Kinki handmade cute Teletubbies healing system dried small potted small potted plant waterer

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Kinki handmade cute Teletubbies healing system dried small potted small potted plant waterer

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Kinki Super Meng gift handmade ✿ ღ Teletubbies cute little dried flower healing system / Commodity Description and story / The sun came out ~ ✿ Teletubbies came out ღ Let Lara (Laa-Laa) and Brindisi (Dipsy) with us temporarily put aside worries and sorrow ✿ Like, like Teletubbies laugh ღ / Dimensions,/ Flower about 8.5-9cm, including flower total height of about 10-11cm, gardening is to raise the outlet of about 12cm. Handmade Floral actual size of commodities inevitably there is some error, but will not reduce the amount spent, can accept to buy, thank you! / Material / Handmade items are: the import of new wooden roses Dried floral materials: Israel imports of cotton / Netherlands imports green hydrangea / import Canary / import Daisy / imported straw daisy Amaranth add: Pro flower imports Flower: Dolomite Plant Waterer (hand-painted, it is inevitable that some minor flaws, perfectionist, please think twice.) / Use / Valentine's Day flower gift / Wedding Accessories / Bridesmaid gift / EXPLORATION Room ceremony / wedding decoration / home layout / decor store / studio setup / Desk Accessories / birthday / graduation gift / advertising gift / table settings / furnishings / decorations / decoration / pumping bouquet ceremony ✿ product descriptions, use and maintenance methods ❤ flowers do not love moist, give him dry and ventilated environment, away from direct sunlight. ❤ dried flowers, not withered flowers Baocunlianghao can place several months to several years, and each time have different taste. But there are still tasting time limit, naturally fade over time is normal weathering. ❤ flowers and plants because of seasonal changes vary, we will choose the best seasonal flowers and plants to produce. The shape of flowers and the plant itself is different, and no longer completely the same attitude, we can not make a completely identical merchandise. ❤ photos are shot using real products, we try to convey the real picture with the same product, but in a different light, the color of the commodity might be different, so we can not guarantee that the color, appearance, packaging can be exactly the same. ❤ every kind of merchandise after receipt of order are carefully selected making purchases, if you have a single emergency needs, but also can be sent to us, we will try to assist you. ❤ our serious intentions of making each item. If you receive the goods are not satisfied, please take photos and contact us so that we can assist you in the first time. We will under the circumstances, to give a replacement or cancel the order for you, I hope you do not rush to give their assessment of the difference, personal studio business is not easy, we strive to make better work to more people to see, and thank you for your support love. ✿ distribution ❤ Delivery of goods does not include the production time is about 1-2 days ❤ convenience store (store to store) does not include the production time is about 2-3 days ❤ In order to maintain the quality of fresh flowers and plants, some fresh flowers and plants does not offer the convenience store merchandise shop to shop and distribution services, freight companies shipping due course we could not personally supervise, so there is much risk, please forgive me, thanks. ❤ dried flowers and plants to be sent abroad, please contact us to discuss the letter, but Pinkoi unable to provide transport services. ❤ We will get crash protection measures properly to your hands, send process will inevitably be a little drop situation is normal. If the goods in question, the first time to take pictures, please contact us, we will immediately at your disposal. ❤ 3-like ordering of goods (or more) to choose to send home delivery, send goods NA President Chain Store's way. ✿ Notes ❤ about every kind of goods are on handmade production time 4-5 working days available each floral quality will be different, will not produce exactly the same with the picture completely. ❤ send process will inevitably be a little drop situation is normal. Last Reminder: Each bouquet are all manual measurement, it is inevitable that some errors please forgive me Oh! ❤ Kinki very much hope to meet everyone's needs, it is our intention has always been good Hope before the next set is also asking you to confirm the size of the bouquet again, to ensure that their rights Oh If you can not accept please do not order Oh ✿ For customization, please read the following information and private information asked designers holidays, Thanksgiving! ❤ because customization process is more rigorous and cumbersome, required before and after a long time, a single shopping spending of NT $ 1000 yuan (excluding freight) can be customized one, and the need to want to receive the goods two weeks before the inquiry, If less than two weeks time, I am afraid can not accept custom, the proposed purchase of goods already in store. Good quality custom creations is the need to be patient. ❤ because custom requires precise discussion, please provide the desired color and style and press the "contact designers' private information to us. ❤ not accept floral works of others as a customized basis, because we respect all creators. Respect other people's ideas, that is, respect yourself. ❤ customization because the use of floral materials may be different, the price will be different, please inform Budget and designers want to make the color style you want to use items are also told that, let us help you evaluate the offer. Need to have a more clear idea of clear and good communication both before ❤ customized, imagine if vague "feel" Nanyixingrong or unable to provide a similar picture, you can only choose to believe Kinki floral beauty, and customized proofing after receiving only two fine-tuning, I am afraid can not accept big adjustment, but also I am afraid can not accept half-hearted. If you have more indecisive decision, it is recommended to buy other works like the Marketplace. ❤ customized payment of goods and stores the same as a payment before production proofing, proofing provides complete picture, satisfaction before shipping. ❤ our non-traditional florist origin, nor the pursuit of a certificate, but strive to continuously learn orthodox floral technology combined with an endless supply of ideas, the floral fused to people's lives, into more positive energy for the community . Therefore, it is the store where the original works or works of continuous innovation, or for guests customized every work, are the same high standards and high quality to be strict with themselves, thus derived from a more "customized NOTES ON "because quality can not be compromised. ✿ on commodity color questions: why photos are only examples? Recent cases of aggregate experience as follows: ❤ works on color problems, you must follow your instructions as follows: you can see through our work is full-frame digital SLR camera Canon 5D3 + Canon original top L lens + Canon original flash photography from the top, combined with Japan's top auto-correction photographer dedicated screen with imac mini system + Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom CC the latest version of the work carried out with the photo color correction than photographs cf. photographer business according to the specifications presented, and strive guests as in the general daytime sunlight time, saw the appearance of the actual commodity. ❤ is our responsibility to our output of goods at the end of the original, but the color change color the rear end of the possible presence of several factors may have the following: 1. When we upload photos to Pinkoi system, via Pinkoi system once again compressed, resulting in slight color and brightness distortion. If guests download photos of our work again after upload messages to discuss with us, and compression via Pinkoi once again, causing secondary distortion. Our professional screen side, the color may also bright than the original photo, which may cause your misjudgment. 2. Guests using a browser might also produce color, which is color-coded program issues. 3. The operating system guests may also be color production, which is color-coded system problems. 4. guests use color screen is usually the most significant factor, because the breadth and color reduction degree of stability of each screen is different, and different shading settings that gap will have a color cast. The largest source of chromatic aberration produced when viewing photos 5. ambient light also affect the viewing photographs, for example, under yellow light, the reflected color screen and in general there is a window during the day and black light indoor environment is not the same, resulting in false color recommended for viewing under complete darkness. 6. The extent of surface reflection color screen can also cause miscarriage of justice, especially in the use of glass mirror screen viewing, and did not watch the whole dark environment, and even the color of the clothes will be reflected on the screen, causing the watch when generating color color, does not recommend the use of reflective matte screen viewing in total darkness, and dressed in black. 7. The eye color perception or glasses material and light transmittance, and clean, and if there is wear glasses may also be a factor color will exist, it is impossible to define the standards and recommendations on this. 8. Guests receive the goods will also affect the viewing environment to see the works of color, especially in the dark and lit a faint yellow or faint fluorescent, all will seriously affect the work presented to your mind a feeling of. 9. The human eye can see the image is actually made light shines on an object, different objects via reflectivity, light refraction and site environment, into the eyes of light through the transparent cornea, iris, lens, vitreous and liquid refraction , image on the retina. Retinal physiological electrical signal is transmitted to the brain along the optic nerve, triggering the visual judgment. Image formed on the retina is inverted relative to the object, the automatic conversion mind interpreted positively established feel. The neurons in the brain's visual areas are very small, that is ultimately the people "see" the image of the perceived feeling. Thus, because the relationship between physiological factors, everyone for color judgment may vary. Or more guests we print output may encounter the error factors determine the color and does not contain the lighting and color problems faced by the early commodities shooting. Even if the color and brightness of the commodity guests would eventually see because so many factors to our cognitive or drop somewhat, but we still insist on long custom, the guests will still take the trouble to commercial goods according to the specifications presented to take pictures, and after carefully proofread color, and strive to be close to the standard color temperature of the original product, and then presented in front of guests. Although eventually color cast, but we still have to take responsibility insist on doing the right thing. This section will explain, is based on the desired color for the particular make and adhere to sensitive guests, to understand the efforts we have made, as well as the number of full variation factors, which may cause you to our goods and get the actual works miscarriage of justice, we may think of the actual commodity color photos and works of different, so special statement and told that this is why the work of each beam will be different, not perfectly identical. This is dried floral natural, does not wither floral, hand-made temperature, unique. If you have concerns and would not mind, I suggest do not place orders. General may each flower floral color will be slightly different, so that the colors may be slightly on the same as the original works photographs slightly different, but they are the same items are collected down. Because flowers are made of natural dried flowers, each flower color itself originally a petal will be different, such as dried hydrangea is particularly evident, sometimes color shades. So we Jie indicated on the product page, the work can not be exactly the same, if the items are out of stock will be replaced with the same color, if do not mind if the next single. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade

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