[Cool around the eyes_Enjoy beautiful eyes] iCARE hot and cold compress eye massager

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[Cool around the eyes_Enjoy beautiful eyes] iCARE hot and cold compress eye massager - Other Small Appliances - Other Materials

Product Description

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbmFIT-UpqY&t=2s ▎ Hot and cold dual effects. Why do you need both hot and cold compresses? Do you know that tired, sour and swollen eyes require different methods to treat them? Hot compresses are needed to reduce eye muscle tension and intraocular pressure, so that you can relax and fall asleep; cold compresses are needed to contract and calm swollen eyes; and using hot and cold compresses alternately can accelerate circulation. But it’s troublesome to apply both cold and hot compresses. Isn’t there a more convenient option? Therefore, the new upgrade of [iCARE Hot and Cold Compress Eye Massager], which combines hot and cold compresses, is here! A new solution for your eyes. https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/07/07d60247b3f9cb8a1d9c0b95b8f8e53a.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/fc/fcff390b909e32b0b95bcdff42c91139.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/86/863b92e1837b13329ef9cd0286bef219.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/c8/c821b2b7bb8ed090132fc4d178dd8065.jpg?v=0 ▎ PeltierEffect Peltier effect︱Intelligent instant hot and cold exchange PeltierEffect The Peltier effect refers to the phenomenon that when current passes through two different conductors, a difference in heat and cold is produced between them. It is a method of converting electrical energy into heat or cold energy. https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/f3/f3a7aefc1cc4988b40bec5aeff1bddf0.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/b2/b2375de2b2f7e662ebdaae82c1eb9096.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/e9/e9991032c1cc1f407e9939bf6603de0a.jpg?v=0 ▎ How to use hot and cold compress mode Staring at the screen all day makes your eyes tired and sore ➜ You need [heat compress🔥] Your eyes are swollen and have deep eye bags, and you look tired➜ You need [cold compress❄️] No matter how much concealer you use, you can’t cover up dark circles, and you don’t care about the fine lines around your eyes➜ You need [Alternating hot and cold cycles🔁] https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/54/5423a18064c2538437cbb82ce22885f4.jpg?v=0 ▎ Why should we alternate between hot and cold compresses? Research by a professor at Nihon University shows that first cooling and then heating, repeatedly bringing the skin to a certain temperature, helps to produce HSP heat shock proteins, discharge old and waste collagen, repair skin cells and strengthen skin elasticity, thus reducing the formation of wrinkles. . Freezing care can instantly shrink skin pores, lock in moisture, and make skin smooth and elastic. https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/63/63919b873f98a3ceec05d2d0f6b473fd.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/fb/fb4df11495070b73fcb3d7589065d42a.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/37/3798ec8993a98742f8da74fea682b593.gif?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/a4/a461d8fb2498b4eb2de56d52eace61bd.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/b7/b7646fe9754ae67f699c5aa80cfb7b9c.gif?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/08/08ad0bbf5ef259b695d1149ad05ddef1.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/55/556642013ec9abc8c7a08e013dc26903.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/64/648df456ed124f9c861eb443802d6876.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/53/535c6c665b07eaf910a9ecfbba3a3177.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/2a/2a4478f4625f21e8f6f0fbd5fe7c78bf.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/fa/faa7a1470ce9a0102551c9391a7ee221.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/fe/feb396b8c48f6ce847ccc6415000c179.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/58/58909c618fc35ab832e5ec2ccc1cdd06.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/ab/ab7f457c502929d8792d009c6030899c.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/16/161f6919bb344aebf06a44832b8202b4.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/17/17fd70a2b8b046d12039cb3683a7ceb8.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/55/55667806af92746c0393aa8f476f469a.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/64/646359d9c7f2edb20bba3fe1baaeb965.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/f1/f1d8f0137a31fa6b4ff734e7c5ae1b9c.jpg?v=1 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/d9/d9c3dbaec7859cd1e6f3acb1ac6b253a.jpg?v=1 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/17/177aa832f1c69893c5ad616af9c68079.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/a3/a3e966e82094054250519fd9fa5172a2.jpg?v=0 https://waca.wimg.tw/uploads/shops/20043/products/cc/ccb360ffd9f8e585aaa9ad9e200b0f4b.jpg?v=0

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Cold compress x hot compress x alternating hot and cold, a new eye protection upgrade! ; Vertical multi-layer airbag design, simulates human kneading and massage; independent temple airbags, more comfortable pressing; NTC intelligent constant temperature, safe overheating protection; skin-friendly and breathable protein leather, gentle and close to the eyes; adjustable headband, 180° foldable Portable; no need to plug in and use wirelessly, long-lasting battery life without interruption of power supply