【Workshops】Plant Drawing & Decoration / Ou Ziqu / Colored Pencils / Watercolor / Acrylic/ Styling Pen

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✑ Design your mind and pass it to the other party, ✒︎ With your creativity, decorate your living space beautifully, ☻ ☺︎ Write together.
Payment must be completed at least 3 days before the workshop.
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Other Regions / Online Workshop
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Mandarin, English
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Aged 12 and over
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【Workshops】Plant Drawing & Decoration / Ou Ziqu / Colored Pencils / Watercolor / Acrylic/ Styling Pen

Workshop Description

✒︎ The online teaching method is currently adopted, and you can immediately guide the question and answer ✒︎ This course combines modern painting methods of structural plants + modern decorative font creation course ✑ Class process: course content of different levels and tools, sign up for a font and free font family fonts 1. Send textbooks and tools to the home (market price above 5,000 Euros, including postage) Tool for sending materials (mailing): A. Handout of Coloring Techniques B. Modern font handouts C. Exercise book and paper D. Finished paper-complete unique design texture works Please bring your own: simple watercolor paints, watercolor pens, colored pencils, Acrylic paints and splints you have at home, or the designer can recommend a good color brand. If you have creative ideas, you can discuss them in class! 2. Send a link to science and technology class, and easily turn on the computer 3. Like a physical course, you can ask questions and give individual guidance! Digital teaching majors are like physical courses, literary style! ——————————————————————— https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50197421427_b7b4fbb1ae_b.jpg **The evolution of Owen is related to the development of European historical civilization,** **The shape and structure of the letters, different language families,** **Independence and influence each other to form different fonts.** **Pick up this pen,** **✑ Write your mind and pass it to the other party,** **✒︎ Write your creativity, decorate your living space beautifully,** **☻ ☺︎ Write together.** ——————————————————————— Course content ——————————————————————— 1. Introduction to modern fonts, coloring techniques 2. If you want to be good at your work, you must sharpen your tools, use the tools well, and choose them well. 3. Irving's Basic Framework Course Design Principles 4. Plant and flower coloring method and font design and coloring method 5. Creativity comes from you, create your unique writing! 6. Last supper, communicate with each other ——————————————————————— Decorative fonts (creation course) ——————————————————————— **☞Course introduction: (please choose one)** **1. Color pencil teaching coloring skills:** https://vimeo.com/579506195 Teaching coloring skills: use dip pens, needle pens, signature pens, etc. **2. Watercolor/ Acrylic teaching coloring skills:** https://vimeo.com/579498345 Font family: https://vimeo.com/520951230 Variety of writing fonts: https://vimeo.com/515344258 **☞For the various materials of textbooks and courses, please refer to the surrounding design** ☞Refer to the surrounding design and immediately experience Owen's design writing **☞All applicants will immediately give away a copy of the Suda book and an exclusive copybook** ——————————————————————— Teaching materials ——————————————————————— ☞**Course writing handouts and exercise books edited and designed by exhausting brain time** Materials used in class:**1. Color pencil handout/Watercolor painting handout/ Acrylic paint handout** **2. Color pencils/watercolor paints/ Acrylic paints (designers can recommend good color brands) 3. Watercolor pens 4. Ceramic paint trays 5. Writing papers 6. Creative papers 7. Drawing boards and easels are provided for physical courses** ——————————————————————— ☞ Complete plant modern style wall**finished product can decorate the wall of home or space** ——————————————————————— ☞ Preparation before class:**Your pencil case (pencil, eraser, ruler, your creative drawing in notebook, etc.)** ——————————————————————— ☞ Hours of class:**3 hours** ——————————————————————— ☞ Number of students in class:**1-6 people, small class teaching system, limited places** Welcome to the group to make an appointment to register, and the class will start immediately. ——————————————————————— **☞ Creative writing** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51300980475_31b2e7ceb3_c.jpg ——————————————————————— https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50442905922_868f2bac2e_w.jpg ——————————————————————— Lecturer: Suda Shuda ——————————————————————— Calligrapher Chinese, Latin Calligraphy Designer | Educator ——————————————————————— Teaching experience: Ministry of Education Teacher Qualification + Taiwan European Teaching European Calligraphy ——————————————————————— Owen originated in Europe, professional design and writing will be brought to your life, let's create this beautiful together! ——————————————————————— Pay attention to the design hall and you will get course coupons! ✍️ ✍️ ✍️ ——————————————————————— **☞Note: The cost per person for European font courses usually starts from 5,000 Euros. Please seize the opportunity** ———————————————————————


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