Olife Natural Handmade Bamboo Toothbrush [Moderate Softness White Horse Gradient 12 Pack]

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Olife Natural Handmade Bamboo Toothbrush [Moderate Softness White Horse Gradient 12 Pack]

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Olife Natural Handmade Bamboo Toothbrush [Moderate Softness White Horse Gradient 12 Pack]

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https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59f9f6c24db86.jpg **[Brand Belief][Brand Belief]** Mr. Hong, an Olife original life brand, is a manual glasses professional who has passion for hand-loving and tries various possibilities. He hopes to combine bamboo with daily necessities, and takes the daily essential toothbrush as a first step in a friendly environment. Instead of allowing humans to replace humans, plastics are not allowed to replace nature's materials, and a spirit of hard work is given to the earth to create bamboo toothbrushes that are not moldy and are not afraid of water overturning the tradition. The natural white horse hair is used more naturally in the environment. It is expected that environmental protection is not just a slogan. Instead, it is practiced from daily life. It is hoped to encourage people to use a bamboo toothbrush to make people more friendly to the environment. Returning to the original simple living environment, plastics were no longer overused and the mood could be temporarily relaxed, feeling the slow pace of going back to the 50s and then. Let's go back to a simple environment, which is not dominated by plastic Let's try to relax, and imagine how unhurried and leisurely life used to be in the 50's Let's integrate bamboo in our daily essentials. A toothbrush with natural bristles made from white horse hair can easily decompose in the environment. Environmental protection should be more than just a slogan. It is essential to contribute with small gestures in our daily lives. Even a Bamboo toothbrush can do its part in protecting the environment. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fabe0879144.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fabe844ae26.jpg **[Friendly everyday sunny good product]** Small Gestures can Save the Earth Taichung Qinmei Green Park Road / Golden Green Park Road https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fabef9874c1.jpg **[Eco-friendly natural fashion souvenir]** [No Plastic Earth, Smile Diffusion] [Less Plastic, More Smiles] A toothbrush changed the earth and smiled Paint a smile with your toothbrush! The World Hotel B&B has become more and more involved in the environmental protection initiatives for spontaneous investment and plastic reduction. Whenever a tourist arrives in a place of relaxation, they always hope to have a more natural experience. In addition to the scenery during the journey, the accommodation is the most The important choice. Let visitors use natural green bamboo toothbrushes to enhance visitors' impression of the symbiosis between our accommodation environment and the environment. We can also let passengers take away and achieve plasticization and accommodation promotion. Maybe we can consider starting to change now. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fabfe3c2735.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac081a71c5.jpg **[Create green environment]** Creating a Green Environment Plastics made in the past decade have exceeded the number produced in the previous century! Our oceans are filled with all kinds of plastic waste. Plastics have become a huge threat to marine life. Marine life is therefore trapped and even swallowed and stuck in the intestines. Life is filled with plastic products, so much so that we can not even realize its existence is the time to change. Let us together change the abandoned plastic culture, do our best for the future without plastic. Life is full of plastic products, to the point that we are not even aware of their existence. It's time to change the disposable plastic culture we live in, and do our part for a plastic-free future. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac10c09235.png 100% natural decomposition 100%Decomposition of the natural environment https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/5a0c15726d207.jpg [Toothbrush laughed when it bloomed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKWd2WzWva4&t=14s&list=PLX6Kf3KMoMa_J58pJLqt0Wkj0fpHBBmZM&index=2 **[Olife natural bamboo toothbrush special place]** Special Characteristics Bristle Bristles [Significantly clean teeth] Hand cross length white horse hair, soft white horse mane Olife overcome the natural horsehair, bristle hair stiff touch, after continuous trials of all kinds of manual hair planting methods, developed a 1012 number hand cross length white horse hair, moderate hardness, long hair short hair Drop 2mm. Long teeth can be shaved off, short can clean the scales, bristles too long will be too soft, too short will be too hard, habits of brush just a good friend of good hardness, bristles three days of anastomosis, normal brushing strength three Angels love to really love the clean feeling. It is the perfect toothbrush, with bristles that Are not too rigid and not too soft. If the bristles are too long, usually they end up being too soft, on the contrary if they are too short, they tend to be too rigid. This is the perfect toothbrush for all those who don't like it too rigid or too soft. You will fall in love with this toothbrush and after three days you will realize you can't do without that sensation of cleanliness it provides you with. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac17e5a428.jpg 【Soft white horse mane】 It is specially developed for children and it is designed for children who are in the tusks stage. Of course, there are also some girls who are used because of their small mouth. Designed with soft bristles specifically for children who are growing their teeth These toothbrushes are also good for girls who happen to have a smaller mouth https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac1c361f7a.jpg **[Handmade persistence]** Stick to hand-made The more powerful the machine is, the greater the chance of replacing humans. We just don't want to be replaced by machines, so we still insist on hand-made. As the handmade bamboo toothbrush is made of natural bamboo and hand-made designs, the size of each bamboo handle , thickness, color, there will be a little difference, can not be exactly the same. Do not ask for the speed of the machine, only seek the temperature of the hand. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac42150de7.jpg 【High temperature boiling water sterilization】 High-temperature The boiling water boiling of Feigong can effectively eliminate the impurities and bad bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye and effectively eliminate it. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac4971d558.png 【DYLON High Temperature Sterilization Safe Water Dyeing】 Sterilized Safe Water Dyeing. Normal use does not fade Under normal usage, it is colorfast . Compliance with UK Health and Safety Agency regulations Conforms to EU common health and safety regulations In line with the British Health and Safety Bureau norms. In line with the EU common health and safety regulations. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac51cc9fd0.png [EPnS water-based natural coating is not moldy and afraid of water] Water-based natural coating; mildewproof and waterproof. Meets SGS child safety toy standards US Food and Drug Administration Inspection Standards In line with SGS children's toys safety standards. In line with US FDA inspection of food utensils standards. The toothbrush is placed in a damp place in the bathroom. The natural bamboo mold is normal, but it is also easy to mold because of the mold. It is often used by people who use a bamboo toothbrush. They are afraid of brushing their teeth but also have to eat mold. In order to allow the bamboo toothbrush to retain natural characteristics. Can not be afraid of water, not mildew, we look for a long time, many experiments, and finally decided to spare no cost and manpower, use the most environmentally friendly layer of certified natural coating, hand-dressed, after several tests, really afraid of water, not mildew, Let everyone be able to be friendly to the environment and never have to worry about the moldy concerns of bamboo toothbrushes. The bathroom is the damp place where the bamboo is easy to become molded. The essence of the of the following is: the straightness that that often be cut and grinded to meet an excellent feeling of grip, therefore the fibers will get thick and rough after contacting the water , which will hurt the mouth and the hand and become hard to grip. This bamboo toothbrush adopts the natural vinegar paint complying with the food safety grade that is mold proof and water repellent effectively. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac59089a57.png [Three-layer coating three times fine grinding] Three-layer coating and triple grinding Thick and thick workers will work harder. When they are painted, they will have bamboo fiber to stand on, so they will become thick and coarse. It must be daubed, finely polished, and repeated three times before the toothbrush can be picked up without hurting the hand. Do not hurt the mouth. Coating is applied one layer at a time, the same for grinding. This procedure creates a toothbrush which does not hurt either your hands, when you pick it up, nor your teeth when you brush them. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac653cbfa0.jpg [Traditional manual drilling and planting] https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac6d46b5ce.jpg 【Exclusive Patent Hidden Edition】 https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac71d10251.jpg [The whole family is not afraid to take the wrong toothbrush again] No more worries to take the wrong toothbrush The bamboo toothbrushes that are generally sold in the market are all the same in color and shape. They often let the whole family take the wrong toothbrushes and make special markings. Are you tired of the constant bamboo toothbrushes? We are meticulously designed and pleasing and beautiful, with many colors for you to choose from, and no longer afraid to take the wrong toothbrush with your family. We are carefully design beautiful toothbrushes. There are many colors to choose from, so that you will not confuse your toothbrush with those of other people. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fac9c6c2a23.jpg 【Toothbrush Usage Tips】: Toothbrush usage time Handmade bamboo toothbrush recommended replacement in 25 days, children's manual bamboo toothbrush recommended replacement in 20 days, in addition to the white horse bristles use life is almost the same, it is based on personal oral hygiene, the faster the replacement, in fact, the healthier, even the average toothbrush, experts It is recommended not to replace it too long. It is preferred to change your bamboo toothbrush once every 25 days for adults and once every 20 days for children. This is due to the fact that the bristles are natural but also to personal water matters. The more often you change your toothbrush, the better It is. Even in the case of normal toothbrushes, specialists always advise not to use them for too long. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59faca5e59dba.jpg [Each toothbrush has exclusive packaging box] Each toothbrush has an exclusive package https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59fadbcca9922.jpg [Orthodontic teeth only] Orthodontic toothbrushes for natural toothbrushes, conforming to the shape of the correcting braces, and being made up of short hairs inside. Long bristles on the outside and short on the inside are good to clean teeth of people who are adjusting their teeth. https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59facb23877cc.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59facbd695dea.jpg [Fantasy Two-tone Edition] https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59facc42489e9.jpg [soft and hard moderate white horse hair] The bristles are neither too hard nor too soft Custom brush bristles are just right for good friends. A total of 12 colors. Applicable age: 10 years old and above Good for people who do not like bristles which are too soft or too rigid Twelve colors in total Suitable age: 10 years old and above https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59faccd53d54b.jpg 【Small 叮咛】: Reminder Do not brush your teeth too hard, normal strength is the best, to avoid damage to enamel and dentin. Because the white horse hair belongs to the decomposable hair, not the ordinary plastic nylon or the regenerated nylon, there will be small hair loss and small flowering when brushing the teeth. It is a normal phenomenon. It is recommended that after brushing the teeth, the bristles will be trimmed by hand and can be extended. Bristles use time. When you brush your teeth, do not exert too much pressure, to prevent from damaging enamel and dentine. The bristles that we use are made of decomposable hair, and unlike plastic or nylon, it is normal if you see small flakes or hair falling off It is recommended to adjust the bristles with your hand once you are done brushing your teeth to help the toothbrush last longer. [soft white horse hair vegetable shape] Soft Bristles, Vegetable-shaped for Children Carrot, purple eggplant, red pepper playful color modeling Carrots, purple eggplants, red peppers, and other colorful shapes Applicable age: 4~10 years old children Designed with soft bristles specifically for children who are growing their teeth These toothbrushes are also good for girls who happen to have a smaller mouth Suitable for children from 4 to 10 years old https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59facd630b15e.jpg [Enhanced teeth cleaning] strong white horse hair Strengthened toothbrush with rigid bristles. Friend who smokes coffee and tea is best suited to strengthen teeth Applicable age: 18 years old and above Good for people who smoke, drink coffee, or tea Suitable for adults above 18 years https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59facdc6017b9.jpg [The above products do not include glasses in photos] 【Photo color or chromatic aberration when based on real products】 [Olife original life design joint funds] Wedding gadgets, corporate gifts https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59face09a36b5.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59facf71e5f6a.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59faceaf56f93.jpg https://static.flyingv.asia/static/800x/projects/16273/article/59facf95d7503.jpg [3 cm philosophy] Many people do not know that bamboo grows very quickly, but it may not be more than three centimeters in the first three or four years because it is rooted and the roots of bamboo can be expanded to two or three meters around..... After the fourth year, bamboo will sprint and grow at a speed of one meter a day. It takes only about a dozen days to grow to a height of a dozen meters. This is just as true as doing things. So [you can't pass this three centimeters is the key].

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