[22cm Boba bubble tea mug special - tip can pierce the membrane seal beverage] (diameter 1.5cm) long glass pipette reuse environmental Love the Earth (Bonus Cleaning Easy cleaning brush bar) excluding drinks exchange gifts

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Glass Coffee Orange - [22cm Boba bubble tea mug special - tip can pierce the membrane seal beverage] (diameter 1.5cm) long glass pipette reuse environmental Love the Earth (Bonus Cleaning Easy cleaning brush bar) excluding drinks exchange gifts

Product Description

https://www.pinkoi.com/product/15eZ4t0M (大聲公:吸管訂製需7個工作天不含六日,需要等待不是馬上出貨喔!) ►► Hong Kong and Macau friends! Welcome [SF to pay the freight goods] Provincial shipping ◄◄ https://www.pinkoi.com/store/msa-glass?tag=05.%E7%8E%BB%E7%92%83%E5%90%B8%E7%AE%A1 (全系列玻璃吸管) Brand: MSA GLASSENGRAVING Material: high heat-resistant borosilicate glass Size: total length 22cm / outer diameter of about 1.5cm diameter Ø Style: beak can pierce the membrane seal beverage International: glass pipette special cleaning brush bar 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GMbYesgyXc https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/567fe00669702d24f6df9e00/xlarge.jpg?1451220997 Heat: Use direct heat resistant to 350 degrees, indirect heat resistance of 550 degrees, resistant to cold, then there is placed a household refrigerator freezer test is possible, but it should be noted that still avoid an instant dramatic temperature differences, avoid thrown into boiling water immediately frozen in security is on. note: (1) focus on the safe use of a glass pipette is not recommended lettering. (2) works without any cup or beverage intended only for shooting situations illustrating reference, please pay special attention before ordering. (3) special treatment tip series, hypotenuse milling process safety sleek, sharp mouth is not reserved edging increase piercing effect, be careful to use the housing, to avoid piercing objects or dangerous. https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57d152c66170695ca6fb1200/source.jpg?1473336006 ✦ reply on other sellers sell cheap, and why MSA works more expensive? MSA Sold works chosen by the brand leader and designer goods seized personally guarantee similar items MSA can not interfere with other stores pricing, nor prevent other manufacturers, only to quality and service MSA can provide to a favorite friend who many brands glasses or glass art designers insist on the introduction of genuine reasons but also for quality assurance, MSA very hard to maintain credibility and adhere to good works, but if more than a simple low-cost sales to fight regardless of the quality of this MSA is not desirable, All brand works on the site of use are disclosed, the original cup are also disclosed, there is no taboo glass itself how much money, MSA is sold in glass carving and glass to provide a guarantee in itself, because we believe quality and service we provide is very important to support the MSA, but really can not avoid other stores offering similar products. MSA will not lower prices, which we adhere to, and can not make a low-cost brand to buy good progress so that customers really enjoy the work and good service, the designer of all the works of the hands of customers have absolute confidence! ✦ reply on the thickness of the glass pipette, why not make thinner? The glass must be both durable and safe, can not be made thin-walled (become a weapon), in addition to increasing the risk of the use of hazardous fragmentation, in the production process can not be formed, a thickness of about 0.8mm ~ 1.5mm (depending on caliber differences) of this section is to produce restrictions on considerations Oh! ✦ reply on the fragile glass pipette? Does not break the glass, is characteristic of the fragile glass, so if after weight / drop / beat / hit / haste instantaneous temperature and other external factors, all glass will break, please note that hopes to strengthen legend to explain the material and safe use. https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/5781e76a617069110a970000/source.jpg?1468131178 ✦ Environmental feel your good?! Reply on the promotion of designer glass pipette tips? You love the earth is a part of it for later use action to support environmental protection, I believe that the evaluation enthusiasts are very fond of a glass pipette, there are many of repurchase, the reason is "Love the Earth" - designers see news before the market had a lot of plastic straws toxic plasticizers very unhealthy, workers are also high school students living hand cup or coffee cup in hand, designers ponder on their own professional can do, so committed to the promotion of reusable "glass pipette," Why would anyone replace disposable chopsticks use chopsticks? Replace plastic cups with accompanying cup? Reusable shopping bags replace plastic bags? Replace the glass pipette plastic straws? But no one will make price comparisons for these two, because they do not always cheaper environmentally friendly, but the bigger the price paid! ! Environmental issues and the MSA concept can not make everyone agrees, of course, it is impossible to judge people on how to define the concept of distinct values. MSA will continue to maintain a high-quality service and promotion of environmental protection, will not be shaken! After all, the health of the planet and love are two things money can not buy - ✦ pouch about the use Because housing is a glass pipette, straw avoid slipping from the bag broke, beam port will be relatively tight, if it feels difficult to pick up, it is recommended to use another collapse the way, this is also the designer later designed in a way to open it easy, so you can choose two ways, thank you for your continued support MSA allows designers to create, Thank you ~ https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57d1523b617069296d831200/source.jpg?1473335867 ✦ About Packaging Green glass pipette is mainly to promote environmental protection, so no fancy packaging and pack extra plastic garbage, only to protect the works during transportation simple supplies, hope everyone supports environmental protection, for part of the packaging hopes to strengthen legend reduce misunderstanding. Note 1: Custom multi-straws will use the same carton packaging to reduce waste of resources and environmental protection. Note 2: There are gift needs, loaded into Tray 1 Note 1, the individual would otherwise packaged separately. Note 3: Zero plastic bags and do not demand even outside the packaging in order to comment. (Agree to transit tray may be dirty dented wet and other conditions) https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/563dfe1169702d1642365700/source.jpg?1446903313 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/563dfe1169702d11ada65200/source.jpg?1446903313 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57bdd60c617069345d0d4f00/source.jpg?1472058891 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57d14da861706951bf7f1100/source.jpg?1473334696 https://img-shoplineapp-com.s3.amazonaws.com/media/image_clips/57bdd6186170691164392200/source.jpg?1472058904 Origin / manufacturing methods MSA GLASS ENGRAVING Origin / manufacturing methods MSA GLASSENGRAVING

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