[4.0 New Upgrade] Gentle Mountain Thick Cut Backpack-Yemu Black X Water Repellent

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[4.0 New Upgrade] Gentle Mountain Thick Cut Backpack-Yemu Black X Water Repellent

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https://youtu.be/ZhjeGkjniXQ https://64.media.tumblr.com/da05bfe7f3beb31e42cba7ecefe7d30b/516e972b6d812bbe-98/s1280x1920/31bcf5d3b0019452ae28b018c094fb3d7cb5ef2a.jpg ✔ Buy two ₄.₀ thick cut backpacks ☞ 💡 now save NT.180 ✔**Eligible for the additional purchase of 1 yuan small coin purse** **Buy two ₄.₀ thick cut backpacks~** **You can purchase a little monster coin purse at NT.1! (Market price: NT.280)** ex: Buy two ₄.₀ thick-cut backpacks, you can buy one extra! Buy four ₄.₀ thick-cut backpacks, you can buy two more! ! Buy six ₄.₀ thick-cut backpacks, you can buy three more! ! ! https://64.media.tumblr.com/9abc25abbeb59d5785f380358b053b41/516e972b6d812bbe-26/s1280x1920/a0caed3f9a88bd3e113570403122aadf57d442fe.gifv **[One yuan plus purchase store] Little trouble monster x change canvas bag** ☞ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/ZW4fi4zF **※ For detailed instructions, please refer to the additional purchase page, the gift will be given only if you place an order:)** https://64.media.tumblr.com/27f7c792aab415b4d0134e1b88850ce9/516e972b6d812bbe-bc/s1280x1920/e358091e8ab433676f67c7f89d8c94dcf9ac70d4.jpg **大山**🏔 Representative: "No matter what kind of torrential rain or low tide, The gentle mountain that always accompanies you. " -**most important each other around.** https://64.media.tumblr.com/77d19ad3e7770003c475d54266f1d36e/516e972b6d812bbe-e0/s2048x3072/c8b5141e6608739c2f255259e5304e830f07ca0c.jpg ₄.₀ New version! It can be said that it has assembled Momotou for nine years, **Everyone’s feedback from 1.0 to 3.0 is a super invincible backpack!** In the past few years, everyone’s feedback, advice and wishes for backpacks, **In fact, Mo Er all have notes to study carefully! ! !** Every year, I hope to make more progress in different details, (Then secretly let’s see if you find XD Which details can be better and better, Which parts can be more comfortable and practical, Which materials can be more durable... **In fact, I think and study every day.** I just didn't expect, From collecting information, ideas, drawing, designing, finding a master, making patterns, selecting fabrics, embroidering, numerous shots, numerous back and forth revisions, to making... The speed of a rotten meat is really slow... **No kidding, it really took nine years.** Baby designed with blood and sweat, At the moment of completion, it is really not an exaggeration... Tears like an idol plot (😂😂😂 For the first time I can cry proudly: **Finally made the perfect bag in mind**💯💯💯 I would like to thank all the ink kids for the completion of this bag 😭 Thank you all for so many years, All the suggestions, criticisms and advices to Rotten Meat Moer! There is a flaw, a problem, or a back for a while which side can be better, Thank you to all of you who are patient, careful and willing to be caring! **You are also part of making this design complete! ! !** ₄.₀ Regardless of the choice of master and materials, It can be said that they are being produced according to the standard of counter quality! Ink head’s annual goal, **It is to improve the quality and workmanship of the bag,** Selling money must be worthy of the master, yourself, and you! Mo Er is also confident that after receiving this bag, I must be able to see Mo'er's hard work in seconds:) https://64.media.tumblr.com/3d6c776d797ef7cfa329cdf9b5d9f858/e998ee48607e10f1-e1/s2048x3072/b92507df3f5eba63b4a7706984c2c4e0cdac9161.jpg https://64.media.tumblr.com/182fa51f8033ba1cf1761dd3dfaaf6db/e998ee48607e10f1-ba/s1280x1920/257290857664edd559027173f17ee56a11acd7ed.jpg https://64.media.tumblr.com/4ae2d212eb893f45f7aeedad41016e7b/e998ee48607e10f1-f3/s2048x3072/c1eebdb466789b292f0cb17249f0ba0dc2c7b788.jpg https://64.media.tumblr.com/7fe9b648e1e3eee76bbe8ca3b98e147b/e998ee48607e10f1-cc/s2048x3072/e626a0641eabdfbefcdd995cec7c5414810ef4ff.gifv https://64.media.tumblr.com/3c2d9fa58fcb769d144c7aa81449ffdb/e998ee48607e10f1-ce/s2048x3072/b447934c1725439e351d2e3824fa29c7f67157ae.jpg https://64.media.tumblr.com/4d0868cb3fbf6753eaecdd6f6c0ff198/e998ee48607e10f1-32/s1280x1920/f9b84016e6722185f7ffe12cad8d5e158fe92f07.gifv https://64.media.tumblr.com/6ef203f5701b0bbd1379554ebeef1437/e998ee48607e10f1-9f/s2048x3072/ffd77e9234e6f4f05ce4f65722ec64eddbc1eb8b.jpg Male Madou: Height 175cm/ Weight 72kg Female dou: height 160cm / weight 48kg **₄.₀ Universal thick cut backpack** ➔**First choice for laptop bags**: The thicker inner pocket can hold laptops within 15 inches, and the outer pocket can hold tablets within 11 inches ➔**First choice for travel bags**: Water-repellent material, with water bottle and umbrella storage bags inside and outside, the bag body is light and thin without additional burden ➔**first choice for office workers**: Exclusive small card holder and back storage design, a must for commuters ➔**First choice for student bags**: Huge storage capacity, retractable A4, thicker back at the shoulders, comfortable to carry 💯 https://64.media.tumblr.com/2cc8eef9f7a6bf6f48b37bb9ffcd0d95/0bc656c3ea80c9ce-c0/s2048x3072/a9b2b1260e468816c636c7f55313861597658f2f.jpg In fact, the gentle mountains and the sweet trees, It can be regarded as the classic pattern of the ink head brand since its establishment. Dashan and Xiaoshu each have a large group of supporters, Mo Er was also troubled for a long time, thinking for a long time~ Only one decision can fulfill everyone's wish! ! ! That is,**Directly give you the whole forest**🏔🌲 So this time ₄.₀ thick cut the backpack, it’s not polite **I planted three small trees ❶ and a big mountain ❷ directly above,** Moer also follows the personality of the bag~ Design the big mountain and the small tree in different positions. Let everyone from the front or the side❸, **You can share this little story with you brightly**✨ The color selection of embroidery has also been slightly adjusted this time. The machine needle method is also set on the cleanest line as far as possible. Will not leave ugly thread trails, **pattern is the soul of the bag**, All small details can't be sloppy! https://64.media.tumblr.com/4a29afc9873fc7af3d4ab9de78473631/0bc656c3ea80c9ce-39/s2048x3072/0f8d20503c9675a2b90480422c86a80c9a19b085.jpg This time the series of forest trees, mountains and small trees, a total of: |**smoked tea rice**|and|**night twilight black**|two colors, The classic Yemu Ink Black is more warm and moist under the twill fabric with a feel. It is the most popular basic color that is unbeaten for thousands of years, easy to match with dirt, and the most popular. Needless to say, GET directly! 💪💪💪 Another**smoked tea beige ❶**, this one is really... **Have completely escaped from the previous beige frame! ! !** It's not the kind of dull beige or old yellowing, But the**smoky hue**you will really see a few more when you walk on the road! Seeing beautiful things, my heartbeat misses a beat, Please, you really have to witness it with your own eyes😂 **The 4.0 fabric is also fully upgraded to water repellent❷,** Finally no longer have to be afraid of rainy days💦 (But still have to hold an umbrella~ The fabric texture is made of twill material, In order to retain the feel of the canvas, **water-repellent twill also improves the shortcomings of the canvas that is easy to fade and dye**💯 https://64.media.tumblr.com/6ad6bda206e760797ceee21bfbc021fb/0bc656c3ea80c9ce-43/s2048x3072/a9aa34a9e482c84507a89bb453458636a78e0df5.jpg **This time the version is cut off and re-trained! All redesigned!** The process of pattern making is constantly researched with the master, Modified back and forth, tried back, and fine-tuned various details. Here is a brief report on the key points: **The water bottle bag on both sides is deepened and enlarged, and one side is elastic ❶,** There is no one side, so that the elasticity of putting things becomes greater! ₄.₀ The capacity of the outer bag is increased,**can hold a tablet within 11 inches❷,** The thick laptop interlayer in the inner pocket,**can hold a laptop within 15 inches❸,** In addition to the front and rear zip storage bags, one large and one small zipper storage bag ❹, The open storage bag is also secretly divided into a small pen case ❺~ **The thickness of the bottom of the bag has also increased to 15cm,** Under the conditions that must be light and comfortable, **A full 15% increase in capacity compared to the original! ! !** In addition, this time it is inevitable that there is also Moer’s small intimate ❤️ It is a water bottle bag with an elastic opening inside the inside of the**❻!** If you don't want to put it on the outside, you can also put it in~ It's very stable and convenient! But according to the rewards behind the various helpers, It is also very suitable for storing earphones, mobile power and other small things👌 The last big highlight✨ **It is an extra anti-theft zipper pocket❼ on the back,** This is where Mo Er feels personally that he must upgrade. To go abroad for an outing is to put important things close to your body. This location is perfect to hold and put it at ease ❤️ https://64.media.tumblr.com/9b552bd3ccef523a9f19740896e6c170/0bc656c3ea80c9ce-e4/s1280x1920/7edcd2331bc215f5b372d454a04883ede39ecebe.gifv ₄.₀ The most mysterious and exclusive design of the bag, **It comes with a detachable zipper egg bag! ✨** The way of disassembly is very simple, **The concealed buckle is hidden behind the strap ❶** Fast and sturdy and convenient to disassemble, **The small egg bun also has two adjustable heights ❷,** Allow users to switch freely according to different heights♡ Don’t look at the small egg bag, **A four-cell classification mezzanine layer is built inside❸,** The size can accommodate such as: Small things such as leisure card, change, ticket, lipstick, earphones, lip balm, etc., Commuters, going to work and class, outings and mountain climbing are all taken care of! **It is convenient for everyone to take things within a safe sight,** It is the biggest task of the small egg bag! ! ! **The small egg bag is just as good when it is disassembled❹✨** In order to let the small egg bun rest, The buckle can also retain the texture, **The upper head is again inlaid with the ink ink head baked color leather label 😂** (Even the sewing thread requires two holes to return to be beautiful ❺ ♡ **The buckle design can also hold small things such as sunglasses ❻ or pendant ❼!** Paired with roasted black YKK slider, Not only beautiful but also super practical💯 💯 💯 Are you careful enough to clap my hands 😭 I am very proud of the small egg buns! https://64.media.tumblr.com/42a08f2583b772f3ecf8fde2dd134cff/0bc656c3ea80c9ce-c4/s1280x1920/8fe228b426e962cc63638ee7288c42bf5526295f.gifv This time the leather label is from the side of the bag, **Changed to the back position above the strap ❶,** It’s not because of adjusting the shoulder strap length, And the place where the leather tag moves~ People of any body shape can show off safely on their backs. **₄.₀ In the design of the strap, the method of trimming is changed ❷,** At the same time, the thickness, width and hardness of the strap have been fine-tuned, After strict ink head ergonomic design, The final result of the comprehensive test of beauty and comfort: **With a thickness of 0.8cm and a width of 6cm with a more solid and elastic EPE cotton,** Under the load and endurance test, Have reached the comfort level of 💯! ! ! Try the little helper to report back items of the same weight, **₄.₀ The backpack is also lighter than other bags in terms of body feel♡** **In addition, the material on the adjustment belt is also greatly upgraded,** In addition to being stronger and more durable, It is more smooth and convenient in adjustment~ In the past, due to the redundant adjustment belt, A long one dangling about the question of not being beautiful, **₄.₀ has also added a fixed ring ❸ can be fixed!** Change the ugliness in one second✨ https://64.media.tumblr.com/a7dc350eb98ef8e0dd848b58356d3b6f/0bc656c3ea80c9ce-9d/s2048x3072/25cafd0e2cc07c960ae7ba960c90e4bc5a48a936.jpg The top craftsman who received this heavy gift (wiping tears The master himself is also a perfectionist, **So the stitching is very neat and beautiful,** Moer was also in a place where it was easy to get off the line before, Such as the joints of handles, straps, and adjustment straps ❶, **Ask the master to do cross-strengthening processing ❷ 💪💪💪** Everyone knows just by looking at the little details~ The master also hid a small triangle inside △❸ In addition to the counter-level meticulous sewing, The inner material is also fully upgraded, **The zipper is made of YKK top roasted black material,** Dirt-resistant, rust-resistant and handsome✨ **7 YKK sliders were used to complete the entire bag!** (It's another announcement to make a heavy copy😂 **The back and bottom of the package body have been thickened and upgraded, ❹** The package will not hang down when it is placed alone, and the things will not be seriously deformed. The healthy weight has also increased to 6kg (Please take care of your shoulders Normal use can last a lifetime (just kidding I'm not afraid that your back will be bad, I'm afraid you will get tired of it😂😂😂 https://64.media.tumblr.com/8ef33fc5f2ca77f9bda6b4e3bf0b2971/0bc656c3ea80c9ce-8f/s2048x3072/a85d4c2178be57fac3fee2b230927de50c9806d6.jpg **₄.₀ A leather handle ❶ is added to the top of the backpack,** Improved the overall brightness and texture of the bag~returning rate💯 **Specially selected crispy roasted caramel leather ❷,**adorned on the backpack, I don’t know why it feels like freshly baked biscuits every time~ (And it's the most perfect cooked degree😋 Every time I look at the mood, I feel so beautiful ✨ **There is an ink head leather label ❸ above the back strap,** It’s not because of adjusting the shoulder strap length, And the place where the leather tag moves~ People of any body shape can show off safely on the back~ **The inner pocket is also inlaid with an exclusive black cloth label❹,** Small details that seem to be easily overlooked, Can't let it go this time! ! ! https://64.media.tumblr.com/42b0e09f28737de4da74a68d4fa5741f/0bc656c3ea80c9ce-94/s2048x3072/3c989af6ec024ef187cff2bfe24f0f3b1799b1b8.jpg **Each bag has its own dust bag to store~** Moer’s hand-wrapped warmth ~ pass it on to everyone:) **Free Lime Biscuit Elevator Coupon**(Anniversary Gift) **And birthday cream tag**(birthday gift)! The small card will be hung on the tag~ If you need a friend, please give Moer a note after placing an order:) **►Dimensions per square meter‧Unit cm** **Body length/40** **Package body width/30** **Package thickness/15** | **Outer bag length/25** **Outer bag width/25** **Outer bag thickness / 5** | **Outer water bottle bag length x width/17 x 13** **Inner water bottle bag length x width/19 x 15** | **Fixed strap length x width/39 x 6** **Adjustable strap longest x width/42 x 2.5** | **Small egg bag size/11.5 x 6** | **Laptop mezzanine/29 x 23** | **Back anti-theft zipper pocket/20 x 14** **Inside front zipper pocket/23 x 19** **Inside back zipper pocket/20 x 15** | **Net weight/420g** **Material/Water repellent twill** **►Top full roasted black YKK zipper** **►Can hold A4 and 15 inch laptop** 📌|Maintenance method ►The water-repellent fabric is less likely to be stained with liquids, so wipe it dry immediately when it is spilled. ►For normal maintenance, wipe gently with a damp cloth, vigorous rubbing will destroy the water-repellent coating. ►When washing, please use a neutral detergent to gently wash by hand, and use a soft toothbrush to clean the stains for soluble dirt. ►Be sure to wash the detergent, and yellow stains will appear after the unwashed residue is dried. ►After washing, please place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, do not expose it to direct sunlight! ►If you simply maintain the canvas bag according to the above steps, the life span can be maintained for a long time:) 📌|Product description ►The products are all exclusive limited editions, the ones that show "sold out" not on the shelf are out of print:) ►The color of the product will be slightly darker due to some factors such as light or screen! Moer has tried his best to adjust! 📌|Return and exchange method ►Because the products are custom-made by hand, and the size chart is indicated on the page, returns and exchanges are not provided for non-major defects! ►Please confirm the size and details of the product before purchasing. If you have any questions, you can ask before purchasing, and Moer will be happy to answer:) ►If you receive a defective product, please call immediately! Moer will definitely help you deal with it for free, please do not communicate with negative reviews! 📌|Overseas shipping ►Overseas international parcels currently only provide "post" (registered), and no "SF Express" delivery! ►If the address is provided incorrectly, you will have to bear the extra cost yourself. Please pay more attention:)

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