Color of the Week | Pumpkins & Sunsets

Fall has announced its presence with colorful vegetables and early sunsets! As you pull out your leather boots and hop to the farmer’s market, remember to celebrate the season with warm tones of carrot soup and pumpkin pies!


Orange Tipped Granny Smith Flats from Shoes Party

Mmm I’m putting these on right now to get some granny smiths for apple pies!


Red Fox Brooch from Totoyo

Let’s jump into a pile of autumn leaves and curl up for a nap with a furry red fox.


Watercolor Beads Shirt from Machismo

Clouds during sunset are light and soft—they’re the best materials to wrap yourself with.


Vegetable Charms from hoe

Mom used to say, “Do not play with food!” But these veggies are so pretty, who wouldn’t want to?


Wolf Tea 3 Tin Set from Wolf Tea

Good things come in three: Green tea for grandpa, oolong for mom and milk tea for me. Fall is the season for sharing!


I Was a Tomato Beret Hat from Capricorn Handmade

Yes, I was a tomato last Halloween and instead of candies, they gave me mozzarella cheese.


Feel the spirit with stories of Designtrepreneur Hanamikoji—shoes inspired by Kyoto—or enjoy some tasty Camel & Caramel color inspirations!

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