"Flower" magazine No. 28 ─ ─ ─ ─ monster

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"Flower" magazine No. 28 ─ ─ ─ ─ monster

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Bimonthly, "boiled fish culture" published, published every single month, in business, triple, world, China, Kubrick, Page One, Eslite, Musical, Preamble, Yulin, Pastoral and other available. Partial stock is limited and is on sale. "My parents have raised me up till now and have finally made me a monster." - Fred Hui "One-Way Street" "Flower" attracted strangers, this issue invited Taiwan writer Fang Huizhen (also known as "poet") guest editor. She chose "Monster" as the title, but she also reports to her: "" Monster "has claimed more than three years since her report in her home and has more than three years of marriage. What is the whereabouts of" monsters? " Big, more and more can not go back. Monster friends, such as friends who can not reach Yongze Jun, such as the solitary gloomy Virginie, and later I met them, still so strange, so charming, so total I would like to see how other people write "monsters", so with this topic. "And so, with Fang Hui true Zhang Yong, Li Tonghao, hide, Hu Shuwen, 686, strange strange, Qi write monsters. Incompetent people? Luo Yijun Monster, there Luo Yi army. Our eyes like this bears like a bear and change the face is like a child-like, keep telling the story teasing laughter who always feel comfortable one room Luo Yijun, really is the long sentence of the deadly deliberately create dyslexia , And throw the reader forever into the endless gallery of dark dreams writer? During the discussion, Luo Yijun successively threw out story after story. From the lecture record of this topic, he can see the magical skill of shuttleing between different stories and the interaction and teasing with Dong Qizhang and Liang Wen-dao Shaped like the atmosphere he remembered when his extended friends were constantly described: sometimes flashes of light, and sometimes filled with haunting jokes. Some kind of incomplete writers make a sensitive, subtle writing. We are probably not unfamiliar with this argument. The article "The Afternoon of the Survivor" thrown by Chen Ning may give some insight into why Luo Yijun was able to get rid of those nightmares and melancholy emotions. He always open himself to all kinds of distress so that all the destroyed and eroded Of the debris, and even sand dust in the future, that noon of darkness through their own. Yang Jiaxian's "Metamorphosis: Reading Xixia Hotel" pointed out that this survivor even linked himself to the survivors of history and crossed the sand named Forgotten. Just like the angel of history written by Benjamin: When the soul of the story-teller Luo Yijun was burdened with a soul that drove him into the future by the storm, he struggled to awaken the dead. Other exciting content: Shameless self-made Xu Zhi to talk about Liu Xiaobo Llosa literature fire and tapeworm Pan Guoling talk about subway literature People who write Yuan Zhao Chang Movie critically acclaimed? Casavitti? Ai Xiaoming Recover Magazine catalog Zhang calendar word florid Literature heart is too soft Literature kitchen Du Jiaqi father and pig blood Meng Lang and the enemy eat in a restaurant (four outside) Special: monster Yun poet Kai first language Zhang Yong, you, we, and those strangers we are not familiar with Lee Tong-ho monster Conceal mentally retarded song Hu Shuwen remaining people 686 make monster Room Hui really algae Luo Feature: Incomplete person. Different dream beast. Luo Yi army Gao Junjie first language Chen Ning Luo Yijun Impression: survivor's afternoon Gao Junjie, fruit forest intergenerational dialogue: Luo Yijun ╳ Dong Qizhang ╳ Liang Wen Road Yang Jiaxian Metamorphosis: read "Xixia Hotel" Word flower eyes Chen Xuan Feeling Reinterpreted - Interview with Shen Baocheng "Reading Series" Lilian Llosa: literature such as fire insects, as well as politics Planting exercises Wu Qiying forest fragment Tang Shanshan happy summer Xie Tianshen I need to die one day Zheng Xueyi planet A64 Small Mexican Exploring Planting words Lv Yongjia Capricorn's melancholy in August Hong Hui Finally, the bartender disappears in Salsa Lo Gui-cheng shaved man every day / your science fiction movie essay Liu Weicheng I pray for it Han Bo Day West (group poetry selection) Cai Yanpei drink River ─ ─ third reading "So you move the stone pedestal street lighting to see through" Mo Mo ghost, and their transcendence ─ ─ silent reading "Black is coming" Zhang Hao family fish tribe Easy to service Shi Weizhong thief flowers map Create words Shallow leaves oneself Column a good idea is a smile Cheng Zhaowei final examination visual art volume four second question Chen Hui Hui Yuan has everything, or, do not want anything Yesterday and Tomorrow know far lonely rebel (c) Imagine Hualien Chen Li Cohen Bla Fado (II) Eyebrow batch Literary lace Deng Zhengjian Sontag's Camp charm Classic Rereading Lu Jinchi I read "Taishi Gong preface" that perfect writing disabilities Psychological Analysis of McDonald 's in Zhang Cuiyu Activation Hall ─ ─ community art experimental field Noisy and restless Zheng Sheng Xun Spoiled Blue Zhang Tieliang counterparts in the camera: Ai Xiaoming's "Taishi Village" Wu Guojun message of life ─ ─ Looking back at the United States independent film master Cassavetti Pan Guoling underground blood vessels ─ ─ literary possibilities in the subway People writing Yuan Zhaochang let them slowly success Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong

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