystal Black Onyx 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Https:// Https:// Https:// Kyanite English name: KYANITE Kyanos, which stands for blue in Greek, is the origin of his name. Chinese name: Kyanite Chemical formula: A12O (Sio4) citrate mineral Crystal system: triclinic system. Hardness: 4 ~ 7.5 Specific gravity: 3.7 Strip color: white Color: light blue to dark blue or white, gray and green, blue green, etc. Luzer: Glass. Cleavage: 3 complete cleavage directions Rareness: Rare Kyanite is a pure natural gemstone and belongs to the precious ore. Because the color is blue, it is called kyanite. He has a glassy luster and a bright blue crystal. Produced in metamorphic gneiss and schist, and in the pegmatite veins of metamorphic rocks, may be formed in alluvial deposits due to weathering. It is faintly visible that the layers are stacked to exhibit fiber-like crystallization. Because of this trait, its hardness has two values. Measured from a direction parallel to the major axis of the crystal column, the hardness is 5, From the direction perpendicular to the major axis of the crystal column, the hardness will be as high as 7.5. Therefore, this ore also has an alias called "two hard rock." In addition, kyanite is a hardly soluble mineral with high heat resistance and is therefore used as a refractory material. Gemstones are found in Myanmar, Brazil, Kenya, and the European Alps. Alluvial deposits are distributed in India, Australia, Kenya and the United States. Kyanite is often mistaken for "blue crystal". In fact, kyanite is not a member of the quartz family and is an independent gem. Kyanite is an excellent coordination stone and meditation stone, a gentle and powerful conductor, High frequency energy amplifiers, as well as supernatural abilities and intuitive stimuli. It is believed that it can implement a stable spiritual energy and promote spiritual development. In addition, it is said to promote recall of dreams, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of dream treatment. Many people believe that it is good for body, mind and spirit. Psychologically, Kyanite encourages people to care for others with compassion. Moreover, kyanite can develop the throat, advocate the truth, and help people express themselves and communicate. For some people who are fascinated, Kyanite is said to help them solve their confusion and strengthen their logical and linear thinking skills. Eliminate fear, hallucinations, anger, frustration and stress! Since kyanite does not retain negative energy, it does not require degaussing and is more convenient to use. Crystal therapy believes that kyanite can quickly align with the wheel hole and the spirit body, and the essence of the body meridians, so that the body organs return to vitality. The chakra corresponding to the kyanite is the eyebrow and the throat, and the eyebrow is also called the third eye. When you go to India, you can see many gods and religious paintings drawing one eye at God's forehead (that is, the eye of the sky). The eyebrows are in charge of the existence of "superego". At the same time, the main functions of the eyebrows are insight, intuition, imagination, imagination, concentration, self-control, and super sensory perception. Therefore, people who are generally in spiritual practice or have a habit of sitting will wear kyanite to enhance their "spiritual ability." When you look at the kyanite, you will feel it with an inexplicable mysterious attraction. That's because kyanite is usually the crystal that many astrologers (or tarots, spirituals) will bring around. Because its unique magnetic field helps lead people to enhance their intuition (some people say that it increases spiritual function and predictability), So when we wear kyanite in general, it might make it guide you in the right direction. In the Western world, it is said that kyanite has the following reputation: Excellent coordination stone and meditation stone, gentle and powerful conductor, high frequency energy amplifier, As well as supernatural abilities and intuitive stimuli, it is said to also promote memories of dreams, thereby enhancing the efficacy of dream treatment. On the whole, kyanite is believed to calm the mind and solve the confusion. Https:// Https:// Https:// Titanium crystal Titanium crystal is the most powerful energy in the hair crystal group. It symbolizes great auspiciousness, wealth, and is like God's help, such as the blessing of the gods. Some people even describe the crystal of titanium as the crystal at the tip of the pyramid. Titanium crystals have six main energy sources, main wealth, partial wealth, popularity, evil spirits, health, and anti-small people. Because the output of titanium crystal is both thin and good, it is called the crystal. The crystal jewelry made of titanium crystal is very energetic, I think the crystal itself is already very strong. Coupled with the strong reflection of titanium, it is the addition of energy. For friends who often need to make a resolution plan or have a career, Wearing titanium crystals can help make accurate and sensible decisions and inspire personal courage. Titanium crystal has a strong induction force, and it has the function of aging, so it can be worn as a safety symbol. In particular, night workers often need to enter and leave some places with heavy turbidity. Titanium crystal itself has the ability to prevent negative energy interference.  Make your own gas field harder to reach negative energy, Hanging in the car is more effective in warding off evil. In addition, there is a saying that titanium crystals are also beneficial to the stomach. Titanium crystal is also extremely sensitive to wealth. She is tempted to make money, whether it is fortune or fortune. And the enthalpy of the titanium crystal itself has become the reason why many entrepreneurs have the habit of wearing titanium crystals. Moreover, the crystal jewellery of the titanium crystal type can be enthusiasm, recruiting Zhu Zi, and has the meaning of fierce qi. Https:// Https:// Black Onyx Agate is also called the stone of longevity, which promotes happiness and prosperity. Can recruit good luck. Helps relieve stress. Strengthen courage and courage. Reduce suffocation, suffocation and depression. Black agate eliminates fear and gives you a sense of security. It can ward off evil spirits and prevent low spirits and negative energy intrusion. It can also bounce back all the negative energy such as black magic and curse back to the original applicator. It is a gem for home and business protection. It can increase people's macroscopicality of things, especially when creating the future, without losing their sense of scale and goals. And make people not lose their position when they are in the place. Black onyx has a powerful projection energy, and its black effect can not only absorb negative energy, It can also reflect negative energy back because of its smooth mirror surface, so it has a powerful effect as an enchantment. In addition, there is also a black name on the black agate, which looks a bit like obsidian, but it is more lustrous. The black agate makes people objectively transcendent, and the far-reaching people are close to the nobles, and they will not lose their way in a complicated environment. Increase people's self-confidence and avoid fear and anxiety. The black onyx corresponds to the submarine wheel, which has a thick, stable and soft character to help the individual to calm the tension. [ product features ] Natural ore kyanite . Titanium crystal center. Left and right black agate support. 925 sterling silver six-character mantra and 925 sterling silver engraved. Contains the meaning of escaping from evil. Natural color. Color matching. Uniform color tone. Fine selection of pearls. Conceptual accessories. Good quality bracelet. Material: Natural ore kyanite titanium crystal black agate 925 sterling silver six-character mantra 925 sterling silver engraved . Japanese elastic silk thread . size: Kyanite : 8.5 mm Titanium crystal : 9 mm Black agate : 8 mm Six-character mantra of 925 sterling silver: 8 mm long. 8 mm wide. Thickness 8 mm The hand on the photo: 15.5 cm. [ Reminder ] Please tell the designer the size of the hand. It is a few centimeters close to the skin. Scaled by the designer to fit the size. Https:// Https:// Https:// [ Precautions ] 1. Natural minerals should avoid exposure to sunlight, high temperatures, and hard objects. It is not advisable to wear jewelry when going to the beach, sunbathing, hot springs, etc. And keep the water, occasionally placed in the water, keep it moist, Usually wear to play with contact friction, human sebum can be used for its internal structure, It plays a certain protective role, making the natural ore more shiny and beautiful. 2. Maintenance of silver jewelry. When not wearing, you can put it in a zipper bag. The metal can be wiped with a silver cloth. Or toothpaste cleaning. Drain the water after washing. 3. The color may vary depending on the screen of each monitor. There will be a slight color difference. Please consider above. 4. Photographs and introductions of the products in the museum. The status of the goods has been described as much as possible. If you want to know. You can contact us.

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