god leading hand made - Music an 8cm mini folk guitar model Charm Decoration (dual) + musical box jewelry box painted texture Sold cartons Gifts birthday gift Valentine's Day gift Christmas gifts music people must have special New Year wishes gifts (pl

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    god leading shop cat "Xiaomi" shop dog "little" to accompany you to the mountains, record life.
    Maintaining good intentions, good things, keep learning, maintain innocence.
    / 11 / 9-12 / 9 Shop Hugh Important Announcement / iris honeymoon so to temporarily store break.

    Detailed Description Shipping time:
    Between 11 / 1-11 / 15, payment orders produced and mailed to about 12/16.
    Between 11 / 16-11 / 30, 12/21 produced about the payment order and mailed.
    Between 12 / 1-12 / 15, payment orders and send finished about 12/26.
    Orders after 12/16 payments, normal working days 7-9 working days to complete and does not include holiday mailed.

    The days are expected to be approximately estimated, at current volume of orders and production conditions based.
    Make sure there is a need to advance the next single!

    Payment Orders 11/30 a few days ago to more than expected,
    So at this stage to be the first to make payment orders to the main ship,
    Reply message and orders supplement.

    December is no way to open emergency orders, to see if this text does not have to ask again.


    **✦ / About god leading the design direction / ✦**

    This is a very hard hand to do business division shop. Hand-made combination of illustration.
    With childlike cute visual intrinsic retro texture, style front meaningful concept.
    Making a special gift they'll get a feel warm memorable collections.

    Because now more focused on the production of materials used in the design and packaging receive immediate feeling.
    So the picture may not be so rich,
    But I believe that my hand will be able to do was to make you feel warm,
    Fate met you will be able to get my hands were very happy to do.

    **✦ / mini-musical about the design / ✦**

    Small guitar strap the introduction of many hopes have received a letter from the needs of other mini-musical,
    So began efforts to develop more mini instruments.
    Currently there are 35 kinds of mini musical instruments! (And ongoing efforts to make it more)

    Each mini-instruments have been master craftsman's hands.
    The old technology with the new era of design ingenuity texture into a single two unique feelings and memorial.

    Mini Instruments Model - Guitar: https://www.pinkoi.com/store/god-leading?tag=%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8%E6%A8%A1%E5%9E%8B-%E5%90%89%E4%BB%96 % 8B-% E5% 90% 89% E4% BB% 96
    Mini Instruments Model - Percussion: https://www.pinkoi.com/store/god-leading?tag=%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8%E6%A8%A1%E5%9E%8B-%E5%9C%8B%E6%A8%82 9E% 8B-% E5% 9C% 8B% E6% A8% 82
    Mini model instrument - violin https://www.pinkoi.com/store/god-leading?tag=%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8%E6%A8%A1%E5%9E%8B-%E6%8F%90%E7%90%B4 8B-% E6% 8F% 90% E7% 90% B4
    Mini Instruments Model - Wukelili https://www.pinkoi.com/store/god-leading?tag=%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8%E6%A8%A1%E5%9E%8B-%E7%83%8F%E5%85%8B%E9%BA%97 % 9E% 8B-% E7% 83% 8F% E5% 85% 8B% E9% BA% 97
    Mini Instruments Model - country music https://www.pinkoi.com/store/god-leading?tag=%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8%E6%A8%A1%E5%9E%8B-%E5%9C%8B%E6%A8%82 % 8B-% E5% 9C% 8B% E6% A8% 82
    Mini Instruments Model - Band https://www.pinkoi.com/store/god-leading?tag=%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8%E6%A8%A1%E5%9E%8B-%E7%AE%A1%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8 % 8B-% E7% AE% A1% E6% A8% 82% E5% 99% A8
    Mini model instrument - keyboard instrument https://www.pinkoi.com/store/god-leading?tag=%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8%E6%A8%A1%E5%9E%8B-%E9%8D%B5%E7%9B%A4%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8 % 8B-% E9% 8D% B5% E7% 9B% A4% E6% A8% 82% E5% 99% A8
    Mini Instrument Model - Microphone https://www.pinkoi.com/store/god-leading?tag=%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E6%A8%82%E5%99%A8%E6%A8%A1%E5%9E%8B-microphone 8B-microphone

    This page contains a hand-made model price + box with a small card and gift packaging and so rich in content.
    ** But not attached to any customized services, customized services at an extra charge users additional purchase orders.
    (Customized: according to personal needs for making you unable to do well.)
    So if there is no word no additional purchase Sew - Lucky the listing is no seam blank word.

    Need customization services please**✦ / or other customized shopping area plus we provide / ✦**will service you want to your cart and checkout along with the mini-musical, avoid orders twice fees deducted by the system may be twice Oh!


    **Goods ✦ / Prices this page of the embedded / ✦**
    **1. Hand instrument simulation model dual Charm Decoration (if you want to strap accessories customized orders plus an additional purchase)**
    Description: One of the main instruments handmade model + bracket + stand attached strap accessories make mini-musical activities can be hung above the bag, as individual indicators. (If the main figure is not suitable for parts that do not like to add shopping area under [Customized Accessories Accessories] link page plus a single purchase, you can pick the right accessories strap detail according to personal preference!)

    **2. black retro vintage musical box**
    Description: This is to protect the mini-musical box is hand-bonding, there is no perfect being, can do other jewelry box!

    **3. Fortunately, small leather paper listed - plain white (To customize the Sew-word plus an extra single purchase)**
    Description: This is a small event listing basically hung mini pendant above the instrument, but can be removed to hang in the backpack zipper or other required identification on something (such as a pencil box).
    (To choose their own color and small listed on the small hand-stitched words listed to add customized shopping area [Accessories] strap under [Customized Link] Sew-word plus purchase single page, you can give us content Remarks help your system to do.**If there is no word no additional purchase sew - lucky the listing is no seam blank word**)

    **4. Hand-painted illustration + carton (To customized illustration pattern plus an extra single purchase)**
    Description: buy mini instruments we will help you with packing mention PACKER good. Because the designers liked to draw, it will then pack with the product to help you draw a vignette. So that more people can receive special and warm feel. (Part of the illustration To specify +66 yuan can appoint us help you draw a pattern, for example, I want to paint a Jinwang? Can do Oh! Illustration style is casual cute graffiti line style. If necessary go to [pattern] custom packaging under single additional purchase links page, you can give us the contents of notes to help you hand-painted)

    **5. The sale sticker business cards + 2 + 2 + Universal card note paperclip note dust plug +**
    Note: You will receive professional photographers and photo + two each note cards and handmade style illustration with sticker Kuka dust plugs (because it is handmade sometimes not as likely to be the stars color is random when for pumping pumping music!)

    We have to provide portion Thinking customized content, without affecting the brand style of the premise,
    Hoping to making it closer to the personal commemorative gift.
    Because the custom to prepare the material and making more time, it is not free.
    If necessary go to the next part of the custom single payment area plus additional purchase after purchase Notes.
    **Remember to try and instrument together into a mini shopping cart, shopping cart and then pay for it at the checkout together,**
    **Avoid fees by the system may be deducted twice Oh!**


    **✦ / We offer customized or purchased plus other region / ✦**
    **Plus purchase content viewing point into the page description, there is a need, please Add to cart accordance with demand "Order"**
    **After the single payment, to the contents of the memo to the designer.**

    **1. [Customized Accessories Accessories + NT100]**Choose your favorite designer or ask for help you make your accessory colors and styles with a total There are thousands of combinations, arbitrary, even more special!


    **2. [customized] Sew word + NT150**Lucky the listing plus custom hand-stitched words can be Hinako or call. special. Each six English or Korean, two Chinese or Japanese characters within 3

    **If you did not purchase additional Sew word - Lucky the listing is no seam blank word**
    **If you did not purchase additional Sew word - Lucky the listing is no seam blank word**

    **3. [to write a small card + NT33]**gift sent directly to each other in the distance, can help you write little scraps of paper.


    **4. [Customized packaging design + NT66]**designated drawn on the outer box pattern of warm, let the other party feel closer to the heart. The temperature pattern is pure hand-painted!


    **5. [expedited] single + NT120**Originally days is 7-9 days to complete, please overtime production designer into three business days to complete.
    (Making business days do not include holidays, less than three days to complete this part! Oh, no way, please note)

    **Link in accordance with their needs under a single purchase plus, for each service are separate links**
    Orders, and then contents of the memo to the designer.

    1. Customized Accessories: Leather D03 dressed 30 200 small brown listing.
    2. Sew word domo, stitch 23 colors.
    3. Gift Wrap: Please help me to draw a rabbit (with photos)
    4. To write a small card: zx: i love you by.iris (draw a smiley face balloon)
    5. Please expedited single day should arrive no later than No. 9/18


    **✦✧ purchase process ✦✧**
    A self-service orders
    1. Decide what you want the type of instrument, into the shopping cart.
    2. Verify whether you need to purchase additional customized content, go to (✦ / customized services plus other shopping area / ✦ viewing content
    And add content to purchase one by one into the shopping cart.
    3. to cart if you want to see the content in the shopping cart, checkout confirmation orders.
    4. The remarks column or contact local designers write down your needs or customized content.

    B Please open the link to your designer Order
    1. Contact the designer, clearly tell the designer what you want "style instrument" and "custom content", the designer can help you add the total amount, exclusive and open a direct link to your order.

    5. Payment. Once the money is paid to a third party pinkoi account, the system will automatically reconciled designer goods sent will receive a payment, payment, check order has become a payment order indicates that the system has received your payment designers will be ready to move.
    6. Hand-made tedious to confirm details, in accordance with the payment order making about 7-9 business days to make your product and send it to complete, if the date to a date must be received a day earlier remarks to the designer know and to be a letter to remind designers. If you use a single emergency service, is three working days to complete and send (business days exclude holidays)
    7. Goods sent complete, designers can fill in your order number above shipper can own inquiries, and the system will emit a single number to inform you that the designer has shipped!
    8. Distribution time: 1-2 days by mail is sent to the designated address, or stores can take 2-3 days delivered to the designated President Chain Store, mailing abroad is 5-8 days, detailed logistics company based.
    9. After receipt of the kids have questions, you can always give us a letter for you to do commentary. If you have inadvertently encounter problems, please contact us will certainly deal with it.
    10. The completion of the transaction evaluation, the end of the round. Look forward to the next meeting. Available look at the children in our family Oh.

    To introduce here, thank you for your patience to read, customized part remember a single additional purchase payment under the purchase to add area.
    **Self-service shopping, remember to make sure the instruments together into a mini shopping cart, shopping cart and then checkout payment with the press,**
    Avoid fees by the system may be deducted twice Oh!

    If other thoughts or questions, feel free to write to the designer to help.


    **✦ / use of materials / ✦**
    ✪ mini guitar body wooden model, the plastic model clarinet, wind instruments copper metal models.
    ✪ Lucky the listed material: Germany imported green leather paper
    As the name suggests is a thick thickness of the paper, but the feel of the leather surface and toughness.
    Leather, paper pulp natural fiber raw materials, feel good to touch the water cleaning dry naturally,
    Not contain any harmful substances, recycling, recyclable.
    Is both environmentally friendly and fit the feel of the material creation, different from the commercially available wide leather stamped words.
    ✪ Other accessories: Synthesis of Metal // // copper zinc alloy metal leather cord // // // Plastic Beads etc.

    **✦ / detail Description Size / ✦**
    Mini musical instruments size 8 - 10 cm
    Full-length button containing from about 11-- about 13 centimeters
    (Manual measurement may error 1-2cm)

    **✦ / packaging part / ✦**
    Mini musical instruments are very compact master of hand-colored paint !!!
    When packaging bag've been thinking about how to do, to protect the merchandise can not beautiful,
    Then open time to feel surprise !! income are important regardless of who is!
    Can not be sloppy Oh! ! Want to receive are satisfied expression, just like winter drink of hot cocoa as mood.

    **✦ / days / ✦**
    Hand-made and customized slow tedious, about 7-9 business days after payment to make your order completion mail.
    (This does not include working holiday)

    **✦ / logistics Time / ✦**
    Mail: 1-2 days after sending to the designated address
    President Chain Store Pickup: 2-3 days after delivery to the designated stores can be sent

    **✦ / service / ✦**
    After the purchase you have any problems with us are serious response and improvement.

    ㊗ / Notes / ㊗
    1. Hand-made mini gloss paint surface of the instrument, can not directly use as a key ring Oh!
    Other key thrown into the bag with a hard object collision, scratch easily damaged.
    Suitable for use with the correct way:
    Hanging in the car after the mirror or on the wall. Desk before lamps and other home decorations do use.

    2. Commodity price is floating museum, a busy time with designers about whether, you can feel the price is relatively low (Comparative designer busy) when the first buy them.


    **common problem**
    Q: Can you customize musical patterns?
    A: We see the hand, the letter would ask his guitar custom look.
    Development of instruments to be noted that breakdown, high cost of time, please do the master mold basic reserve price, so basically we have more than 20 ways to open a single production.

    Q: You can use the guitar can play musical instruments can sound???
    A: This is not a true musical instrument model

    Q: can packaging?
    A: Commodity Notes are not default to help you gift wrapping

    Q: Can you draw a pattern or lettering on top of the guitar?
    A: We only offer hand-made accessories listed next to sew word (see inside article)

    Q: Want to buy Sew +150 yuan plus word only six English words over how to do??
    A: more than six letters or Chinese word can make the difference (alphabetical ㄧ words $ 30 / $ 60 Chinese ㄧ words)

    Q: Send a message will?
    A: Goods sent designers will notify the buyer can send a single number to each position in the cargo logistics website pinkoi

    Q: You can pick up a payment?
    A: This is part of an individual to order goods, payment orders officially confirm that we will make arrangements.


    ✧ / About this Design Hall / ✧

    god leading feel creative, practical life. Hand-made Art. Small collection of musical instruments. Part customized.
    This article on behalf of their own little heart.

    Serious life gentle and kind person deserves to be the world's gentle treatment.
    No matter how hurtful reality, I have to constantly remind ourselves to maintain innocence. Kindness.
    Hope is not a popular following and can accompany you everywhere around gifts.
    Both practical, even after washing aged time become old, and I still want to keep it.
    Looking at it will think of this time or the experience of their ㄧ some vigilance.

    god leading sign "M", is definitely semantics.
    They represent the spirit of a stick, the face of a friend always represents the support,
    Do not be afraid or affect anything, respect yourself, learn to listen to your inner voice.
    Brave front adhere to your own way.

    The panh Out of The Valley Appears When You Choose To See Things Differently.


    ✧ / Designer Profile / ✧
    Chuang Ya-Ju (iris)
    Designers also hand made artisan / illustrator / artist.
    Advertising design department graduation. Research is currently focused on aesthetics and texture practical gift design and development.
    Multi very creative mediums, for themselves and others, life and found things Records and manufacturing.

    ✡ hope the old with the other half, bay full of warm houses, hand-baked biscuits delicious,
    Full display their favorite collection of works, chat with friends and travelers rejoice efforts with this objective.

    Hand-made manufacturing and Hours: Monday to Friday
    Weekends and holidays: Closed

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Taiwan god leading design
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god leading hand made - Music an 8cm mini folk guitar model Charm Decoration (dual) + musical box jewelry box painted texture Sold cartons Gifts birthday gift Valentine's Day gift Christmas gifts music people must have special New Year wishes gifts (pl

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