[Dessert table] Feng and harvest - one pot of four cups

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Material / Material: All-ceramic soil / all-colored porcelain clay

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[Dessert table] Feng and harvest - one pot of four cups

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Material / Material: All-ceramic soil / all-colored porcelain clay Teapot Size / Pot Size: Φ 80 x H112 mm 320CC +-3% 1185°C Handle Size: W 75 x H 60 mm /Made by Stainless steel #304 Shape design: Huang Yuqi / Shape designed by Coka Huang Tea Cup Size / Cup Size: W 65 x H 31 mm 80CC +-3% 1160°C Shape design: CH Wu/ Shape designed by CH Wu Packaging Design: Wang Yiting / All Packaging designed by Betty Wang In the past, a large piece of bread was cut due to lack of material. Nowadays, in order to pay attention to health, eat small pieces. The fine carving on the cake is constant. Time warping, sometimes What is outlined in the heart is every hope Fortunately, you and me, living in a materially generation We are looking for self-affirmation and hard work dreams. Maybe it’s not good for the time being, maybe it’s very happy. But always not good at words, understatement skips Deeply hopeful is the beauty of the family. Sit down for a cup of tea Take a little rest as the beginning of a narrative... In the past, people shared a large cake due to material scarcity Nowadays, people change to eat small pieces for the sake of health The fine carving on cakes Sometimes convex and sometimes concave Outlining each hope in the inner heart We are so lucky living in an age of plenty What we are looking for is self- affirmation and fulfilling of dreams Maybe unhappy temporarily, while maybe joyful We are always not good at words and only touch on lightly However, what we really expect in deep heart is the happy life with family Sit down and have a cup of tea Start a narration with a short rest Insufficient material, を つ を を を を を を を を を にしても Health のために小さく切る今にしても, The top of the cake is engraved with a simple pattern. Continue to upload part of the structure, part of the curve, Heart あらゆる hope to scan the きます. Fortunately, smuggling, smuggling, and materialism. Private たちが めたい は は は は は へ と と と と と と と と と と と と A moment of sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, Handcuffs and control rumors. The heart of the Austrian deep さに さに は は は family と すばらしさです すばらしさです. ってお ってお tea を みましょう みましょう. ちょっと 憩して 憩して 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 [concept description] In 2012, the collection of porcelain was first introduced in the “Drinking Moon” series. The concept is simple, but it has profound cultural significance. The process of the first launch was not smooth, and the combination of glaze and soil could not improve the firing rate, so it was interrupted for a long time. During this period, we still tried to ask for suggestions, and we were very happy. We got a lot of positive feedback and made us more comfortable with product improvement. In 2013, the collection of porcelain from the user's experience, and joined their own life experience, to give the long-term ideas and concepts of the drinking month series, the material, the use of imitation purple sand dyed soil, with the small family factory of Yangko, let the fine Presented one by one. The design of the pattern expresses the deep-rooted expectations and thoughts of the majority, and presents the characteristics of "Fu", "Lu", "Shou", "Happiness" and "Bumper Harvest", which will be Taiwanese's restrained but emotionally expressive character. In the design concept. Concept Instruction In 2012, the Shu&W's Cerareleased the Moon Tea Series for the first time. The simple concept represents the profound culture significance of Taiwan. The course of the first release was not smooth, since the combination of glazing color and clay results in a poor kilning rate, which then was aborted for a long time. During the period, we still attempted to seek for suggestions from various means. Fortunately, we received lots of positive feedbacks which made our product improvement more skillful. In 2013, the Shu&W's Ceratakes the users' thoughts into account and adds with its own experiences in life, to render the Moon Tea Series more meaningful ideas and concepts. The material adopts the purple clay-like colored clay, to display the fine handicraft in Small family workshop in Yingge District. The pattern design conveys the expectation and thoughts in many people' deep heart, displaying the Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity, Joys and Harvest, which expresses the Taiwanese's reserved manners but emotional characteristic via the design concept. [Description of Concept] When the community started in 2012, it was called "Drinking Moon". The concept of そ が が えるが えるが えるが えるが そ そ そ そ に に に に に に に に に に に に に The beginning of the process of opening the めて はあまり はあまり ではなかった ではなかった ではなかった. The combination rate of glaze and earthy と を is upward.そのため, 开発を発を発を Interruptionせざるをえなかった. その, multi-faceted users help words, ポジティブなフィードバックをたくさんいただき, とても楽しかった.それによって, product improvement, thinking and thinking. In 2013, when the users of the community were able to get their own life, they entered the 生活 れて 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 饮 えた ズにもっと ズにもっと えた ズにもっと えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えたThe material は, purple sand に た た dyed soil を うことにした.その上,莺歌の小ファミリーワークショップで作られ, handwork の が しずつ しずつ てくる てくる てくる てくる てくる てくる てくる 様 様 は は は は は 人 人 人 人 人 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 奥 し し し し し し し し し しに れる れる れる れる れる れる れる れる れる れる れる れる れる れる [The secret passage of porcelain] Due to the natural terrain, the Yangko is sometimes embarrassing and sometimes high and low. Therefore, some family-style factories are hidden in these winding paths, and it takes a little thought to find a way to reach them. One of the partners, known as "Wang Ge", temperament, very low-key, with his wife invisible in the back of the mountain to make the old teapot, hand-made fine, and unambiguous. Once we accidentally put the mold back, it reminded the boss that the mold of the old tea set should be more careful, otherwise the lid may not be covered. Another partner is the elders of the Xu family, who specialize in small tea cups of well-known teas. The mysterious degree is not the king. The place where they are made is with the family. We walked five times to remember the road! These two are very helpful to us, help us to successfully launch new products, guide us to many matters needing attention, even the details of the mold must be examined with a magnifying glass, I think, this should also be the greatest boost for the older generation of Acura. The Secret Passage of the Shu&W's Cera The natural terrain in Yingge District makes the place here sometimes zigzag and sometimes rough, thus some family workshops hide behind these winding paths, which is not so easy to reach. One of our cooperation partners is called "Brother Wang". He is a real character and quite low-profile, who lives with his wife in the mountain privately to manufacture teapots for seniors, with a fine and explicit handwork. Once we placed the mold in a wrong way by accident, he asked his wife to remind us immediately, because the mold of teapot for seniors shall be treated more carefully, or else the cover can't be fastened tightly. Another partner is a seniority of Shu Family who specializes in making small tea cup for famous tea brand and is as mysterious as Brother Wang. His house is also his workshop at the same time, and we went there for five times by which we remembered it Location. Both of them fully support us to release the new products smooth, give us many instructions and ask us to use a magnifier even when checking the details of mold. In my opinion, it might be the greatest assistance for the seniorities to support the younger generations . [Collection of magnetic の secret channel] The singer's natural forces form the topography, the curve, the sorghum and the low squad.それで, このようなくねくねした い に隠れたファミリ に隠れたファミリ ワ ワ ワ クショップもあり クショップもあり クショップもあり れられないだろう れられないだろう れられないだろう れられないだろう れられないだろう れられないだろう れられないだろう This time, the のの力者のつは, "王哥" と ばれている. Tongshi は は で で で で で で る る る る る る る る る る る る る る る る るHe is a sturdy and sturdy product. Private gold type reversal equipment, Olympics, emergency, attention to occasions.金The oldest type of tea for the elderly にもっと にもっと, そうでないと, cover をしっかり closed. もう つ つ 协 协 は は 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许 许The mysterious degree of the same family is the same as that of the king and the family. After five private visits, I will follow the route of the family. この二人はずいぶん助けてくださった.それによって, 顺调に New products を open. Gold type の small mites glasses で検 しなければならないというような しなければならないというような しなければならないというような しなければならないというような しなければならないというような していただいた していただいた していただいた していただいた していただいたThe ancestors of Yingge が が に えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた えた [Notes on the use of tea sets] This product uses all-ceramic dyed soil, the sintering temperature is 1185 degrees up and down, is the conversion of the traditional tea set material into a new design. It is recommended that you refer to the following precautions when using it, which will allow you to maintain your tea set better. 1. This group of tea sets can be used to raise pots, please feel free to use them. 2. The handle of the teapot is made of stainless steel and is additionally installed. Please do not disassemble it yourself to avoid damaging the ceramic itself. 3. Do not use a steel brush or a hard material to clean the ceramic. 4. Please gently touch the pedicle of the cover during use to prevent the cover from falling. Precautions for Use of Tea Ware This product is made out of all-colored porcelain clay at a sintering temperature about 1185°C, transforming the materials of traditional tea ware into new design. To take care of your tea ware better, notes for use are listed as below. 1. Pot nourishing is allowable for this pottery tea ware, please rest assured that use 2. The tea pot handles are made out of pre-painted stainless steel and installed separately, so do not dismantle randomly to avoid damaging the pottery. 3. Please don't clean the pottery with steel brush or other hard materials. 4. Please hold the cover knob gently when using it to avoid the cover falling down. Precautions for using tea props Today's の はオ ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック ルセラミック 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 Tea props をよりよい state に するように するように 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 使用 1.この陶磁制の茶道具はTea bottle を养うことができるので,ご安心にご用ください. 2. The tea bottle の つまみはステンレス 焼き 焼き 焼き け け け け け い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い い 3.ワイヤーブラシあるいはその他の硬いMaterials で で を を わないでください わないでください わないでください わないでください わないでください. 4. Use the middle and cover to cover the head of the cover. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwanese songs

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