Stars and Forest

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Stars and Forest

Product Description

Acrylic painting. I wanted to illustrate the Milky Way, which I saw once and was astonished by its beauty. I created this work with the image of a summer night sky with many stars shining in the sky. The beauty of the real Milky Way cannot be expressed in a picture. But if you have seen the Milky Way, this picture will remind you of what you have actually seen. I hope this picture will help you to remember the night sky that you actually saw I hope that those who have seen it will be able to recall the night sky as they actually saw it. I think just remembering that scene is very soothing. The Star and Forest series is popular regardless of size, and has even been used in the design of sake labels. The blue of the night sky is just as in the picture, and the green is just as in the picture. The blue of the night sky is not more greenish blue, as shown in the image, but slightly more purple. The blue of the night sky is not greenish blue, as shown in the image, but a little purple. The colors are delicately finished by layering them over and over again. The deep blue color gives a sense of calmness to the painting. It is also suitable for the bedroom. The background is dark. the background is dark, but the contrast is so strong that it does not give the impression of being so dark. I think you can enjoy it in both bright and dark rooms. For starry sky lovers and those who like a spacey atmosphere. The Milky Way is from summer. The Milky Way is a summer object, but the design does not necessarily give off an atmosphere of "summer! It is not so much a summery design as it is a summery design. It is not so out of season even if it is displayed in the cold season. The sparkling glitter has a wintery atmosphere. The works in different sizes are often rented on painting rental websites in winter. The image was taken in the room at noon. The image was taken indoors at noon. 273×190mm (P3 size) Material Colored drawing paper Acrylic paint Japanese paper Colored drawing paper is pasted with water on a wooden panel. Thickness is about 1.5cm. There is a string attached to the back for hanging. Acrylic paints are light resistant. However, please avoid storing it in a place where it is always in direct sunlight. The sides of the painting are also painted, so it will not look bad without a frame. The painting is also applied to the sides, so it does not look bad even without a frame 丙烯画。 我想说明的是银河,我见过一次,被它的美丽所震惊了。 我根据夏季夜空中许多星星闪耀的形象创作了这件作品。 真正的银河之美是无法用图片来表达的。 但如果你以前见过它,这张照片会让你想起它。 我希望这张照片能帮助你记住你实际看到的夜空。 我也希望那些见过它的人能够看着这张照片,记住他们真正看到的夜空。 我认为只要记住那个场景就会很舒心。 星星和森林系列无论大小都很受欢迎,也曾被用于清酒标签的设计。 这个设计也被用于设计一个清酒标签。 夜空的蓝色并不像图片中显示的那样,更多的是绿色的蓝色,而是略带紫色。 该设计是用日本纸和模糊法创作的。 该设计通过反复的颜色分层,巧妙地完成。 画面呈深蓝色,有一种平静的感觉。 它也适用于卧室。 背景是黑暗的。 背景是黑暗的,但图片有对比,所以不会给人那种黑暗的印象。 在明亮和黑暗的房间里都可以享受到它。 适合星空爱好者和喜欢太空氛围的人。 虽然银河系是夏天的。 银河是一个夏天的天体,但从设计上看,它并没有很强的夏天气氛。 银河是一个夏天的物体,但这个设计并没有散发出很强的夏天的气氛。 熠熠生辉的气氛,与其说是冬天,不如说是冬天。 闪亮的闪粉有一种冬天的感觉。 在绘画租赁网站上,不同尺寸的作品经常在冬季被出租。 该图像是在白天的室内拍摄的。 该图像是在中午时分在室内拍摄的。 273 x 190 mm (P3) 材料 彩色画纸 丙烯颜料 日本纸 彩色的纸用水贴在木板上,然后上色。 厚度约为1.5厘米。 背面有一根绳子,用于悬挂。 丙烯颜料是抗光的,但 请在任何时候都避免存放在阳光直射下。 涂料也被涂在侧面。 即使没有画框,这幅画看起来也不坏。

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This star and forest series is a popular picture regardless of size. This design was also used for the label design of a sake. 这个星星和森林系列是各种尺寸的流行图片。 这种设计也被用于酒精饮料的标签设计。

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