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Nuts man | red wine fig jar gift box 80ml jam into Valentine 's Day gift

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    **| Jam gift box | 80ml jam two into**
    Contains**red wine fruity jam into the**, can choose another tank of taste.

    Buy a box of jam boxes and give them important to him / her.
    Birthday / Valentine's Day / Mother's Day / Christmas / Teacher's Day / Memorial Day is right!


    Exquisite high-quality black carton, open is two cans of jam.
    A can is a red wine fig, the other can choose a different taste, how to eat, are not greasy.

    Recommend ordering before you can use**"Contact designers'**function and confirm our tastes inventory, order, also please**'Remarks'**In addition to the fixed red wine figs, another pick in the stated Taste.


    This product has a "wine figs 'taste, so the higher price, to pick**no**" red wine figs' taste into two boxes, please click on this link:


    **Please choose a taste in the note**

    **❐ Red Wine Fancy Jam ❐**(There is a jar in this box)
    Ingredients | Taiwanese produce figs, red wine, lemon, clove, sugar
    The use of Taiwan's production of fresh organic figs, diced mixed with red wine and sugar static stains, elegant sweet taste, in addition to the common use of jam with the general, it is also suitable for meat sauce sauce, and cheese cake Eat together is a perfect match.

    **❐ Red Meat Sauce ❐ (NEW!)**
    Ingredients | Red Meat Li, Sugar, Lemon
    From the Miaoli Tai'an Hill farm fresh red meat Li, farm owners adhere to 100% without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc., only once a year harvest season red meat Li, made of sweet and sour after the sauce, still keep the pulp does not fight Into the mud, that is, we hope to eat satisfied. So the summer of the jam, very very suitable for with the excellent grid and cheese, of course, a little bit of red meat and lime directly against the ice water or bubble drink (wine), are very Qinliang!

    **❐ summer spices mango jam ❐ (NEW!)**
    Ingredients | Taiwanese mango, lemon, sugar, pepper, coriander seed
    To the classic mango jam as the base, but in the boil, add a little pepper and caffeine, fresh and a little taste of vanilla, so simple mango sauce, there are more levels, whether it is added in the bubble water, or Add some yogurt as a salad dressing, and even bacon or boiled curry when adding some, can have more summer flavor!
    **However, allergic to mango should not eat! (Important!) ✲**

    **❐ Fresh lemon mango jam ❐ (NEW!)**
    Ingredients | Taiwanese mango, lemon, sugar
    In addition to the sweetness of the fruit of the mango, we added a higher proportion of lemon juice, as well as the shaved lemon peel, so that the aroma of lemon completely in this taste. Whether it is added in the bubble water, plus in the special or ice on the ice, sweet and sour smell is the summer look!
    **However, allergic to mango should not eat! (Important!) ✲**

    **❐ ﹑ lemon mint apple jam ❐ (NEW!)**
    Ingredients | apples, lemons, sugar, mint leaves
    The whole summer, are waiting for this sweet and sweet taste! Neat apple dipped in freshly squeezed lemon juice after a night of boil, screen addition to artificial addition, the use of natural fresh lemon peel and mint leaves as spices, slightly acidic taste with a refreshing taste, rushed in the bubble water Full of Qin Liang!
    **This taste is sour**

    **❐ Red Heart Ballet ❐**(Temporarily Out of Stock)
    Ingredients | Taiwanese production of red heart music, lemon, sugar
    While the season is good for the heart of the heart, but the rich red cherry, and the fruit of the red diamond known, ripe sweet hearty carved cut Ding Ding way to pickled after the boiled, distributed natural light plum incense (really especially)!

    **❐ Lavender Pineapple Jam ❐**(Temporarily Out of Stock)
    Ingredients | Taiwanese pineapple, lemon, dried lavender, sugar
    Carefully poured pineapple diced, keep the whole fruit is not broken, and then after a night of candy, the release of natural sweet and sour pear sweet, lavender fragrance and elegant fragrance, whether it is soaked in tea or add in the grid, People feel relaxed ~

    **❐ sea salt toffee candied pear sauce ❐**(temporarily out of stock)
    Ingredients | Taiwanese pineapple, lemon, France according to Nepalese cream, Germany Oudenburg fresh cream, sea salt, sugar
    To pineapple Ding as the base, add homemade toffee to seasoning, sprinkle a little sea salt to make sweet feeling more reduced, the taste of the sweet and sour pear on the main sweet and fried with the toffee creamy sweet.

    **❐ Royal Earl Creamer ❐**
    Ingredients | Earl of Tea, Taiwanese Fondue Milk, Germany Oudenburg Cream, Sugar
    The use of imported royal count tea, as well as Taiwanese cheese ingredients without adjustment of fresh milk, and Germany Oudenburg fresh cream to a long time a small fire slowly boiled for more than two hours before the achievements of this small bottle of mellow taste, thick Milk flavor blend bergamot fragrance, 抺 slightly baked on the bread, the aroma of tea overflowing.
    **✲ This product contains milk, allergic to dairy products should not eat ✲**

    **❐ Taiwan Green Tea Latte Taste ❐**
    Ingredients | Taiwanese steamed green tea powder, Taiwanese cheese fresh milk, Germany Oudenburg fresh cream, sugar
    The use of green tea planted in Taiwan, fresh tea, after the high temperature to kill the green tea powder made to keep it green color. Tea flavor thick, but not bitter taste, with fresh milk and fresh cream, with a long time to boil, condensed with a smooth taste of milk with green tea latte sauce.
    **✲ This product contains milk, allergic to dairy products should not eat ✲**

    **Capacity |**
    80ml ± 5 two into

    **Save mode**
    Unopened: Jam at room temperature placed in the shade can be stored for about six months.
    抺 sauce category to be placed in the refrigerator can be stored for about three months.
    After opening: please cold storage, and as soon as possible within one month after eating.
    When eating, please use a clean and dry equipment to dig, in order not to make the jam bad!

    **Gift packaging**
    When the gift box is sent, we try to make environmental protection without excessive packaging, but will do crash protection sent.
    You can choose Tiffany green ribbon or red cotton rope, please note in the note, if no special notice, by the designer randomly selected.


    **About Fruits Man**

    **We are from the two men in Taichung, will learn their own food and design background, fruit as the main ingredients, play in the fruit of the men's brand. We use the seasonal fruit ingredients, repeated carefully washed every fruit, hand cooked into the jam, pure natural without adding other chemicals.**

    **The use of French jam practice, to retain a large number of flesh and sugar stains a day after the boiled, and good at incorporating a variety of spices with a rich level of taste. Although the production process more trouble, but every time we see you eat a favorite expression of the entrance, I believe we can feel our heart. Design packaging is also calm as the keynote, hoping that both their own food or give people are very decent.**


    **Origin and manufacturing method**
    Taiwan, handmade
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Nuts man | red wine fig jar gift box 80ml jam into Valentine 's Day gift

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