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To increase your chances of passing our evaluation, please read through the following pages about Pinkoi shops. It is especially important for you to understand how Pinkoi operates including the fees we charge. We hope that the terms are acceptable, and that we can work together soon.

  • **Pinkoi strictly forbids the (re-)selling of bulk items and the retailing of products without selling authorization.**
  • Please fill in the whole form with as much information as possible. Missing and incorrect information, and invalid links will affect the result of the evaluation.
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    The quality of product photos is a crucial determiner for our customers. Pinkoi has the following Photo Guidelines:

    1. No text on product photos (including external websites, instructions, logos, or contact information).
    2. No borders or frames on photos (including adding white borders).
    3. Use photos of actual products (e.g., a photo of a hand-drawn postcard). Avoid uploading design graphic files, 2D or 3D illustrations, or scans.
    4. No vignetting. No overuse of filters or excessive alteration of tones that render images unrecognizable from the actual product.
    5. No merging photos or combining photos into collages.

    We encourage you to study Pinkoi's present products and their photos.

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  • Recommend two brands not on Pinkoi

    Please provide links to the brands' official website or social media page. Tell us why you recommend these brands. If these brands open a shop on Pinkoi, we'll give you 10,000 bonus points.

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    Pinkoi is a curated marketplace. We evaluate all applications carefully. We will notify you of the results within 7–10 business days. If you do not hear from us after 10 business days, feel free to email us at with your name, brand name, and email address. Please check your spam box before emailing us!

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