There are six kinds of rare and rare anti-evil sacred items in Taiwan

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There are six kinds of rare and rare anti-evil sacred items in Taiwan

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Please read About Me before buying. ***All discounts are optional. Multiple discounts cannot be combined with club member discounts! If your order has both discounts, I will cancel the order directly! ***From now on, please make sure to record when you open the package. Use the recorded film as proof to make up, exchange, and return. If there is no film, it will not be accepted! ***There are some color differences in the photos, please be careful if you mind! ***Because it is natural wood, there are natural pattern defects on it, and occasionally there will be natural small holes, but it has been selected that does not affect the overall non-event card pattern. If you are perfectionist, please be careful to subscript! ***The price is slightly adjusted according to the cost origin: In the past, the thunder-split wood in the store was imported from abroad. Fortune will have the opportunity to find the thunder-split wood "made by Tianlei" in Taiwan recently. I found that Taiwanese goods are really not losing, no matter whether it is wood material or The energy retained by Tianlei is no worse than that from abroad. This batch is made of Taiwan Xiao Nan. Picking up the wood, you can really smell the faint Xiao Nan fragrance! Because there is only a small piece of wood that can be taken, it is gone after it is finished, and it is not found when looking for the same piece, so it is said to be a limited amount. If there is Xiao Nanlei splitting wood later, it will not be the same tree! Please read the introduction about Thunder Split Wood to the end! In response to a customer's response that the Wushi card is too thick to carry (the size of the orthodox Wushi card is 4*6*1cm), it is specially made to be thinner, which is convenient for everyone to carry, and it is also tied with a rope. All have asked the decent mage and Taoist priests to consecrate. Size: 4cm, 6cm, 0.5cm About Xiao Nanmu: Xiao Nan ranks between second and third in the ranking of precious fragrant wood plants in the world. The first place is agarwood, and the second place is Indian Laoshan (ie sandalwood) and Taiwan Xiao Nan are on the same level. Since 2012, the scientific community has defined four species of the genus Xiaonan in the world: "American Xiaonan" located in western North America, "Taiwan Xiaonan" endemic to Taiwan, and "Taiwan Xiaonan" located in southwestern China. ", and "Cui Bai" located in Vietnam. Although all four of them belong to the genus Xiaonan in terms of plant classification, there are significant differences in the fragrance of their wood. Among them, Taiwan Xiaonan has the most introverted and gentle fragrance, and the texture and texture are the most detailed and thick. It is the crown of Xiaonan. Other Xiao Nan's scents are slightly pungent and unpleasant. Because Xiao Nan often grows on rocky cliffs, or on the banks of clear streams, with a pure aura, it has the effect of warding off evil and removing filth. It can soothe nervous and anxious moods. It can be used for meditation, meditation, thinking, improve spiritual energy, soothe the mind and help sleep. There are five kinds of Thunder Splitting Wood Xiao Nan Nothing Cards: *Blank: No drilling and no carving, suitable for you to take it back and create by yourself *Avalokitesvara Heart Sutra without incident card: The front is the Sanskrit of Guanyin Bodhisattva and Heart Sutra The beginning of the Heart Sutra: Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, who walks deep prajna paramita for a long time, sees that the five aggregates are empty, and overcomes all sufferings... Therefore, the Heart Sutra and Guanshiyin Bodhisattva are inseparable from each other and have a deep relationship. Guanshiyin Bodhisattva is the representative of Buddhist bodhicitta and great compassion. On the back is the full text of the Heart Sutra: "The Heart Sutra is actually the principle of the operation of the universe, the truth of the world." It is often said that reading and writing the Heart Sutra or even wearing it can exorcise evil spirits, open up wisdom, and can ask for anything. The reason for this is this principle. Monsters and ghosts are the heaviest obsessions. The original intention of the Heart Sutra is to get rid of obsessions. Once the obsessions are eliminated, there is no such thing as a monster. , So that is great wisdom, so reciting the Heart Sutra frequently can make us get closer and closer to the frequency of the great wisdom of the universe, and of course it helps to open up wisdom. Once we have realized the emptiness, we can get rid of all the troubles and obstacles. The pain, of course, I would like to ask. The full name of the Heart Sutra is Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra. "Prajna Paramita" is Sanskrit. "Prajna" is wisdom, and "paramita" is perfection; so "prajnaparamita" means: wisdom of perfection. This sutra is called the Heart Sutra because it contains the essence of the Buddha's perfect wisdom. There are only two hundred and six crosses in the whole article, which is the most widely known Mahayana sutra with the fewest words. What the Heart Sutra clarifies is the idea of "emptiness". But emptiness does not deny the existence of everything in the universe; it is not nihilism. It means: everything comes from the combination of various conditions (or causes); if the conditions are met, there will be, and if the conditions are not met, there will be nothing. Everything is born of cause and condition, so there is no permanent body. Emptyness also illustrates the relativity of all viewpoints. After comprehending the wisdom of this "emptiness", you know that both the material world and the spiritual world are changeable. As long as you change the causes and conditions, everything can be changed; you also realize that you don't have to be too persistent in everything. In this way, we can transcend all distress and distress, reach the state of "heartlessness", and obtain absolute peace and happiness. At the same time, if you understand that everything is born of cause and condition, you will cherish and make good use of cause and condition to achieve the ideal of self-interest and altruism. *Pure Heart Sutra without incident card: The positive and negative sides add up to the full text of the Heart Sutra *Guan Gong Nothing Card: The front is the deity of Guan Gong: About Guan Gong: Guan Gong, whose real name is Guan Yu, has a long word cloud. The Qinglong Yanyue Sword swept across the thousands of troops, and the red rabbit and horse galloped across the battlefield, assisting Liu Bei to complete the triumphant career. With his life full of heroes and legends, he was recommended by later generations as a sacred idol of "loyalty, righteousness and courage". Guan Yu is known for his loyalty, righteousness, and high martial arts. The feudal rulers of all dynasties need such typical characters to maintain their rule. Therefore, he vigorously exaggerates the character and integrity of Guan Gong, who is loyal, righteous, brave, and martial, and hopes that there will be more civil servants and generals. To be loyal to the emperor like Guan Yu, and to offer his courage to the community. From the Northern and Southern Dynasties until the end of the Qing Dynasty, Guan Yu was given more and more honors by the emperors of the past. Guan Gong is well-known both at home and abroad, and is as famous as the "Sage of Wen" Confucius, and is also known as the "Second Sage of Civil and Martial Arts." In Chinese Buddhism, Guan Gong is the Garan Bodhisattva. Jialan Bodhisattva and Weituo Bodhisattva are called the two protector gods of Buddhist temples, Jialan Bodhisattva is the right guardian, and Weituo Bodhisattva is the left guardian. The folks call it Kalan Zun King and Kalan Chitose. On the back is the curse of God of Wealth: Because Guan Gong is the God of Wealth, this film can protect you and bring you wealth, with two birds with one stone. What kind of professional nature is suitable for God of Wealth? Jobs that require labor, or have to travel frequently to gain performance with hard work, such as business salesmen, tourism, military and police, construction and decoration, automobile, vendors, agriculture, fisheries, computer technology, etc. *Puba King Kong Nothing Card: Front: Puba King Kong Deity About Puba King Kong: The Pupa Vajra Tantra was proclaimed personally by the master Shakyamuni Buddha. It has been passed down through Padmasambhava’s inheritance so far. In addition to attaining Buddhahood, the practice is to relieve, increase, embrace, and punish the cause, that is, to calm obstacles and evil karma; to increase. , Wealth, life span; Subduing, increasing power; Protecting the walker from human and inhuman external obstacles, internal obstacles of the body, and secret obstacles of body troubles, etc. Pupa King Kong has special effects. On the back is the Pupa Vajra Mantra Wheel: There is a seed word in the middle and a spell next to it. Adding a spell can make the guardian of Pupa King Kong have a multiplicative effect. According to the text contained in the text, the practice of the Pupa Vajra deity can obtain eight special merits: 1. Get good luck. 2. Can be a big success. 3. Longevity can be achieved. 4. Abundant available wealth. 5. Get good fate and benefit friends and family members. 6. The merits of eliminating karma can be obtained. 7. Available power to eliminate obstacles and demons. 8. All careers can be achieved without hindrance. *Golden Light Curse Nothing Card: Front: The Golden Light Mantra completes this mantra "Golden Light Curse" is an innate spell of the Jade Emperor, powerful and powerful Children can use wisdom, adults can adjust their own magnetic field, and it will be exclusionary to the invisible~has a strong protective effect. The golden light refers to the light of the "Tao" that is born and born, and the light that shines on the golden immortal who is in harmony with the Dao is this light. The Golden Light Curse can help practice, drive away demons, protect the body, and ward off evil spirits. It can also add and subtract spell sentences to practice magic weapons, etc. It has a huge effect and is a must for Thunder Call. The golden light magic spell can activate the yin soldiers in front of the altar to protect the body. High-level kung fu, such as mobilizing Yin soldiers to guard, concealing magic weapons, contemplating souls, and so on, all need the assistance of the Golden Light God spell. Consecration, Fengshui transforms evil spirits, urging should not be magical charms, praying for luck and changing luck, fighting skills, etc. About Lei Split Wood: As a Chinese Taoist and Buddhist ritual tool, Leipi wood has a long history. Legend has it that in the folks of Northeast China, ordinary people generally believe that lightning strikes woods that are split by the thunder and lightning from the sky, and ghosts are deeply afraid of them, and they are the most powerful magic object to avoid evil. Because the information that thunder father and electric mother blocked the spirit body is left on the lightning strike wood, it is extremely deterrent to the spirit body, and can be used as a residential magical object. Some folk shamans are also afraid of lightning strikes against trees, because most of the "possessed" shamans are some low-level elves such as evil spirits, wild ghosts, and fox yellow snakes. The common people think that the big tree knocked down by thunder and lightning has the effect of exorcising evil spirits. Because Ray had driven away all the ghosts and demons from this tree, other sneaky people saw this tree again and did not dare to approach it. Therefore, in the northeast area, people often use rope to wear a piece of lightning strike wood, wear it on the child’s wrist or hang it on the neck, thinking that the child will not "carry things".

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About Xiao Nanmu: Xiao Nan ranks between second and third in the ranking of precious fragrant wood plants in the world. The first place is agarwood, and the second place is Indian Laoshan (ie sandalwood) and Taiwan Xiao Nan are on the same level.

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