Sunshine Token - Hand Jade [Sunny Light]

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Captain Ryan
Captain Ryan
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Sunshine Token - Hand Jade [Sunny Light]

Product Description

Kizuna Magatama Bracelet Shine Sunshine Token - Hand Jade [Sunny Light] "The radiance of light, I wish to carry it in my hands all my life." A pure white square handkerchief was wrapped in cotton balls, and I tied it with a turquoise thread, which pointed to the color of my heart. Painting a smiling face is an ancient art that infuses the soul. On rainy nights, I hang sunny dolls (てるてるfangzhu) on the eaves to pray for the sunshine tomorrow. In the world, in our hearts. In Japanese tradition, the sunny day doll is named てるてる Fangzhu. Among them, the Chinese character of "てるてる" is "zhaozhao", which also means "rizhao", and "fangzhu" is "monk", so "てるてるfangzhu" is "Rizhao monk", today we will call it "sunny day" baby". The reason why the doll has the name "Fangzhu" is that it has no hair and has a bald monk's head. Sunny dolls are small dolls handmade from pure white handkerchiefs or paper. According to legend, if you hang it on the eaves in an upright posture, you can get the good weather tomorrow. In some areas, it is also rumored to hang upside down, and it will be rained tomorrow. Japanese novelist Rokuro Ashara wrote a nursery rhyme "てるてるfangzhu" in his life, which was later composed by Nakayama Jinhei, published in 1921, and included in school textbooks. The following is an excerpt from the nursery rhyme "てるてる Fangzhu": て る て る Boss て る Boss sunny doll sunny doll あした天気にしておくれ Pray for clear weather tomorrow いつかの梦の空のよに like the sky of that dream Sunny れたらGolden Bell Give the golden bell when it's sunny ‧ 【Sunny Light】 - Emerald/Cyan/Bright Gold/Pure White Designer's special color matching - colorful random mixed weaving, the color of each work will be slightly different. *Limited Jade Soul ─ Heart Chakra ‧ Heart Green Jade Jade is a sacred thing in nature. It absorbs the essence of hundreds of rivers and contains the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. The green jade of the mind of the blue, pointing directly to the inner essence, dominates the mind, body and emotions. In the Stone system, green jade is the Stone of auspiciousness, and it is a spiritual object to ward off evil spirits. In ancient times, people would wear green jade to drive away ghosts and protect themselves from disasters. To this day, the green jade of the mind controls health, and has the effect of calming the heart rate and stabilizing emotions. Traditionally, green jade has the function of assisting the heart, which can lower blood pressure, stabilize the heart rate, and relieve irritability and tension. Green jade contains a variety of mineral elements in nature. These trace elements gradually penetrate from the skin tissue into the human body through daily wear, effectively refill the trace elements that cannot be ingested by food, so as to achieve balance, regulate physiology and improve various immune capabilities. In addition, the green jade of the mind symbolizes noble morality, and it enhances the wearer's temperament with the years, and achieves the perfect state of harmony between the beauty of nature and the beauty of the soul. *Limited hook jade soul- Heart Chakra ‧ Magic Bean Sapphire The natural magic bean sapphire has a unique texture of white jade and blue and white, with clear white and green. Compared with the traditional emerald green jade, which focuses on corresponding inner emotions, the magic bean also has a comfortable and elegant taste, and also has a happy and childlike meaning that exists in the fairy tale world. In the Stone system, sapphire can ward off evil spirits, bring fortune, bless longevity, and provide immortal life energy, bringing supportive energy of mindfulness to the wearer's inner emotions. In addition, the unique white jade in the magic beans, the color has the magical effect of firming and purifying the aura, and is a delicate and powerful spiritual jade for body protection. *Limited hook jade soul - Solar Plexsu Chakra Sun Wheel‧ Brave Tiger Eye The sacred stone that India regards as the most noble symbol, emits a bright light like a cat's eye. Stone's eye stone points to the sun wheel, provides endless vitality energy, and brings a positive outlook on life; Stone's eye stone can inspire courage, make people brave, encourage creative pursuit, calm and balance; show personal spirit and The power of wisdom, the ability to realize the dream of life. *Limited hook jade soul ─ Eighth Chakra ‧ Shenyin gray long The spirit of Kyoto's hidden secrets, with unique textures and phantoms that are naturally generated. Shenyin Gray Long connects the higher self and the soul. It is one of the few Gemstone that corresponds to and strengthens the Eighth Chakra, and strengthens the aura The Aura - the abode of the soul. Shenyin Huichang opens up the characteristics of mindfulness, allowing us to see that light always exists and accompanies in life; purity and courage will be guarded and blessed. Shenyin gray long is also a Gemstone of love. Because it corresponds to the eighth chakra, it can connect with a higher frequency of self, so it has the love energy to guide and sense the "soul mate". *Limited Hook Jade Soul — Root Chakra ‧ Pluto Black Jade The Pluto Black Jade is a classy dark-colored tea crystal. Moyu points to the root chakra, which is a Stone of self-healing, promotes regeneration, accelerates wound healing, enhances immunity, activates cells, and restores youth. In the spiritual aspect, Moyu allows people to better understand their inner self and dreams, develop the depth of the spiritual level, transform the negative energy deep in the heart into positive energy, eliminate bad habits in the subconscious, release pressure, and help stabilize the spirit. Tension and anxiety. In addition, Moyu is also a Stone of wealth. It can attract success and all good things, and protect property. It is also a Stone of happiness and generosity. It encourages people to share what they have and brings happiness to those who equip them. It is a multi-faceted ability. The guardian Stone. *Limited Jade Soul ─ Crown Chakra ‧ Sanctuary White Crystal Sanctuary White Crystal, also known as "King Crystal", is the sacred gift of the earth, representing balance, perfection, and the removal of negative energy. *Limited Jade Soul ─ Solar Plexsu Chakra Sun Wheel‧ Honey Agate The bounty of nature. All things grow, the energy of the beginning. Honey agate points to the body and mind. It is the power center of the human energy field, showing the power of personal spirit and wisdom, and the ability to realize the dream of life. Mastery of Sensibility, Perception, Ideas and Realization; Symbol of Power and Wealth. Corresponds and strengthens the solar plexus chakra. *Limited Gouyu Soul ─ Heart Chakra ‧ Ethereal Xiuyan The color of natural birth. Simple, pure and innocent. Xiuyan crystals are rich in minerals, which can be directly contacted with the skin when worn, and the minerals in it will be absorbed by the human body, refill various minerals needed by the human body, which has natural benefits to the body. *Limited Jade Soul - The Root Chakra ‧ Dongyun Orange Jade Indian Jade Dongyun, also known as "Dawn", is the color of the eastern sky at dawn. In Japanese traditional culture, Toun Isshiki was born in the Edo period, and contains the naming wisdom of the ancients to capture the beauty of the moment. Dongyun points to the root chakra, which controls the connection between the earth and the body, making people feel full of security. If the root chakra is active, one will get grounded and grounded and feel stable and safe. You will have complete trust in life, trust in the world, live in the moment, and your mind and body will be in close alignment. In addition, Dongyun focuses on increasing affinity, strengthening temperament and beauty, and interpersonal relationships are on the rise. The Allusions of Gouyu and Izumo-type Gouyu Gouyu appeared in Japan as early as 5,000 years ago in the Kofun era, while the origin of Izumo-type gouyu was in Japan's Yayoi period 2,600 years ago. The production of Izumo-type gouyu was abolished in the Heian period. After 900 years of loss, until the Edo period, the technical knowledge of Ito Senyouwei in the Izumo area was acquired and passed down, and the Izumo-type gouyu was revived and passed down to this day. The Izumo type has a unique gentle, rounded and balanced shape, which reflects people's pursuit of shape and beauty at that time. Different from the image of the animal tooth, which symbolizes the combination of the sun and the moon, the Izumo-shaped embryo has the meaning of the birth of life in traditional customs. Blessing and praising all things in life are passed down from generation to generation. *Each Japanese hook jade is polished and made by a Gemstone, each one is unique, and its shape and size will be slightly different. *The above are the traditional meanings and symbols of each crystal, agate and jade, as well as the research on the color chakra theory of ancient India. The equipment department provides and advises the team members as a basic reference. Our design works pay more attention to the traveler's personal experience, spirituality and inner intuition needs and the purest love for color, and respectfully reflect the traditional folk style and imagery with craft creation. . Kizuna Kizuna "A Token that Connects the Adventurer's Mind" Bonding is the invisible emotional connection between the hearts of adventure. We use the Japanese hook jade that originated from the Neolithic period - the Jomon period to modern times, and the exquisite and colorful KIZUNA to create three folk token-style equipment works, including the hand tie, the neck tie and the long-awaited foot of the team. The bond, and each unique Japanese gouyu will be used as the main soul of the series with the corresponding emotional color. On the adventure journey in autumn, I would like to send a message of respecting culture and inheriting ancient customs and goodwill to the team members from all walks of life. Kizuna, a small work that records delicate emotions and subtle relationships. Kizuna is not limited to love, family and friendship, even if they do not know/have never met, as long as the hearts of two people can empathize with each other, it means that there is a wired connection between them. ‧ Neutral design ‧ Japanese hook jade and Japanese professional wire ‧ Brass parts ‧ Made according to the wrist size provided by the team ‧ Suitable for long-term wear Custom Notes ‧All equipment works are produced and sent from Hong Kong ‧The production takes time, please wait patiently ‧It usually takes 2 days for delivery from Hong Kong to Hong Kong ‧It usually takes 7-10 days for shipping from Hong Kong to Taiwan, Japan and other Asian regions ‧It takes time to send from Hong Kong to other countries, please consult the designer. ‧During the international free shipping event, works will be sent by Hongkong Post by surface mail ‧Customized products over HKD 300/TWD 1,000 will be sent by registered mail, and will be notified by international registered number ‧If the team members need SF Express, please contact the designer first About Captain Ryan Starting with courage and determination in 2010, CAPTAIN RYAN put the adventurous energy collected in daily life and journey into the equipment works, and determined to become a Hong Kong creative brand that can stand the test of the times. Choose Captain Ryan Designs ‧ Made in Hong Kong, quality assurance ‧ Ten years of brand, standing spirit of the times ‧ Designers do it themselves ‧ Unique design style, only this one ‧Emotions, stories and experiences behind each work ‧ Carefully designed and carefully produced ‧ Mail must be punctual and fast ‧ Well received by team members and adventurers

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Sunshine Token - Hand Jade [Sunny Light]

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