DIY retro algae earth tile decoration-midsummer magic 1 included in the group plus a wooden frame (various colors optional) (not including asbestos)

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DIY retro algae earth tile decoration-midsummer magic 1 included in the group plus a wooden frame (various colors optional) (not including asbestos)

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DIY retro brick wall with diatomaceous earth, let your wall "breath" beautiful paintings, natural power saving environment dehumidification mural painting home dwelling exhibition of colorful diatomaceous earth, "MBM monochromatic retro brick wall" is added to the space to naturally adjust the humidity in the air, Let the wall also "breathe". Life is also healthier! BEFORE Before, you wanted to dehumidify ... Not only was the environment messy, the purse was gone, and the physical strength was gone. AFTER Now you want to dehumidify ... With MBM diatomite tiles, you are about to have a better choice Fish and bear paw can have both. MBM diatomite tile DIY group is made of MBM humidity control board building material grade, has good humidity control and deodorization, and can also have beautiful fashion! The dream home space, between the distance and the line, adheres to the square aesthetics, the classic simplicity that never ends, fire and flame resistance, to help you solve the problem of humid environment, bacteria and musty smell in the urban life. Japanese patent formula X Taiwan manufactures and manufactures X tile elements to create an excellent home environment, promote and promote good quality of life, and deepen consumers' experience and awareness of healthy building materials. It is expected that during decoration and interior design, more friendly environmental building materials will be selected , Live healthy, feel at ease, please approve the diatomite series products with MBM factory certification! MBM diatomite tile DIY group | Five characteristics, easy to improve home space 1 | Inspire yourself DIY 2 | Beautify the space and improve the living quality 3 | Natural power-saving environmental dehumidifier 4 | From now on to say goodbye to annoying wall cancer 5 | Reduce indoor air harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, odor (referred to as TVOC) Adjust indoor air humidity so that every breath you take is protected In view of the increasing humidity in Taiwan ’s environment, studies have shown that indoor humidity exceeds 65%, and the growth rate of mold dust mites in the environment is very fast, causing human diseases, including skin lesions and severe allergies, gastrointestinal diseases, joint pain, women For diseases and other problems, MBM has developed green building materials for humidity control panels. The construction is fast and effectively reduces air humidity and musty smell. When the indoor humidity is too low, it releases moisture; when the indoor humidity is too high, it absorbs moisture. Can also absorb formaldehyde, MBM diatomite tiles let you out of the uncomfortable environment. MBM diatomite tiles | Six series design concepts ▼ Midsummer Magic-For those who like freedom and passion The Nordics believe that Midsummer at night is full of magic, and magical things will happen. The tiles of the Midsummer magic, combined with the images of flowers, sunlight, and bloom, have the passion and freedom to celebrate love and life. ▼ Fascinated by fantasy-suitable for romantic feelings and imaginary world The psychedelic appearance intertwined with the reality, embracing the romantic dream in reality and illusion, the blue and yellow light and shadow switching, adding to the illusion of illusion, and finding the balance and stability in multiple elements, letting time rest in this illusion. ▼ Vintage image-suitable for you who miss the style and memory The retro elements are naturally enduring after the test of the times, and form a classic. The beauty in memory has long been deeply imprinted. Combining the traditional tile elements and the mood of modern conflict, it creates a moving nostalgic aesthetic. ▼ Mix and match country-suitable for you who adore nature and are cheerful and optimistic The multi-point lines in the restrained and simple space create a personal taste, which is full of modernity but still warm. The fusion of rural elements presents a holiday-like leisure life, advocating nature, bright and refreshing, embellish every corner of the space! ▼ Minimalist and eternal-suitable for minimalist style, quiet Nordic you Simple and simple, no gorgeousness, pursuing a kind of minimalism and eternity in life, using gray-colored tiles to make a peaceful coordination with the space, under the idea of "less is more", without too much decoration, focus on Simplify the complex. ▼ Lazy style-suitable for elegant style, you long Using the color elements of gray scale and blues, the mottled imitation of old tiles is natural, and no matter where you are, you can sit lazily and comfortably, like a dawn, sprinkled on the roof of the old settlement. Quality X Feeling High purity: high-density diatomite tiles produced by high-temperature and high-pressure oxygen generation process. Grainy X rational Feel craftsmanship litchi skin pattern, meticulous life attitude, taste elegant and unrestrained enthusiasm. In addition to being beautiful, it uses MBM humidity-conditioning board green building materials, containing Japanese patented algae soil formula, food research institute antibacterial certification, SGS certification to reduce indoor air harmful substances, and the use of DIY construction process, greatly reducing the traditional working hours and procedures. Beautiful and comfortable wall, qualified inspection, environmental protection and safety Retro tile design combined with high-purity silica diatomaceous earth, the beauty derived from the collision of old and new materials adds to the pleasure of home space, does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds), passed the MSDS test, no lead, no formaldehyde content, environmental protection and safety. ▼ Environmental protection paints, in line with EU ROSH certification, not fading and fading, even the sun is not afraid! It only takes 1 day to change to a beautiful wall ▼ MBM diatomite tiles-thickness about 12MM, taking Yiping as an example, the construction period is about 1 day, but there is no maintenance and repair problem, and the humidity control performance is stable Healthy and safe, proven to be antibacterial and antifungal Exclusive food research institute antibacterial certification, blocking the growth and residue of bacteria in the environment, antibacterial and mildew SGS does not contain asbestos certification, using MBM humidity control board, building materials manufacturing process, healthy and safe ▼ Fire retardant building materials flame retardant ▼ Don't knock on the wall and do not paint the diatomite brick directly on the wall, you can operate it at home 6 styles + 1 pure white, match your favorite home scenery Fascination with fantasy (flower) Vintage image (flower) Mashup Village (Flower) Minimalist Eternity (Flower) Lazy style (flower) Midsummer Magic (Flower) Pure and dye-free (white) Size: 20CM X 20CM X 1.2CM MBM Brand Story Predecessor: Due to the fire in Taichung in 1995, after the fire broke out, the government successively revised and created various regulations, such as the "Fire Protection Law", "Building Technology Rules", and "Regulations on the Management of Apartment Buildings". The escape route must be kept clear. At that time, due to the large-scale fires that caused casualties, before 2002, we continued to develop and promote new concepts of fire-resistant green building materials, and made the first fireproof calcium silicate board green building materials factory in Taiwan. After the revision of the regulations, the death toll from fires in public places in Taiwan has also been greatly reduced. origin: The living environment in Taiwan has changed, and the climatic pattern is no longer the good scenery of the past four seasons. Spring, environmental disasters test your living quality and better correspond to the importance of home safety. Therefore, the safety factor of building materials used must be higher than other countries. In order to promote the sustainable development of the earth, in the process of building design and construction, reduce the harm of building materials to health and safety, earth resources and ecological environment. The birth of the brand: Adhering to the tenet of sustainable development, recycling, and friendly people, with the localization strength of Taiwanese excellent manufacturers, facing the current status of environmental humidity, indoor air harmful substances, other environmental disaster factors, etc., we are committed to building materials upgrade and research and development, and in 2016 In 2015, it officially promoted a new generation of MBM medical grade green building materials for home use, all of which have five characteristics of high-quality functionality, health and safety, practical practicality, simple construction, and material stability. about us: We are composed of a group of professionals who care about the safety and health of the home environment. They have practical experience in wall system and structural planning and have more than 20 years of experience. Regardless of commercial space, residential environment, medical institutions, factory schools or other construction projects, we High-standard ethical indicators as self-requirement standards, and hope to assist the Ministry of the Interior to promote green construction and sustainable development plan goals, based on reducing energy consumption in construction projects, continue to develop wall construction methods and materials, in line with the international Trends and trends to create a better quality living environment. Due to China ’s overcapacity and dumping of construction materials at low prices, it has hit the market and relatively stifled Taiwan ’s research and development capabilities. Consumers have been unable to judge the quality of construction materials. Blackheart products are mostly due to unscrupulous manufacturers. For the benefit of consumers, MBM is committed to home medical emergency. The green building materials brand promotion will deepen consumers' experience and awareness of healthy green building materials. It is expected that during decoration and interior design, they will be able to effectively choose friendly environmental building materials, live healthy, and use peace of mind.

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The home space in the DIY dream, between the distance and the line, adheres to the square aesthetics, the classic simplicity that never ends, fire and flame resistance, to help you solve the problem of humid environment, bacteria and musty smell in the urban life.

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