Elephant Cuppa Eco-friendly Plastic Reduction Elephant Cup 2-Romantic Cherry Blossom Powder

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Tsk tusk fundraising exceeded 20 million, high quality made in Taiwan! -Extremely durable, thicker bottom, tougher and more durable! -Easy to clean, it is super convenient to disassemble and clean the parts in one second! -New size, small elephant cup is compact and easy to store! -The material is upgraded, and the material is more acid-resistant and anti-fogging! -New colors are here, and the warm and moist Morandi colors are super texture!

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Elephant Cuppa Eco-friendly Plastic Reduction Elephant Cup 2-Romantic Cherry Blossom Powder

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https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114150414741.gif?t=20210114151050 YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/Es4orTAnYxI https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114232857030.png?t=20210114232953 Hi hi, we are the Elephant Cuppa environmental protection team, thank you for your support, we are back! The Elephant Cup first sold 20 million in 2019, and sold more than 40,000 cups. This time we spent a year collecting tens of thousands of consumer feedback to create a more powerful "Elephant Cup 2" for you! The survey pointed out that more than 60% of people do not bring eco-friendly cups to go out because the cups at home are not convenient enough! Taiwan uses more than 2 billion beverage cups a year. How much plastic has been eaten by you? The report directly pointed out that the average weekly intake of microplastics per person in the world is as much as 5 grams, which is equivalent to the weight of a credit card in a week! For the sake of our health and the environment, we all practice plastic-reduction life together, with the goal of reducing waste at the source! While enjoying a hand shake, you don’t have to worry about making rubbish anymore All you need is an environmentally friendly beverage cup that is convenient to use every day! ↓ Answer ↓ Case ↓ In ↓ This ↓ https://media.giphy.com/media/3YU3xhLmXTgNNDhIW2/giphy.gif 【Elephant Cup 2nd Generation | Designed for you who love to drink hand shakes】 Anything can be installed, you can drink anything, easy and convenient to carry Have you found an environmentally friendly cup that will accompany you to enjoy all kinds of beautiful tastes? Your plastic-reduction life starts with "Elephant Cup 2nd Generation"! https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210117231757336.png ▉ Tsk tusk unpacking experience Want to see if the transparent and cute elephant cup is clean? Can you pretend? Is it durable? Come take a look at Tsk Tsk Xiaobian unpacking the big reveal! Tsk Tsk editor: "Everyone is very good at leak-proof testing, 100% leak-proof ~ praise, praise! Cute and convenient, straws, cups, brushes, and carrying bags are all attached to it. For those who contribute to environmental protection, It's a very good entry model!" https://youtu.be/s9fXVy1UsWA https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234123497.png The cup body, lid, and straw are all made of Ecozen environmentally friendly materials. Ecozen is a bio-based plastic synthesized from natural renewable raw materials, such as starch, sucrose, fiber, and microorganisms. The US FDA certification is non-toxic and does not contain environmental hormone-BPA (BPA), and is more resistant to essential oils, anti-fogging, and tougher than the first-generation Tritan material. Experiments have proved that after 9 days of lemon juice, there is still zero fogging and staining. https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234124728.png https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234126314.png The thickened bottom is equipped with a special rounded edge treatment on the corners of the cup, which makes the "Elephant Cup 2nd Generation" more drop-resistant, and its durability is UP UP! https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234127373.png https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234129510.png The silicone rubber anti-leak ring has a new intimate handle, which is super convenient for disassembly and cleaning in one second! The ultra-wide diameter can be easily reached to the bottom with one hand, and the cleaning is completed in 10 seconds! After the cup cover is widened, the groove can be widened with a sponge, and it can clean and zero dead corners! Transparent and smooth Ecozen material is easy to clean, not easy to leave dirt and odor! https://media.giphy.com/media/JxhDVOn9KJn7lcwd9N/giphy.gif https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234132226.png The elephant cup is as light as an increased capacity, and lighter than an iPhone! Commercially available sippy cups are 1/3 of the weight, easy to take out every day, 0 burden! 720ml / 180g Elephant Cup|Big hand shake drink no longer challenges the surface tension, it is no problem to fill up the ingredients! 520ml / 150g Baby Elephant Cup | Super commercial medium cup latte, medium cup hand shake drink in one cup, small size is more convenient to put in a bag! https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234133376.png Brand new Morandi colors, 5 colors and 2 sizes for your choice! Earl Grey Milk Tea | Low-key and restrained texture Romantic cherry blossom powder | Feel like a girl with first love Rhapsody in the Sky | A touch of freshness Matcha Ole Green | The taste of mature adults Taiwan Lavender Purple is only available! https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234149906.png https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234134995.png This time we left the elephant cup in Taiwan! In cooperation with the local factory Hongqi Plastics Enterprise Co., Ltd., the original original design is created and directly produced by the Taiwan factory. There will be no further exploitation in the middle, and more favorable prices will be given back to the cup friends, and the product quality and manufacturing status can be checked immediately , Dedicated to the cup lovers the higher specification "Elephant Cup 2nd Generation"! https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234136155.png https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234137769.png Is your environmental straw really clean? The transparent Ecozen straw is clear and translucent, easy to clean and more hygienic. It is more durable than glass straws and will not affect the taste like the hardness of stainless steel straws. The rounded edges of the straw mouth do not scratch the tongue, and the bottom bevel design allows you to easily control the straw and remove everything. The materials all absorb light! The thick and thin straws are once owned, and a straw brush is also included. Both straws can be used! https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234138844.png https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234142794.png The first elephant trunk straw cover to keep the straw clean and dust-free. When drinking beverages, put the straw cover in the exclusive storage slot, which is tightly stuck and not easy to fall out. Drinking anti-sprinkling beverages while walking will not risk losing the straw cover. https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210118153245514.gif https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234143829.png The cup lid and the straw lid are designed with screw caps. They are tightly locked by screws and equipped with food-grade silicone rubber rings to ensure 100% leak-proof. The whole cup will not leak upside down, so you don’t have to worry about putting it in the bag. ! https://media.giphy.com/media/0somqlQNtWdi4TIPwI/giphy.gif https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234144907.png The transparent cup body has a scale, and the 7.5CM super-large caliber is convenient for the store to prepare drinks. You can see the size of the drink and the delicious drink at any time. Looking at the beautiful drink color, heal your heart, just like a cup friend shared: "The elephant cup is in hand, you must have a good look!" https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234146042.png https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234147682.png https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234122175.png https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234157142.png Origin: Taiwan Material: [Cup Lid] Ecozen™ [Straw Cover] Ecozen™ [Straw] Ecozen™ [Cup Body] Ecozen™ [Leak-proof ring] Food grade silicone Dimensions: Elephant Cup Lid diameter 86 mm x bottom diameter 73 mm x height 250 mm Small elephant cup lid diameter 86 mm x bottom diameter 73 mm x height 200 mm Weight: 180g elephant cup / 150g baby elephant cup Capacity: Elephant Cup 720ml / Baby Elephant Cup 520ml Product contents: Ecozen™ drink cup, Ecozen™ thick straw & thin straw, cleaning brush https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210114234148796.png https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210118151544888.png ▉ Commodity patent certificate It is our most important thing to let the cup friends use it with peace of mind and safety. The elephant cup has obtained patent licenses in various countries. The Taiwan patent certificate number is D200331 and M580924, and all materials are tested by SGS for safety and non-toxicity. It is to make everyone feel more at ease! >>Inspection report ▉ Team introduction https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/20210118032102386.png "A small change in life is a great help to the environment." Elephant Cuppa was founded by Mike & Michelle. The awareness of environmental protection has gradually risen, and everyone has begun to understand the importance of environmental protection, but many times we will abandon environmental protection because of temporary convenience. We hope that every product we develop has-enough convenience, enough functionality, enough durability, so that everyone unknowingly accustomed to using environmentally friendly products, so as to reduce the use of disposable products, and then reduce the environmental impact Pollution and damage. More importantly, we hope to convey some of our ideas about environmental protection through this project. "People only need to make progress every day, even if only a little bit." This is also true on the long road to environmental protection. We hope that this small step of ours will increase the public's attention to environmentally friendly products and trigger more new thinking and creativity. Let us infect people around us one by one, and let environmental protection become the mainstream. Commodity specifications Clob https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004971/APPROVED/DU00068364/copy_d_2021010900064010825.jpg?t=20210120004032 Origin: Taiwan Material: [Cup Lid] Ecozen™ [Straw Cover] Ecozen™ [Straw] Ecozen™ [Cup Body] Ecozen™ [Leak-proof ring] Food grade silicone Dimensions: Elephant Cup Lid diameter 86 mm x bottom diameter 73 mm x height 250 mm Small elephant cup lid diameter 86 mm x bottom diameter 73 mm x height 200 mm Weight: 180g elephant cup / 150g baby elephant cup Capacity: Elephant Cup 720ml / Baby Elephant Cup 520ml Product contents: Ecozen™ drink cup, Ecozen™ thick straw & thin straw, cleaning brush • Preservation method: After each use, please be sure to put the cup body, straw, cup cover, straw cover, And wash the gasket sufficiently to avoid mold, discoloration and odor residues, which may lead to leakage of beverages. • Be sure to install the straw cover and cup cover gasket for use. • Do not cover the straw cap when you have a drink above 60°C, Avoid spilling beverages due to increased internal pressure, which may cause burns. • Do not put dry ice or carbonated beverages, as the pressure on the body increases, causing beverages to spurt and leak. • Drinking hot drinks from the drinking straw may cause burns, so please pay attention to safety. • After each use, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the cup body, straws, cup lids, straw lids, and silicone accessories. So as not to cause mildew, discoloration and residual odor, leading to leakage of beverages. • Do not use in microwave ovens. • Please avoid steam sterilization. • When using Ecozen T110 coarse straw and thin straw, avoid adding hot water above 90°C to avoid deformation. • Citrus fruit peels contain natural essential oils. Please avoid squeezing the peels to release the essential oils. When the oil stains adhere to the residue, atomization will occur. • Drinking beverages that are easily stained can cause staining for a long time. For example, tomatoes, turmeric, carrots, red dragon fruit, oranges and so on. We recommend to avoid leaving such drinks for a long time and to wash them as soon as possible after drinking.

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