【Workshops】2019 Dadaojing Museum Painted a plate of your Dadaojing memories with your baby

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Through the guidance of the mentor, parents and babies can print unique elements in the Dadaoyu Lego and paper art stores, and listen to generations of old store family stories passed down from generation to generation. Integration and inheritance. Finally
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Taiwan / Taipei City
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2.5 hours
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No age restriction
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【Workshops】2019 Dadaojing Museum Painted a plate of your Dadaojing memories with your baby

Workshop description

**This year's Dadaocheng Museum, which was launched on a walk around the island, will lead you to visit a wealth of specialty shops and parent-child painting tours. During the process, you will experience:** **With the help of parents, the master craftsman and the baby collected the elements of Dadaoyu in the process of listening to the story.** **┃The experience assists the baby to draw the collected elements on a pottery plate. After firing, you can use the finished product to feed the baby 啰** **┃ Stories Li Tingxiang, Li Risheng's old and emerging art stores, family and old and new heritage, stroll through the old city and feel the rich stories.** Through the guidance of the mentor, parents and babies can collect unique elements in the Le Dao and Paper Art Stores of Dadaocheng, and listen to the family stories that have been closely linked through the generations of old shops. The generations of sparks, The fusion and inheritance of old and new cultures, Dadaoyu is definitely the best spokesperson. Finally, in the brand-new old house space, the collected elements are painted on the earthenware vessels together to create an exclusive memory of the baby Dadaoyu. So, which stores will you visit during your trip? **Crooked Lego Art Space** https://walkin.tw/sites/default/files/u20016/16%20%E6%AD%AA%E6%A8%93%E6%A8%82%E9%AB%98%20%283%29.jpg Have you ever thought about creating a streetscape of Dadaocheng with Lego? We want to take you here to understand the infinite possibilities piled up with Lego bricks! "Let the building blocks be more than just the materials, but also the medium through which creators can travel the streets and lanes of Taiwan." Come to understand the original intention and process of the original building block works with full of doubts! **Canonization culture and art** https://walkin.tw/sites/default/files/u20016/17%E5%85%B8%E5%8C%96%20%283%29.jpg What will it look like after adding a new generation of ideas to an old house? How can a paper model shop be opened in the old house of Grandpa and Grandma? When you come to Dianhua, all the paper model displays in the store are welcome to touch. While collecting elements, you also recognize this particularly interesting space and create more possibilities together. **Li Risheng** https://walkin.tw/sites/default/files/u20016/A4.jpg Dihua Street carries three generations of north-south goods. The traditional wholesale of the grandfather started from one generation to the next. It is better than one day. It's not easy to start from scratch. What kind of tests have you experienced so that the Li family of the parents who are in need can get a foothold in Dadaocheng? Boss Li Risheng was invited to tell everyone about his inheritance story with his family. **Li Tingxiang Bakery** https://walkin.tw/sites/default/files/u20016/banner1.jpg "The old things are just presented in a different form. Although they are reluctant, the original family spirit is still there." How did the 100-year-old Li Tingxiang persuade his old father to integrate the cake culture into the diet of modern people as the times change? Let the fifth generation speak for themselves. Here, you can also print the exquisite appearance of traditional cake molds as the final painted element! **Dihua Halfday** https://walkin.tw/sites/default/files/u20016/%E8%BF%AA%E5%8C%96%E5%8D%8A%E6%97%A5.jpg Originally an exquisite and gorgeous European century-old house, it was redefined as an elegant compound space. At the end of the trip, we came here. The professional ceramics teacher taught parents and babies to use the collected elements to paint a delicate ceramic plate exclusive to you.