【Shaohua】Superior Amber Gold Stranded Honey Sands Artistic Conception Pendant Necklace

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Semi-Precious Stones Necklaces - 【Shaohua】Superior Amber Gold Stranded Honey Sands Artistic Conception Pendant Necklace

Product Description

【Shaohua】Superior Amber Gold Stranded Honey Sands Artistic Conception Pendant Necklace **Shaohua** youth will be gone love will not life will get old our hearts will not Time passes by like a horse fade away We still have our own Mountains, Seas and Clouds Shaohua does not fail There are still people on the other side protect you **Related products** This product has an authority inspection certificate. A rare and top-quality natural amber gold twisted honey sand pendant, the material is natural, no cracks, no impurities, and no optimization. The main body of the pendant has a flat drop shape on both sides, which can be worn on both sides. The shape of the device is full, round and meticulous, the texture is fine, the texture is delicate, and the tentacles are warm and ironed. Amber is pure golden yellow. The sweetness is condensed on the left half of the pendant, forming a small arc. The cloud pattern flows. When observing the light, the sweetness seems to be embracing the eternal sun. The light is bright and the pendant is turned, and the light shines on the flowing cloud pattern. With a dazzling light, it is captivating. The fine and dense golden sands are like the surging of time, gathered above the honey, the stars are bright and beautiful. Just like our youth full of hope and light, like the youth that time does not give up. On the far left in the middle of Miyi, the cloud rolled out a channel, like a time channel, like a white horse passing through a gap, preserving light and time. Deep and transparent. There are sparse and finely broken golden sands shining in the passage, like the stars streaking through the time tunnel. Honey is shrouded in a layer of veil, and beyond the veil, golden pearls like crystal clear golden crystals envelop that piece of light and hope. The ultra-high water is moist and transparent, crystal clear, like a spring, and as if holding a handful of sunshine, the flow of light and shadow changes under the light. Such as flying youth and Shaohua. Even if time flies, the expedition to the stars and the sea can still be youthful, and the youth is still young when you return with a clear breeze and bright moon. With natural ebony lotus hollow carving pieces, natural lobular rosewood beads, natural emerald blue water spacer 925 pure Thai Silver connecting pieces, natural amber gold pearl beads. The whole necklace is classical and restrained, exquisite and generous, unique, and it is available to those who are destined. Sands Amber: Some rough amber stones have dense dots, which are refracted in the sun and sparkle, like the beach in the sun, like the twinkling stars in the night sky. Don't question that these are impurities. In fact, they are called Jinsha in the circle. Golden Amber is a very unique and beautiful amber with a different aesthetic value. There are two main reasons for the formation of Jinsha amber: 1. In ancient times, the resin was subjected to different temperature and humidity changes during the flowing process, and part of the resin that was exposed to direct sunlight would immediately solidify and harden, and there would appear a little moisture and humidity. The phenomenon of the loss of glue and oil, and there will be a very small explosion inside it. After such a long time has passed, what is once again presented to us is this beauty like golden sand. Another reason is that the change of the earth's crust will also cause the amber Wax to be subjected to instantaneous high temperature and high pressure shocks, which will also cause explosions inside to produce golden sands. Because of its uniqueness, Jinsha amber cannot be faked, and it has a very special thickness. The output is also very rare. Its value mainly depends on whether the distribution of the golden sand is beautiful, and the more beautiful it is, the higher the value. In view of its unique ornamental value, it is very worthwhile to start. Amber: A very precious organic Gemstone, it has been formed for thousands of years, and its medicinal value is praised as the first of the five treasures by traditional Chinese medicine. As early as in ancient times, Sun Simiao, the emperor of medicine, often ground amber into medicinal powder to cure diseases and save people. Wearing amber has a health care effect on the human body, and it has the effects of analgesia, sedation, and anti-sensitivity. And regular wearing can relieve rheumatism, bone pain, nasal allergy, stomach pain, etc., and can also prevent and treat high blood pressure. Wearing amber is good for the body and mind. It can also promote wound healing, is beneficial to the respiratory tract, and can reduce the occurrence of asthma. Improve the effect of your own qi and blood. The longer you wear it, the more obvious the effect will be. While increasing blood circulation, it can naturally increase the speed of metabolism. Studies have shown that the elements contained in amber can accelerate metabolism, remove toxins from the body, and improve the body's immunity. Science has confirmed that the mineral elements and trace elements contained in different amber are not the same. Long-term wear, the medicinal properties of amber can be absorbed by the skin, enter the heart through the blood, and then flow through the whole body through the blood, which helps to smooth the blood and relieve aging. The effect of amber does not stop there. Wearing or massaging the affected area can improve rheumatism pain, back pain, limb paralysis, frozen shoulder, etc. It also has a certain preventive effect on tumors and osteoporosis. **Standard sizes** Natural amber gold twisted honey mood pendant: 42mmmm×29mm×18mm amber pendant net weight 13.48g Natural gold pearl beads: 10mm gold pearl beads net weight 0.5g Natural Emerald Blue Water Separator: 5.5mm×3.5mm Other accessories: natural lobular red sandalwood lotus hollow carving piece natural lobular red sandalwood beads **Purchase Notes** This product has been carefully selected. All main and auxiliary materials are selected from natural. If there are materials that need to be reprocessed due to product matching, we will make special instructions. Because it is all hand-woven, there may be hand-made traces in the braided part. We will try to avoid the parts that can be avoided, and some will have small traces for safety and durability. We will try our best to handle it out of sight or hide it. The products in this store are all taken in kind, and one object is one picture. Using professional photography equipment, under natural sunlight, professional photography can restore the true nature of the product as much as possible, but due to the difference of the viewer's monitor and environment. Maybe a little bit biased. If you have any questions, you can also consult customer service to take pictures of the product from multiple angles. **Amber Care** 1. As a natural organic Gemstone, amber is naturally soluble in organic solutions. The organic solutions that are easy to come into contact with in our life are alcohol, perfume, hair spray, nail polish, alcohol, etc. Therefore, generally after dressing up, wear amber jewelry. 2. Amber is a natural organic Gemstone, so long-term high temperature and high temperature environment will make it seriously dehydrated. Excessive drying can cause cracks. Therefore, it cannot be exposed to the sun or high temperature environment for a long time. At the same time, pay attention to occasions with high temperature differences, such as saunas and hot springs. 3. Although some amber is salvaged from the weak alkaline environment in the sea, the amber itself is still afraid of the environment of strong acid or alkali. 4. Amber has a low hardness, so do not store it with hard jewelry, such as diamonds and jewelry with sharp corners. 5. Do not use a machine that cleans jewelry with ultrasonic waves to clean amber. May shatter amber. After the clean soft cloth is finished, the effect of cleaning the beads can also be achieved. 6. Human oil is the best nourishment for amber. Wearing amber for a long time can make amber more and more bright and moist. .

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**Shaohua** youth will be gone love will not life will get old our hearts will not Time passes by like a horse fade away We still have our own Mountains, Seas and Clouds Shaohua does not fail There are still people on the other side protect you

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