Sweden's Absodry is the most beautiful plug-in-free environmentally friendly dehumidifier (half-year set)

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Sweden's Absodry is the most beautiful plug-in-free environmentally friendly dehumidifier (half-year set) - Other Small Appliances - Eco-Friendly Materials Green

Product Description

**[Single unit] Product description: Dehumidifier x 1 (contains one pack of dehumidifier), dehumidifier refill pack x 1 box (contains 2 packs)** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r77ckiLfe-g&embeds_referring_euri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.twothird.com%2F&embeds_referring_origin=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.twothird.com&source_ve_path=MjM4NTE&feature=emb_title 【product features】 ●No need to plug in: not restricted by wires, you can place it wherever you want ●Efficient moisture absorption: Large capacity of moisture absorption, you can feel the dehumidification ●Control humidity: avoid mold growth and maintain indoor dryness ●Clean air: Reduce the generation of odor and restore dryness and comfort ●Environmentally friendly materials: The casing is made of 100% recyclable plastic ●Non-toxic and odorless: no added fragrance, safe for pets and young children at home ●Natural dehumidification: Use natural, non-toxic dehumidifier made in Sweden ●Refilling: Just replace the "dehumidifier" and you can continue to use it. ●Applicable to 3~5 square meters of space, such as wardrobes, bedrooms, small warehouses, bathrooms, clothes drying rooms, etc. https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/0.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/1.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/2.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/3.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/4.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/5.jpg?ts=114724 If you want to keep your living space dry at all times, are you worried that if you turn on the dehumidifier for a long time, you may have high electricity bills or overheating problems? [Dry well] The best thing is that it does not use electricity at all. It absorbs moisture through natural dehumidifiers. Even if you return home during the New Year, travel abroad, or go to work every day, you can safely close the door and wait until you return home. Keep doing the same! https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/6.jpg?ts=114724 Because traditional electronic dehumidifiers are large and heavy, they always require effort to move when you want to change rooms to dehumidify, not to mention the inconvenience caused when "renters" move. [Dry well]'s light weight and just right size are suitable for placement in small spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and drying rooms. If you need to temporarily dehumidify other spaces, it is very convenient to transport and move, and can be used at the same time Get rid of the constraints of sockets and wires. https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/7.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/8.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/9.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/10.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/11.jpg?ts=114724 [Dry well] The cylindrical design, no matter how it is placed or which side it faces, can fully absorb moisture from all directions, greatly improving dehumidification efficiency and not sparing every corner. In addition, when you want to turn on the dehumidifier at night, you always find it difficult to sleep due to the sound of the engine running? Whether you are a light sleeper, or are afraid of disturbing your baby's sleep, [Dry it well] long-term silent dehumidification at 0 decibels can maintain the quality of quiet sleep at night and the comfort of the bedroom! https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/12.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/13.jpg?ts=114724 ▲ [Dry it well] has one dehumidification power equal to five. From now on, put away the dehumidification box in the corner! Create a refreshing sense of reduced-material living and make your home look simpler and cleaner. Compared with the small dehumidifiers or dehumidification boxes generally available on the market, which may need to be heated and restored or discarded after less than half a month of use, [Dry Well] has a fully 1 liter increased water storage tank capacity, which not only reduces water pouring The number of times, or the frequency of replacing the dehumidifier, can be used for up to 3 months! https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/14.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/15.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/16.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/17.jpg?ts=114724 ▼ The contents of the dehumidifier are disclosed to the public, adhering to the high-quality guarantee made in Sweden https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/18.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/19.jpg?ts=114724 ▍The humidity is reduced, and the air becomes extremely fresh▍ https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/20.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/21.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/22.gif?ts=114724 ▲When many people use the disposable dehumidifier box and prepare to pour water, it is inevitable that it will get on their hands or accidentally spill it! [Dry well] The original triangular opening can pour out waste water cleverly and smoothly, without sticking to your hands, hygienic and safe. https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/23.gif?ts=114724 ▲ Rotate the top cover to open the pour spout, super easy! https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/24.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/25.jpg?ts=114724 Different from water glass and plastic casings that are difficult to decompose, [Dry Well] uses recycled plastic PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled material, the source of which must be plastic products discarded after consumer use) for its entire body. In addition to greatly reducing the It reduces carbon emissions, reduces the burning of plastic waste, and can decompose naturally over time. In addition, the calcium chloride in the dehumidifier absorbs moisture and turns into a liquid, which can be poured directly into the drainage channel. Recycled materials are used as packaging materials to reduce waste as much as possible. https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/26.jpg?ts=114724 Do you think it is difficult to install a large dehumidifier in a small room? Or is there a drying room that does not have an outside window, and the smell of moisture and wet clothes is always lingering? Not to mention the windowless bathroom, are you worried about the electrical safety of using a dehumidifier? If it rains continuously, how can it be called "annoying"? The size and dehumidification power of [Good Dryness] are suitable for areas as large as 5 square meters, such as rental suites, second bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, practice rooms, and even floor-to-ceiling wardrobes or small storage warehouses, etc. https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/27.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/28.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/29.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/30.jpg?ts=114724 ▲ Do you have concerns about certain manufacturing countries? [Dry well] From the casing to the dehumidifier, they are all made in Scandinavia and Sweden. Not only are they of excellent quality, but through the designer's aesthetic and practical design, you can put real "Made in Scandinavia" in your home to enhance the quality of your home. https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/31.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/32.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/33.jpg?ts=114724 https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/9383848/34.jpg?ts=114724 **. brand introduction.** At Everbrand Sweden, we love finding solutions to make everyday life easier and better. We achieve this goal through high-quality branded products, strictly controlled manufacturing processes, close cooperation with customers, and always full of commitment and care. Welcome to Everbrand Sweden!

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Get dry [Absodry's most beautiful plug-in-free environmentally friendly dehumidifier] requires no plug-in, no charging, is suitable for a space of 5 square feet, and provides silent dehumidification 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The large dehumidification capacity of 1L not only helps to control the relative humidity in the balanced space through hygroscopic agents, but also absorbs odors simultaneously, giving the room a dry and clean comfort.