DULCET Fruit Shaker [gift] colorful fruit shakes tank

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DULCET Fruit Shaker [gift] colorful fruit shakes tank

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** (͡ ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) ╭☞ have eaten [dry] jam? This taste, absolute and general jam completely different! ** ** In addition to appearance, there are different save the most important is the taste and aroma is a condensed version of the super jam !!!! ** ** Come try ~ DULCET dry jam, subvert your taste experience! ** ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ** DULCET dry jam: oven becomes jam, fruit tea turned into hot tea! ! ** ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ** [Fruit Shaker / colorful dried fruit jam jar and shook his gift] ** (6 cans / box) ** ★ this year's New Year gift to share [Fruit Shaker / colorful dried fruit jam jar and shook his gift] together with you Shaker Shaker shake ~ (especially after the New Year feast at) !! ** ** Custom glass packaging by hand, dried fruit jams, fruit and Ding particles directly with go! Just shake anytime soon enjoy the natural good taste of fruit! ** ** ※ outer carton: hand silk printing, three beautiful colors, random shipments! ** ** ※ comes with a generous and elegant cotton rope bag Oh (red, black random shipping) ** https://i.imgur.com/du4l7jM.jpg ** [Fruit Shaker / colorful dried fruit jam jar and shook his gift] ** * [Passion Fruit, Roselle, pineapple, lychee, grapefruit, strawberries, melon, dragon fruit, mango] ** New taste "mango" limited fresh market Hello ~ ** Nine kinds of taste, and diverse choice! ! * Welcome to track us, to share ideas dry eat jam! = ¯ω¯ = Dulcet Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dulcet.fresh?fref=nf Dulcet Instagram: https://instagram.com/dulcet.fresh/ ※ ※ ※ DULCET whole museum. Full one thousand free transport ※ ※ ※ ** (Only the "Taiwan Island" area) ** Outer Islands Taiwan Delivery costs 220 yuan Please refer to the international shipping international and regional or international transport mode using Pinkoi (ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑) "stick sugar" is to make small candy who avoid sticking too loving, But also the most simple natural preservative Oh! ** ** 100% fresh fruit Adhere to the simple ingredients, presents the most natural taste! Fresh fruit personally handled by DULCET, strict hygienic quality! ※ Taiwan fresh fruit, 100% fresh fruit jam made Hand dry, Completely free of any chemical additives, flavors, artificial colors, preservatives. Natural fruit flavors, the perfect little like gem remains in the candy inside! Dry jam origin: French gums derived from early French to store fruit, and the emergence of a classic dessert, Also known as "dry jam." Dry jam Features: ◆ use [apple pectin to make jelly solidification], [animal fruit powder (gelatin)] and general commercial fudge used different, so you can eat a vegetarian! ◆ dry jam solidified key: [PH PH3 ~ 4] Apple gum will start to solidify, and the temperature must reach [108 ° C]. The two main factors need to match exactly, it can be successfully solidified molding! So there is a certain degree of difficulty in test master cook work! Dry jam Taste: Taste between French and fudge candy jam between, because the included Apple Pectin let in a little soft on the palate relatively Q, Which is different from the general market by the gelatin (gelatin) solidification molding, with chewy taste of candy, there is a clear difference. Dry jam flavors introduced: [Pitaya dry jam (red and white)] Selection yield to Nantou mingjian dragon fruit produced. Now is the time production season, red dragon fruit its flesh plump, soft Q, with fragrant floral fragrance. White Dragon fruit is crisp with herbal aroma. Red dragon fruit nutritional value of magnesium and zinc is the leader in many fruits, which are rich in vitamin C is also helpful for fair-skinned! Most importantly, its flesh contains a lot of fiber, can help defecation Oh! [Passion Fruit dry jam] selected from Daping Puli top Granadilla home, known as the "king of fruit" one hundred Allspice, in addition to rich in nutrients, the most attractive is that a strong floral aroma and sweet taste good, bright color bright yellow more enthusiasm, and most representative of Taiwan fruit characteristics. The production process to complete the removal of seed pulp child, leaving the peel and juice completely not adding any drop of water directly boiled, the passion fruit aromas and concentrated flavor of warm fudge a little in, a bite to eat like passion fruit like a condensed version of the rich! [Roselle] choose their own jam dry farming Roselle Roselle have [Taiwan wine] Beauty Yu, calyx The elegant calm of deep red wine, fresh picked natural drying, highly recognizable special little dried fruit aroma, In a little dark ruby crystal rosy as calm like so many bright, after the entry is full of varied layering, sometimes a little ebony and Roselle unique taste sweet and sour taste. Dried pineapple jam [] the most genuine representative of Taiwan fruit characteristics "pineapple" Taiwan's choice of pure soil pineapple Britain opened the 2nd varieties, strong aroma of tropical fruit, pineapple territories with unique sour and sweet Level varied characteristics, so that each one can feel the flavor of the summer changeable! Dry litchi jam [] used in Taiwan Nantou black leaf litchi, Q bomb flesh, a bite, sweet Juicy with elegant floral scent, slowly overflowing whole mouth - along with whole pieces of litchi pulp removed, 100% fresh fruit directly boiled, each one can eat lychee flesh and sweet taste. [Jam] selected grapefruit dry Madou, Tainan old cong pomelos, its flesh is soft and delicate fine seeds, plus Chen Yue-old cong circulated unique grapefruit flavor, the share of deposits of green pomelo sweet, fragrant and articulate in between sweet! Very special unique old cong Taiwan grapefruit, its fresh and elegant atmosphere, particularly prominent in the citrus aroma is a memorable rookie, DULCET strongly recommended! [Jam] melon dry melon have "melon king" reputation. Melon delicious sweet and juicy, crisp and sweet flesh, reticulated rind, full of rich nutritional value. Selection Tsui honey melon varieties, will flesh without boiling water directly to retain the full aroma of melon, yellow-green flesh with its elegant fragrance, with a dry taste jam, impact your taste buds! [Our] selection in the Great Lakes producing dry strawberry jam, the direct-origin fresh strawberry aroma, concentrated in this one pale pink strawberry jelly inside, no longer have to worry about the strawberry season is too short or not a difficult save and enjoy! Small inner containing strawberries seeds, a bit off, like eating now picking fresh strawberries! Main ingredients: fresh fruit, sugar, apple gum, lemon juice, glucose Content total weight: 300g ± 10g / box (6 cans / box) Fruit Shaker packaging materials: glass canning Packaging material: Hand brush Version tray (color random) Shelf life: three months Storage: dry and cool place, not frozen Vegetarian edible Fans DULCET Origin / manufacturing methods Hand Taiwan

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