【Workshops】Upside down meal X Lala Mountain Sacred Tree Tour X Yeheng Hot Spring Bathing X Secret Waterfall Adventure (2 days and 1 night)

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The Lala Mountain Shenmu Trail means "beautiful" in the Atayal language. We will go to this beautiful mountain and meet the epic sacred tree. Hidden in the towering shade of northern Taiwan with the most oxygen, enjoy the healing fendoljing. With the assistance of the camping butler, set up a camp and have dinner under the stars. If you are lucky, the bright Milky Way will rise up.
2021/6/5 (Sat)
活動日 7 天前需付款完成
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Taiwan / Taoyuan City
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STARBUCKS 星巴克庫倫承德門市 集合出發(近捷運圓山站2號出口)
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【Workshops】Upside down meal X Lala Mountain Sacred Tree Tour X Yeheng Hot Spring Bathing X Secret Waterfall Adventure (2 days and 1 night)

Workshop Description

**Since this event is also sold through other channels, please ask before booking if there are any seats available on the date you want to participate before registering!** The Lala Mountain Shenmu Trail means "beautiful" in the Atayal language. We will go to this beautiful mountain and meet the epic sacred tree. Hidden in the towering shade of northern Taiwan with the most oxygen, enjoy the healing fendoljing. With the assistance of the camping butler, set up a camp and have dinner under the stars. If you are lucky, the bright Milky Way will rise up. After being awakened by the sun the next day, the morning brunch will warm our stomachs. Then visit the legendary forest, hike in the forest, and talk to the trees. I found that enjoying the passing of time in nature in such a leisurely and idling way is such a precious happiness. We broke the high barriers for entering outdoor activities for the first time, without planning ahead! No need to prepare equipment! It doesn't matter if you have never eaten something you cook! In addition to the food, the guide will take care of you (never eat the conditioning package), so that you can also eat Middle Eastern upside-down rice in the mountains and forests. From setting up the account to collecting the account, you will experience the reality by yourself with the assistance of the camping butler. Made. Even if it’s the first time camping, it’s definitely not embarrassing! And it will make your future camping road more handy! ※This itinerary has two days of hiking. It is a basic route. You can complete it as long as you can walk. It is suitable for people who do not have the habit of exercising or hiking on weekdays. Secret Waterfall: Dirt trail, about 1 hour one way. Belongs to the primary route. Lala Mountain Shenmu Trail: The wooden board trail is about 6 kilometers in length, and it takes about 3 to 4 hours to go back and forth. The path is flat and easy to walk, which belongs to the primary route. ▋ Coach! I want to learn how to cook! Enjoy cooking and dining in the wild! After moving the kitchen to the wild, we found that in addition to enjoying food in the mountains and forests, the heart that wanted to cook also began to move around, trying to improve their camping survival level! So this time, we are not only preparing to turn the rice upside down to warm everyone’s stomachs, but also decided to directly teach you cooking skills during camping, including how to cook clear white rice without using an electric pot; and how to use seasonal ingredients. Simple and delicious. Even if you are cooking for the first time, there is no need to worry about messing up! Even simple seasoning can taste natural flavor. ▋No need to prepare equipment, the lazy person will start immediately There are enough camping homes. You can use our equipment to experience the atmosphere of camping before you confirm that camping tourism is suitable for you. In the process, you will learn more about your actual needs, and you will have more to invest in equipment in the future. Help! After all, it was a heartache to spend a lot of money to buy without a clue at the beginning, but it was useless until the end! (Displayed as: purse has been broken) ▋No driving, easy to enjoy private car transfer To camp, of course, to go to a beautiful camp away from the hustle and bustle, and feel the beauty of staying in the distant mountains for a night! In the past, no matter if you didn’t set off because you didn’t have transportation or couldn’t drive, or you were worried that you would have to drive the long mountain road home after you paid your bills, you cried when you thought about it (then everyone except you) Sleep special sleep), this time you don’t have to worry at all! ▋No need to spend a lot of time searching for planning Every time I go out, I always leave the best memories in the future and do my homework! If this happens to be your first camping trip, then it must be a perfect plan to enjoy Soulu. We help you save a lot of time for digesting camp information, planning routes, and searching for activities, allowing you to easily live in high-quality camps and enjoy the excellent atmosphere and surrounding activities unique to camping. **Highlights of the itinerary** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50826655298_56c991fdcf_b.jpg ▶Visit the thousand-year-old sacred tree in the deep mountains: experience the joy of hiking, walk into the aura of the sacred tree group, and absorb the essence of Fendor. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50827400766_eb08b5a678_b.jpg ▶Looking for a secret waterfall adventure: Cross the bamboo forest path, cross the murmur stream, full of adventure, come to the negative ion feast to take away the negative energy. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50827400831_d2f736ebda_b.jpg ▶Set up a hot spring camp to soak in a hot spring camp: camping in winter, you must choose a camp with hot springs, a dream of soaking in a hot spring camping. **Itinerary content** ▋First day 08:30 am STARBUCKS Starbucks Kulun Chengde store departs (near MRT Yuanshan Station Exit 2) 10:00 am ~ 10:40 am Lunch and supplies on the day of purchase in Jiaobanshan Commercial District 11:40 am ~ 12:10 pm Baling Suspension Bridge 12:30 pm ~ 15:10 pm Visit the secret waterfall + enjoy lunch 15:30 pm ~ 17:30 pm Set up a tent in the hot spring camp, rest in the afternoon, prepare meals and start fires 17:30 pm ~ 20:30 pm Upside-down meal dinner under the starry sky in the wild 20:30 pm ~ 22:00 pm Bathing and bathing time, or free chat time with your own drinks ▋The next day 06:00 am Get up and stretch, wash in the morning, and pack the things and luggage in the tent 06:30 am Insects, song and birds call hand-made sandwiches for breakfast 08:00 am Reluctantly leave the camp 09:00 am ~ 12:00 pm Lala Mountain Shenmu Fenduojing Tour 12:30~13:30 pm Shangbaling lunch (own expense) Expect to return to Yuanshan MRT Station between 16:00 pm and 17:00 pm ※ This itinerary will adjust the sequence of activities according to factors such as seasons, actual weather conditions and road conditions (such as traffic control). Due to the great changes in the weather in the mountainous areas, whether the activity will proceed as scheduled can only be decided after arriving at the spot. Stay in the hot spring camp, and you can enjoy a bath in the camp area! The campsite is a campsite managed and maintained by the camp owner, not a campsite. Don’t worry about camping for the first time. You won’t want you to jump to the point where you need to live a primitive life without water or electricity. **Camp introduction** ▋ Hot water: camping in winter, taking a comfortable hot bath is definitely a savior to warm your body! It can help you sleep comfortably! ▋Flushing squat/sitting toilet: let you go out and play as comfortable as you go~ ▋Semi-outdoor public hot spring pool: After hiking on the ancient road, take a bath to stretch and relax before dinner or before going to bed, so as to comfort and thank your body. ▋ Socket power supply: the number is limited, and the group uses electricity (such as lighting and cooking). Those who have a large number of 3C power needs are still recommended to bring their own mobile power supply. ▋Internet communication: There is communication, and the network connection situation depends on the personal telecommunications company, but since you are in nature, it is recommended to use your mobile phone as a camera this day! ▋Hair dryers: The campsite provides them, and we will help you prepare extra when there are too many people. **Activity details** Number limit: 6 people in a group, up to 14 people. On the designated date, a group of 6 or more people can start a group, 7 people can charter a group, and more than 7 people need to make up 12 people to make the trip. Sessions: 4/20 (Tue)-4/21 (Wed), 4/30 (Fri)-5/1 (Saturday) If there is any need for other sessions, we provide a package group appointment, welcome to contact us! Meet up location: STARBUCKS Starbucks Kulun Chengde store assembly and departure (near MRT Yuanshan Station Exit 2) -Motion sickness medicine (you will travel on mountain roads on the way, it is recommended that people who are motion sickness "must" bring motion sickness medicine and take it in advance according to the doctor's instructions.) -Sleeping bags (Due to personal hygiene considerations, some passengers like to use their own sleeping bags, so the charging range does not include sleeping bags. Please note, please be sure to check the insulation level of your sleeping bags. If you do not have sleeping bags, you can also rent them from us!) -Headlights (headlights are preferred, it is convenient to walk at night to play cards, and can also be replaced by a flashlight) -Personal tableware, tableware, cups (in response to environmental protection, no disposable tableware is provided) -Swimsuits, swimming trunks (swimming suits and swimming trunks must be worn when bathing in the camp) -Other items and recommended clothing will be detailed in the pre-departure notice Note: Please be sure to bring your own personal medicines. The company is not allowed to provide any oral medicines according to the law, and motion sickness medicines are not acceptable. **Domineering with a "heart" declaration:** What others dare not to guarantee loudly, we can do it all! √ Peace of mind! It is legal to refuse tourist traps, and to implement tourist activities by travel agencies! The law clearly stipulates that only travel agencies that legally file a case can engage in travel services! Choose a legal travel agency like Zhencheng to ensure your passenger rights and refuse to walk in the gray area of the law. √ Rest assured! Purchase travel insurance in accordance with the law, and I will "insure" you when traveling We will insure all travelers "Travel Compulsory Liability Insurance" in accordance with laws and regulations to protect you who travel with us. Our insurance covers an accidental death of 2 million yuan and accidental medical insurance of 200,000 yuan. √ Attentive! Follow the rules together and use legal vehicles throughout the traffic In addition to paying attention to driving safety when using chartered tours, Zhencheng Travel Agency often overlooks the legitimacy of the car itself. There are two kinds of legal vehicle license plates, one starts with the letter R; like RXX-1234, and the other is the same English or number displayed in the vehicle number. You can recognize it! √ Worry! Camping ingredients are kept cold throughout the whole process, and the food is safe In order to let everyone eat the freshest dishes when camping, we use seasonal ingredients on the one hand; at the same time, we also pay attention to keeping food fresh. All the materials will live in the refrigerator, and go to the mountains with us. **Toll** ▋ Cost per person: 4499 yuan ※ Suitable age: over 12 years old to 70 years old. Under 12 years old and over 70 years old, please measure your physical strength and health. ※ This itinerary has two days of hiking, both of which are elementary courses. It is suitable for those who do not have exercise or hiking habits on weekdays but want to try to get close to the mountains and forests. -Secret Waterfall: Dirt trail, going downhill, returning uphill, there are small sections to climb (approximately 3 meters) and wading (the water is below the ankle). The one-way trip takes about 1 hour, which is a basic route. -Lala Mountain Shenmu Trail: The wooden trail is about 6 kilometers in length, and it takes about 3 hours to go back and forth. The path is flat and easy to walk, and there are some stairs, which belong to the primary route. (Currently, No. 14-16, 23-24, Giant Wood Trails in the Giant Wood District are temporarily closed) ▋ Rent sleeping bag: 200 yuan each ▋ Single tent increase: 400 yuan per account **What the cost covers** Accommodation: Public hot spring camp and tent (The location of the camp is arranged by the camp owner. The tent is for two to four people, and friends and family will be arranged together) Meals: Dinner on the first day, breakfast on the second Tickets: None, there are no attractions that require tickets for this itinerary Guide: The legendary chef and mountain guide Transportation: Transportation within the itinerary after assembly Others: living room tents, floor mats, large canopy, cooking area, dining table, chairs, gas stove, kitchenware, lamps, travel insurance The fee does not include sleeping bags and other items not mentioned. **Cancellation Policy** █ Weather factors: In case of rain or typhoon warning, we will notify you whether the event will be cancelled or postponed, or the event registration fee will be postponed to the next event. The company considers the safety of passengers and reserves the right to make the final decision. The final announcement will be made 36 hours before the event. █ Personal factors: – If you are unable to participate due to personal reasons, you can transfer your qualifications to other friends. – If the transfer is not possible, you can discuss with the company the feasibility of extending to other tiers, and the company reserves the right to make the final decision. Postponed to other activities, if there is a difference, it must be borne by the passenger. If it is not made up, it will be deemed as a waiver of the right to postpone. The event can only be postponed once. – If you decide to refund, the refund policy will be based on the domestic travel contract after deducting the money necessary for the transfer procedure. Passengers must terminate the contract before the start of the tourism activity. However, after the travel agency provides the receipt, the administrative fee shall be paid and the compensation shall be based on the following benchmarks: 1. If the contract is cancelled before the 41st day before the start of the tour, 5% of the travel expenses shall be compensated. 2. If the contract is cancelled from the 31st to the 40th day before the start of the tour, 10% of the travel expenses will be compensated. 3. If the contract is cancelled from the 21st to the 30th day before the start of the tour, 20% of the travel expenses will be compensated. 4. If the contract is cancelled from the second day to the twentieth day before the start of the tour, 30% of the travel expenses will be compensated. 5. If the contract is cancelled the day before the start of the tour, 50% of the travel expenses will be compensated. 6. Those who terminate the contract or do not notify the participants on the start date or after the start of the tour shall be compensated 100% of the travel expenses. █ Insufficient number: If the number of participants is insufficient, it will be possible to change to other events or refund the money.