【Workshop(s)】Blue Dye Indigo Dyeing - Enjoy the traditional Japanese blue cabin experience

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Workshop Information

Workshop Summary
Blue cottage Good life, starting with natural blue dyeing. Enjoy our Good Living through Natural Indigo Blue Cabin brings you a natural blue dye experience, using lashing techniques, and your creativity to explore the charm of natural blue and handcraft un
Workshop Location
Hong Kong / Hong Kong Island
Workshop Language
Mandarin, Cantonese, English
Workshop Address
香港中環鴨巴甸街35號 PMQ元創方 A座 S506
Admission Time
10 minutes before the workshop begins
Workshop Duration
1.5 hours
Age Restriction
Aged 6 and over
Material of Finished Product
Cotton & Hemp
Spots left
No.10,963 - Workshops  |  No.1,093 - Knitting / Felted Wool / Cloth
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Hong Kong
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Cotton & Hemp Knitting / Felted Wool / Cloth - Blue Dye Indigo Dyeing - Enjoy the traditional Japanese blue cabin experience

Workshop Description

Just follow [Blue Cabin] and experience the charm of blue dye. Different from the general dyeing class, there are 7 different blue dyed shades in the cottage, and there are more than 20 kinds of fabric choices, so you can easily dye blue without difficulty! You can also design your own favorite patterns, and dye the unique works on the cloth. The Blue Cabin is a super-strong faculty member and invites the "Blue House's principal, Mr. Xie Shangheng" to conduct a blue dye technique study class with everyone. A variety of basic stranding techniques include: mushroom spider twist, tofu snow ear twist, durian twist and so on. https://img.accupass.com/userupload/774f46cecdad4e4d8ba1fed30e5ff6cd.jpg ::[Course Focus]:: First, blue dye culture, studio introduction Second, the twist design Third, dyeing practice Fourth, maintenance instructions ::[ Blue Cabin - Good Life, Start with Natural Blue Dyeing.):: Have you learned about chemical dyeing and brought problems for you, me, and the earth? Located in Hong Kong's Central, the dyed house blue cottage, I hope you can feel the beauty of natural dyeing. Today, it is for you and my life; to make a change for the global environment. So come here with friends to infect the happiness of natural blue dye! https://static.wixstatic.com/media/7c6f5e_ad648aeed4bf4f4a984a5c3cdc540990~mv2.gif ::[What is blue dye? 】:: Blue-dyed plants are found all over the world, and their industry and technology have a long history. In China, the origin of blue dye has a history of more than 3,000 years and is the main color used by civilians. In addition to dyeing, blue dyed natural dyes have the advantage of being resistant to dirt, abrasion, insects and anti-inflammatory. The old saying "green out of blue" comes from the fact that the cloth is dyed from the green blue grass, and it is a dyeing process and result. This process is blue dye. The clothes and supplies we wear every day are mostly dyed with chemical dyes. However, the use of chemical dyes not only affects rivers and marine ecology, but also affects our health in the long run. "Blue Cabin" brings you a natural blue dyeing experience, using lashing techniques, plus your creativity, exploring the charm of natural blue, hand-dying unique daily necessities, adding blue to your life, and reducing environmental pollution. You are also welcome to bring your own old clothes to create and add blue color to it. https://az796311.vo.msecnd.net/userupload/277ce1349d1541ff9c481641382b8b79.jpg ::[Where does the blue dye material come from]:: The natural blue dyeing of the blue cabins comes from the self-cultivation of the blue cabins or the local food producers in Hong Kong and the Japanese blue farmers. After collection, they will be sorted and disinfected. The cottage insists on using its own research and development of 100% natural residual dyes. Activities will use dyes // #香港蓝-蓝小屋 self-cultivation #阿波蓝 - Japanese blue farmers (Tokushima special top; limited supply) #椰菜蓝 - Food processor's purple broccoli scrap ::[Blue House dyed]:: The Blue Cabin brings together high-quality fabrics from Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai and other places. It is carefully designed and stitched by designers and craftsmen. Each piece of material tells you about the beauty and uniqueness of Made in Hong Kong. The workshop has a dryer to instantly dry the work. The photo lists the cost of the experience for different materials! https://img.accupass.com/userupload/cb29eedac68547a7a21bebc6ee5b9235.jpg Activity costs: From $220 (depending on the selected material) *You need to collect HK$100.00/person (reservation fee) first, and the balance will be paid during class. Material dyeing price reference: 风吕敷ハンカチハンカチ (38cm/50cm/60cm) - HK$220/$230/$255 A3 Bag Dyeing Machine - HK$ 230 索袋ケーブルバッグブルバッグ - HK$ 235 Small slant bag slanting めバッグ - HK$ 285 Fisherman Hat Fisherman's Hat Dyeing - HK$ 320 Computer/A4 File Bag コンピューターバッグ染め - HK$ 345 T-shirt Tシャツ dyeing machine - HK$ 400 ML / 420 XL XXL / 385 small Four Seasons Cotton Scarf スカーフフ - HK$ 415 Air Sense Scarf フーフ - HK$ 455 Very flat (sleeveless feather weave) じんべい dyeing め - HK$ 998 https://img.accupass.com/userupload/37c348c9f1c248c4a7d7aacf73724bc8.jpg


1. The number of applicants for each echelon of this activity is 12 people, until the quota is full. 2. The workshop will charge according to the fabric material you choose, and the difference needs to be paid in cash/payme. 3. Please http://bit.ly/2M2uQcL參考for the charges for each item of the product. 4. Friends participating in the event, please "arrive on time" on the day to avoid delaying the event process. 5. The activity flow will be slightly adjusted according to the actual situation, and the activity flow is for reference only. 6. The reservation fee for the event is HK$100.00/person, and the balance will be paid during class. 7. No refunds will be accepted for the event. 8. Dyer Workshop reserves the right to make final changes without prior notice. ※ If you have any questions, welcome to contact us via email

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