TIGT-Titanium Scorpio-Rose Gold Version One Pair (Grade 23 Titanium)

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Titanium scorpion made of one-piece, solid titanium metal

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TIGT-Titanium Scorpio-Rose Gold Version One Pair (Grade 23 Titanium)

Product Description

**Titanium trend - in addition to the classics** Titanium Scorpio - Rose Gold Version One Pair Limited Edition Iron Box Hardcover Edition Brand story: Founded in Taiwan in 2014, the founder has served in the medical profession for ten years. Use the manufacturing knowledge and standards of the medical community to create items for everyday use. Titanium chopsticks are the brand's entrepreneurial work. Using precious materials with high processing difficulty, In addition, all the links are considered as "can not be destroyed by the sterilization process, the product is non-toxic + safe", etc. TIGT co-ordinates top manufacturers in all areas of Taiwan, contributing professional and R&D energy, respectively. Create the world's only chopsticks made of medical titanium material. Like the spirit of many fine works in the world, "lasting" is our product manufacturing standard. "The ultimate handed down" is the goal of our efforts, and ultimately adheres to "Made in Taiwan". The core processing technology of the product will be left in this land of Taiwan. https://youtu.be/g74gepiKtDU Chopstick body material: Titanium, just to pursue the highest quality product ‧‧‧ Made of solid medical titanium alloy, cut from raw materials, One piece is formed without casting or welding. (Material grade: Ti-6Al-4V ELI, in accordance with ASTM-F136 grade certification) https://youtu.be/XG029jvN_kI **Listing history** **(1) Why do chopsticks?** We have been thinking before we have the actual outline of the product. How can we create new products within the scope of our capabilities? Meet the core needs of users. Recently, food safety problems have emerged one after another. Everyone is only concerned with the "oil", "food processed products", "food ingredients", etc. In fact, the number of times a day eats, in addition to the food itself, Tableware also plays a very important part, the number of times you enter the mouth and eat it. The safety considerations that need attention should be no less than the ingredients themselves, from this origin, Make a starting point for the product and come up with the product. The premise is, where do you need to start first? Meals have several main categories: chopsticks, spoons, forks, table knives, etc. We ask ourselves, in our long-term historical record, What is the oldest tableware? ─ "Chopsticks", I think there is no doubt the answer. It is so decided to make chopsticks. Then, which material should I use to make it? What we hope to offer to everyone is pure and pollution-free products. Because we are a department that has expanded from the medical industry, Therefore, I hope that the highest level can be used to make product material thinking: First of all, to be able to overcome this type of environment in an extreme infection control environment, Others will not be a problem, such as a burn-in center, an intensive care unit, a neonatal intensive care unit, Infection control center, etc., in these environments, no pollution can occur. Once there is a risk of nosocomial infection, the consequences are as follows: if you are injured, you will be killed. Whether it is the patient's eating, the use of medical staff, the use of hospitalized families, etc. Can be used in the environment with a variety of extreme "sterilization procedures", Put in the mouth to help deliver the food to the mouth, No metal material will interfere with the original taste of the food. Or if the material itself is used, there will be toxic substances, Washing is not complete and causes health and safety hazards, etc. The answer we got: **"Solid chopsticks made of titanium"** **(2) Difficulties in materials and technology** The main reason why the upper end of the chopstick body is designed as a triangle is that it is hoped that the concept of "designer" will be Communicate to the "sales side" and let the "users" experience the complete product. The three make a close connection through the product. First of all, we need to convert our design drawings into engineering drawings. Medical processing manufacturers to make products, initially through their own medical community, Convince the top medical industry elite developers to assist in the production of the map, all in this In our plan, it goes smoothly, However, in actual production, unexpected difficulties and problems have appeared in all aspects. Fortunately, we have overcome one by one and spent a lot of effort to finally show our hearts. A good pair of chopsticks that I thought. Titanium is used in the market to make tableware or pots. Because of the demand for lightweight and high-strength, most of the people who buy products are mountain climbing needs. Lightweight mountain friends, so there are no other ethnic groups that will pay attention to such product categories. Also because the ethnic groups are mostly mountain lovers, the idea and design of titanium products, They are all suitable for field use, mainly in pursuit of lightweight, Will make the product made by casting + welding, Keep hollow and lightweight, the appearance also needs to be in line with the field, afraid of scratching chopsticks, etc. Whether it is sandblasting or matte treatment to prevent scratches on the product. More obvious. But for our titanium chopsticks, it’s not just lightweight and high strength. The main core is the medical origin and biocompatibility of titanium. Then create a stylish titanium chopsticks to meet the needs of life. **A. Specifications of the material** American Society for Testing and Materials - Surgical Implant Specifications: ASTM F136 Grade 23 titanium alloy approved for use with medical grade ASTM-F136, Specially certified for use in medical equipment such as human implants, etc. Excellent material performance, such as stable material, non-magnetic, low clearance and high strength. The relative price is also very high. **B. Beautiful chopstick color** The appearance has a colorful color that gives the product a oxidizing property using titanium. After different voltages, the surface of the titanium metal naturally forms a transparent oxide film with different thickness and thickness. The refraction of light through the oxide film will allow the human eye to "see" different colors. Non-general pigment or transfer technology, using chemical methods to achieve dazzling colors, The way we use it is "physical hair color". The standard is equivalent to the standard of production of medical equipment. Completely non-toxic. **C. Surface treatment method** Generally titanium chopsticks, the surface treatment is not sandblasting or grinding, but both processes will There is a certain degree of residue of abrasives and lubricants. For non-toxic standards, It does not meet the standard at all. We used: "Ultrasonic pure water grinding", placed in pure water, By the push of ultrasonic waves, the abrasive material is driven to slowly remove its sharp corners. The abrasive materials are ceramic and natural stone. A pair of chopsticks will go through six procedures and 28 hours. Uninterrupted grinding, and finally washed with pure water. Very safe, clean and time consuming process. https://youtu.be/XG029jvN_kI Product Name: Pristine Soul Titanium Chopsticks II Material: ASTM-F136 Grade23 Titanium Alloy Construction Method: Digital CNC Process Method Type: solid titanium alloy raw material cutting, one-piece molding Specifications: length 230mm X width 6.7mm (detail tip 2.1mm) Carton outer packaging: length 307mm X width 52mm X height 32mm **Laser engraving LOGO** The common laser engraving is black indentation, and we also work hard here. Make a "near white laser effect" **Patented three-way milling design** Breaking through the processing limitations of titanium alloys, Made three plane milling surfaces to overcome processing problems such as tremor and temperature. **The "Sheng Yu" design at the end of the chopstick body** When the chef completes his artistic cuisine, the most important loading action, Use titanium chopsticks, because the end is only 2.1mm, It won't let the ingredients destroy the beautiful appearance because of the grip, and perfectly show the details of each dish. **Bright color on the surface - titanium anodized color treatment** The color of the chopstick body is not the color produced by the pigment coating or the sprayed material. It is produced in a natural way. When the titanium itself encounters oxygen, it will produce an oxide layer. After the electrode treatment, the surface of the titanium metal grows the thickness of the oxide layer we control. The oxide layer itself is colorless, but through the refraction of ambient light, Let us see the color with the naked eye. **(full color tone color secret)** The reason for the relatively high price, It is because different voltage values must be made on the same chopstick body. In order to successfully send out the colors we set, However, the chopsticks are not the blue and gold colors we see. The meaning of the full color scale is that The thickness of the oxide layer has a certain order, and the colors presented are arranged in a regular manner. To go from blue to gold, you need to go through about 20 colors in the middle. We control these gradations in a short area, the color of this area is very dazzling, Called the conversion circle, a pair of chopsticks containing more than 20 colors, called "full color level" **Outer packaging iron box packaging** The appearance is packaged in iron boxes, in addition to enhancing the sense of product value, Protects titanium chopsticks during processing and shipping, May cause damage to the surface of titanium chopsticks due to collision, the appearance of non-toxic black paint, Corresponding to RoHs certification standards, trademarks and typefaces, the same laser engraving method, Eliminate the risk of ink contamination from printing, and the product is more refined than safety. **Chopsticks that can be carried out and disinfected together with chopsticks** Stylish and lightweight design, the interior is divided into two sections, which will not let the titanium chopsticks be placed in the chopsticks. A collision is caused and a scratch is caused. When it is contaminated with oil, it can be cleaned with a cleaning agent, etc., and can be placed in a drying machine for drying. When there is another disinfection and sterilization requirement, the sterilization procedure can also be carried out together with the titanium chopsticks. From the inside to the outside, it can ensure no pollution. The general public can also be boiled and disinfected at home. Place the titanium chopsticks in the chopsticks set and boil in boiling water for about three to five minutes to complete the disinfection. https://youtu.be/-mK0U0IZjVY Advantages of titanium: 1. High specific strength (tensile strength / density) The tensile strength of titanium alloy is comparable to that of general high-strength structural steel, but the density of titanium, It is only about 60% of steel and therefore higher than the strength of higher strength structural steel. Titanium alloy is the highest specific strength of all metals. 2. Good corrosion resistance Titanium forms hundreds of layers on the surface at normal temperature and has high stability. An adhesive film with strong adhesion and can be regenerated immediately after damage. Therefore, titanium has excellent resist properties. Titanium in a humid environment, sea water, Chlorine-containing solution, bismuth hypochlorite, nitric acid, chromic acid And in general oxidizing acid environment have excellent corrosion resistance. 3. Good heat resistance Titanium has a melting point of 1,668 ° C, which is about 1,000 ° C higher than aluminum and magnesium. Therefore, the heat resistance of titanium alloy is much higher than that of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. Generally, the use temperature of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy is about 200 ° C. But titanium alloys can be used up to 600 ° C. Many modern The supersonic aircraft engine, skin, rudder and wing are all made of titanium. 4. Good low temperature performance Certain titanium alloys retain sufficient toughness and ductility at low temperatures (-255 ° C). And at low temperature, the thermal conductivity is low, the expansion coefficient is small, and it is non-magnetic, so it becomes aerospace, The preferred material for cryogenic use such as superconducting. 5. High biocompatibility Titanium has good biocompatibility and does not precipitate ions after implantation in human body. Non-toxic and resistant to corrosion from body secretions, and the coefficient of elasticity is close to human bones. Can avoid the body's stress shielding effect leading to osteoporosis, Good matching with human bones, can be used as artificial hip joint, knee joint, skull bone , bone fixator, root material, orthodontic line. 6. Colorful oxide film After anodizing, titanium will be on the titanium surface according to the level of the electrolysis voltage. An oxide film of different thickness is formed, and the oxide film of different thickness is refracted by light, There will be different color changes. 7. Non-magnetic Can be used for implants such as cardiac catheters, stents and valves. Because titanium is not ferromagnetic, patients with titanium implants can safely accept MRI examination. (This is very convenient for people with long-term implants) **I hope that our products will allow you to experience a completely pure life, a step closer. ‧‧‧** Place of origin Taiwan Medical titanium alloy solid cutting integrated molding Origin / manufacturing methods Making fine diamond carving craftsmanship in Taiwan

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