Red pomegranate s925 sterling silver earrings

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s925 sterling silver, unique, can be customized

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Red pomegranate s925 sterling silver earrings

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[size] Overall length approximately mm [Material] S925 sterling silver, natural stone [Precautions] ▼We sell at the market and other stores at the same time. If the product has been sold in stock and there are no accessories, we will help customers make it in a customized way. The customized product will be slightly different from the product map. If you have any doubts, please Privately inform the seller whether there is any spot. ▼Customized products will take about 7 working days, please do not subscribe if you cannot accept it. ▼Spot goods can be shipped within 2 days, excluding holidays. ▼The product is packed in a thick zipper bag, and a silver cloth is provided for easy maintenance. If you need carton packaging, please inform in advance. ▼The chain length of the store is 16 cm, suitable for a hand circumference of about 15 cm. Therefore, after the buyer finishes measuring the hand circumference, it will increase by 1 cm (close hands) ~ 1.5 cm (slightly loose). If the size needs to be modified due to the wrong size of the individual, please bear the return shipping fee + 50 yuan for the modification fee. ▼Buyers who have any questions about the product before placing a bid, please ask in "Chat". [Intimate reminder] ▼If all buyers think our service is good, please give us a five-star reward. If you feel that our service is inadequate, please send us a private message first, and do not use evaluation as a means of communication. ▼Natural crystals have different natural textures and colors. There are some natural traces such as mineral shortages, clouds, ice cracks, impurities, mica bodies, etc. Perfectionists do not subscribe, and it is recommended to buy them at physical stores. ▼The bracelet can usually be worn with water, try to avoid chemical detergents such as shower gel soap, and dry it as soon as possible after washing. When you take a hot bath and sulfur bath (hot spring), you must remove it, otherwise it will affect the quality of silver jewelry and crystals. ▼Pure silver jewelry is easily oxidized into black silver sulfide in the air, so please put it in a zipper bag when not wearing it. When silver jewelry turns yellow and black due to oxidation, wipe it with a silver-wiping cloth or silver-wiping paste to restore its original brightness, or scrub the jewelry with toothpaste and then wash it with water and wipe it with a dry cloth. Pure silver accessories cannot be soaked in silver washing water, because silver washing water is a chemical liquid that will corrode silver accessories. [14K gold package introduction] Gold coating is completely different from gold plating. The 14K gold coating process in the United States: The 14K gold layer of no less than 5% is processed by mechanical high temperature and high pressure, and it is calendered to the metal substrate. (Copper, etc.), using the good ductility of pure gold, the pure gold layer and the germ layer are always combined together. Therefore, the anti-allergic resistance of 14K gold-coated products in the United States is much stronger than that of general gold-plated products, and it is easy to be allergic. [14K gold package maintenance] US 14K gold can be worn in the bath, but it is not suitable for contact with chemicals. The 14K gold coated in the United States is not afraid of water. Contact with water can achieve self-cleaning and extend the color retention effect. Don't discard it if you don't clean it. This will accelerate the oxidation of the coated gold. If you find a slight oxidation and darkening, use toothpaste to clean it and rinse with water to dry Then the light will be restored. [Crystal Spirituality] ▼Purple Fluorite: Purple fluorite can eliminate toxins from the human body and provide human immunity. ▼Prehnite: The ore body crystals are named like grapes, which can relieve inexplicable tension and relieve tension. It is suitable for people who are prone to nervousness. ▼Seaweed Jade: Moss-grained agate, which eliminates excitement, tension and any continuous pressure, and makes it easy to make new friends. It can also bring prosperity and happiness. ▼Garnet: It is a kind of spar that is most suitable for female friends. It can promote circulation, increase vitality, and restore complexion. It can strengthen one's own vitality, charm and affinity. Wearing it as a body stone can make women have irresistible charm and invite happiness and eternal love. It can also help women increase self-confidence, fight depression, and face the traumatic memories of the past bravely. ▼Strawberry Crystal: One of the love stones, it promotes harmonious interpersonal relationships, brings good marriages to overcome one's own weaknesses, and strengthens the will to keep one foot on the ground towards the goal. ▼Titanium crystal: It can attract positive wealth, partial wealth and the fortune of nobles, and is a good helper for business and businessmen. ▼Tianhe Stone: The stone of hope, relieve stress and bring peace and joy. ▼Aquamarine: Inspire inspiration and creativity, and enhance the power of communication and persuasion. It can also strengthen confidence and strengthen self-confidence for people who tend to withdraw. ▼Lapis Lazuli: Enhance your insight and ability to see things. Wearing it while driving can help stabilize your mood, eliminate the irritability caused by traffic chaos, and help calm your anger and restore peace of mind. ▼Apatite: It is also a very peaceful ore that can heal depressed moods and enable people who often disagree to work together in peace. ▼Amethyst: The stone of wisdom, corresponding to the crown chakra, clearing the mind. ▼Violet mica: The stone of love, exudes a gentle and attractive violet light, helps to improve interpersonal relationships, promotes popularity and business, and is the best weapon for doing business. It can relax tension, relieve irritability, and broaden the mind. ▼Moonstone: Gentle ore, it brings an elegant and noble temperament and soothes irritability. It is also a lover's stone. Giving moonstones to each other can express love and make feelings more sweet. ▼Labradorite: It is called love defensive stone in Japan. It protects love and can also stimulate people's potential. ▼Morganite: exuding a gentle and attractive pink light, it can help improve interpersonal relationships, increase popularity, and business relationships. It is the best weapon to open the door to do business, and it can also attract love. ▼Red rabbit fur: inspires the soul, calms the mind, avoids turbid air and unclean objects, can play the role of amulet, and can also stimulate fighting spirit and enhance people's self-confidence. Enhance self-confidence and strength, eliminate negative emotions. ▼Fanjing: Improve the impatient and impatient personality, increase affinity, and improve the good relationship and love fortune. ▼Citrine: The stone of wealth, the gentle yellow light can inject harmonious power into the soul, strengthen the aura, and make people full of confidence and joy. ▼Black spinel: It has the function of protecting and stabilizing energy, and helps to promote the improvement of spiritual energy. ▼Olivine: Helps strengthen one's own aura and energy field, and can ward off evil spirits and prevent malicious attacks by evil arts. It is a good evil object. Helps bring lucky energy, making it easy for you to meet good friends, get help from precious people and get good opportunities. Green light is also the light of wealth, which helps attract wealth energy. ▼Topaz: Strengthen eloquence and expression skills, help communication between people, and attract love. Relieve anxiety, calm people's mood, optimistic and positive. .Increase self-confidence, memory, thinking skills and leadership skills, which can help develop leadership skills. ▼Kyanite: improve insight, intuition, and promote spiritual awareness; it can also enhance one's own expressiveness and the ability to activate communication, and can calm emotions, relieve worries, and make the body and mind full of motivation. ▼Sunstone: It can improve your affinity, because it corresponds to the solar energy center, so after a long time wearing it, you can get more positive energy, prevent the invasion of villains and witchcraft, and have a strong evil effect. Can be used as good luck gems and amulets to protect people. ▼Tanzanite: It can increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of the brain, so it can develop wisdom, concentrate thinking, and increase memory. It is also a social stone. Wearing it can attract fate, and people with bad luck can meet noble people, increase wit, and improve intuition and subconsciousness. ▼Turquoise: It has the functions of gathering wealth, prospering wealth, warding off evil spirits, and protecting peace. Wearing it can ward off evil spirits and be blessed by the gods. ▼Purple Spodumene: It can make people feel happy and peaceful. Enabling people to be active and motivated is a symbol of wealth. It is a gem of harmony. It can increase the ability to communicate and coordinate with others, strengthen self-confidence, and help make a comeback, reorganize the business, and eliminate tension and pressure.

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