Baoping cinnabar and Tianyu parent-child design gift for child purification and decontamination design gift for the full moon ceremony

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missla Jewelry Handmade Energy
missla Jewelry Handmade Energy
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Crystal Bracelets Red - Baoping cinnabar and Tianyu parent-child design gift for child purification and decontamination design gift for the full moon ceremony

Product Description Welcome to 【Le Zang|Light Jewelry|Handmade Energy】 Banniang's mother is an overseas Chinese from Myanmar, and she has been fascinated by the beauty and goodness of jade since she was a child. Convinced that wearing crystal emerald can become an invisible force, To overcome all kinds of difficulties, I want to share this energy with everyone who needs energy, Bring happiness and represent your own yearning and texture. ✅ often scared ✅Children cry at night and are easily frightened ✅Night train ✅ work night shift ✅Access to and from the hospital ✅Will pass through dark places ✅It is easy to have nightmares if you do not sleep well at night How many of the above will you encounter? Then you need cinnabar series (Auspicious lucky body protection style) Auspicious red Health and safety, everything is going well The energy of victory makes the career prosperous all the way everything goes well Wearing a beautiful full house All good things are in your hands ===================== |Material| Imperial cinnabar Hetian jade Small leaf rosewood |Accessories/ Specifications| placer gold jewelry Wire: Elastic thread imported from Japan (sturdy and durable, it can be used for more than one year before it becomes loose, unless it is pulled by external force or sometimes the bracelet accumulates too much negative energy and blocks the brake, it is easy to break, please wear it with confidence) ===================== 【Hetian Jade】 Due to the effects of rubbing the skin and massaging acupoints during the wearing process, it has an effect on the meridians, blood vessels and skin, and can prevent and cure diseases. Therefore, it is very beneficial to use Hetian jade articles as amulets. As the saying goes, gold is valuable and jade is priceless. Wearing Hetian jade shows the nobleness of the wearer, and it can also be used as an accessory for clothes. [Cinnabar / The spirit of chasing the sun is the head of ten thousand Stone, the god of evil spirits] Exorcism effect: Cinnabar can exorcise evil because evil is born in yin, stored in yin, and originates in yin. When a person receives yin, the balance of yin and yang will be lost. In Chinese medicine, cinnabar is called extremely yang, which has the function of balancing the yin and yang aura. People need a balance of yin and yang to live a healthy, long and leisurely life. And Chinese traditional medicine discovered very early that cinnabar has special sedative, hypnotic, and anticonvulsant effects, so it is a must-have for people who often walk at night and have nightmares and are easily frightened. Fengshui effect: Cinnabar is collected from the veins of the essence of the sun and the moon. Because it absorbs the righteousness of the world, it has a very strong magnetic field. Different from jade and dzi beads, which feel cold when held in the hand, cinnabar is warm when held in the palm of the hand. That is to say, cinnabar is a magnetic field with strong yang energy. One of the mascots of evil spirits and praying for wealth. Wikipedia explains: Mercury, commonly known as mercury, is a chemical element whose chemical symbol is Hg, with a melting point of -38.83C and a boiling point of 356.73C. To put it simply, mercury will volatilize into gas when it exceeds 356.73 degrees, and it will not come out to affect the human body, nor will it be absorbed (unless it is eaten), so please feel at ease to wear it. • Every natural stone needs tens of thousands of years of accumulation to be born. Every natural stone is unique. Natural products may have some ice cracks, mineral defects, black spots, uneven color, crystal cotton, etc. When the situation arises, we will pick out the more obvious flaws during the production process, but we cannot guarantee perfection. The inevitable flaws are also the charm of natural stones. If you can't accept it, please don't buy it! • The energy and characteristics of each natural stone will be different, and will also have different changes due to the owner's magnetic field energy or care. If you have any questions, you can chat and ask. • All accessories need to avoid contact with chemicals and wear while sleeping, in order to prolong the luster of the jewelry. Because the crystal absorbs a lot of negative energy around the body and protects the owner, it takes time to recover. It is recommended to purify the crystal before going to bed and give it a time to recharge, so that it can have enough vitality during the day. • Do not wear bathing and bathing in hot springs/sea! 1. Accelerated oxidation: Moisture will accelerate the oxidation of metals. 2. Gemstone are afraid of cleaning agents/maintenance products: Gemstone on jewelry may be damaged by erosion from cleaning and skin care products. 3. Scale and soap scum accumulation: Scale or soap scum may accumulate in metal gaps or jewelry details, causing jewelry to be dull or dirty in the long run. 4. Accidental collisions or pulls: Accidental pulls and collisions are prone to occur during the bathing process, resulting in broken chains or broken Gemstone. •Because the accessories are all designed and made by hand, please protect them carefully and avoid pulling them vigorously. •The crystal has been deeply purified with earth energy before shipment •Natural crystals can produce electric current effect, which is the so-called [magnetic field]. Some scientists have also discovered that crystals can store memories! Crystals are very common as a healing Stone for the human body. It can affect people's energy and take away discomfort and negative emotions. , Bringing balance of body and soul. The healing power of crystals has been proven and widely used for thousands of years. Let us explore the universe, mind and mysterious power together. Owning crystals and natural ores is the best verification you should not miss! • The concept of chakras comes from Indian yoga. They are the seven energy centers of the human body. Because these seven energy centers are spiral-shaped, they are named seven chakras; people can receive and transmit spiritual or spiritual energy through these chakras. The energy of other properties, these chakras correspond to different colors of light, and these lights are also one of the sources of energy. They are the root chakra, navel chakra, stomach chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra, and crown chakra. When the energy of each chakra is stable, it means that the physical and mental state can develop in a balanced manner, in good condition, and can handle various problems smoothly. But when the chakras are in an unhealthy state, it can cause all kinds of problems, even weakness, illness, mental instability and so on. At this time, the color light energy and energy vibration of crystals and ores are used to heal the chakras, which is why wearing crystal natural stones can help improve! • Each of our products is packed in a PVC jewelry protection bag, plus an exclusive love foam bag, and finally packed in a paper box. Bracelets and necklaces over NT800 will also be packed in an exclusive Miss la box. •Bracelets come with a complete warranty card and maintenance instructions, and provide free warranty replacement once (except for bracelets). If you have any crystal wearing problems, you can also consult us. • Please confirm the size and description before placing a bid. All products in the store are customized" and "excluding" the seven-day reward period/No return or exchange under normal circumstances •The photos of the products are all taken in natural light, and the color has been adjusted as much as possible to be the same as the actual product, but there will be color difference problems due to the different screen analysis of each person's computer or mobile phone.

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✅ often scared ✅Children cry at night and are easily frightened ✅Night train ✅ work night shift ✅Access to and from the hospital ✅Will pass through dark places ✅It is easy to have nightmares if you do not sleep well at night How many of the above will you encounter? then you need it

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