Handmade Almond Tea Crispy Candy【8th Mouth】

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Handmade Almond Tea Crispy Candy【8th Mouth】

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【Warm Reminder】《Order Precautions》 . In the same order, if there are pre-ordered products, the shipping date will be unified as the shipping date of the pre-ordered products. If you need to ship separately, please place the order separately, thank you. . If the product is delivered directly to another person, please be sure to inform the other party to avoid rejection with good intentions. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51288758782_f781486647_k.jpg #almond heart full of fragrant and mellow Memories from childhood to adulthood ✨ Every bite leaves the fragrance between lips and teeth 😋 #food limited #endless creativity #almond tea crispy heart candy In the 8th mouth, put the nan apricot in the middle layer of crisp candy 🍬 Break the traditional thinking and integrate into the memory of the public~🥳 Relying on creativity to open everyone's dull hearts for a long time 😝 # apricot = luck Let's pass "hope" and "good luck" to those around us👍 ❤️Looking forward to every happy hour and enjoying every moment of happiness ❤️ https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51477413071_d81af9ca90_o.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51478674499_cf636f996b_o.jpg 【We are different】 "South apricot" Also known as sweet almond, its aroma is light, sweet taste, non-toxic and can be eaten raw. The southern apricot is larger than the northern apricot in appearance and whiter in color, and is mostly used in desserts or other dishes. Example: almond tofu. "North Apricot" Northern apricots are bitter almonds, slightly bitter and mostly used for medicinal purposes. They emit a special fragrance, which comes from "amygdalin". Amygdalin decomposes highly toxic hydrocyanic acid, so it must be boiled and cooked. This damage, do not eat too much. "Nut Almond Almond" The correct Chinese translation name should be called "almond kernel", which is the "almond fruit" snack we often eat. In addition to being often used as a pastry material, it can also be squeezed into oil to make sweet almond oil, which is mostly used for spices, beauty Makeup or massage oil. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51646285605_48a7d0895e_c.jpg 【What is Crispy Candy】 Crisp sugar is one of the three famous sugars in Chinese culture, and it is also one of the traditional names of the Han nationality. It has always been famous. It originated in the Tang Dynasty. Refreshing, chewing the beauty of Dangui, sweet and crispy with the fragrance of hemp" has been praised by celebrities of all dynasties. The maltose bones are evenly distributed in the crispy candy. When eating, the crispy candy is sweet, the sweet-scented osmanthus has a strong aroma, and the bones are crispy and melt in the mouth. In Taiwan, in the early days, due to the hardships of life, sugar was only affordable for wealthy families, and it was often used to show their financial resources by which family's sugar was sweeter. Later, it became popular and entered the homes of ordinary people, but it was mainly eaten during the Chinese New Year. Most of them were eaten for children, so they were also called doll cakes. On the packaging bags, there were usually patterns of children or little angels. 【Origin: Ancient Taste Boutique】 60 years ago, our old master started as an apprentice in middle school. Following the old master with 40 years of experience, he started as an apprentice and carefully learned every step of handmade sugar making, which accumulated in sweat and tears. 【R&D: Ancient flavor and modern product】 Inherited to the present, the third-generation masters have used the traditional peanut crisp candy with novel ideas, Taiwanese fruits, and local specialties, constantly experimenting and innovating, creating unique recipes, brand-new tastes, and amazing Taste, the world's only new flavor of crisp candy. 【New Product: Ancient New Product】 After countless failures, countless time, and accumulation of costs, the 8th mouth developed new works: taro crispy candy, durian crispy candy, strawberry crispy candy. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51646285575_670d1976f3_c.jpg 【Five steps of golden sugar making】 ﹝1﹞In the process of sugar making, every step is required to be thorough. Only in this way can the finished product be pure in color, crispy and fragrant, and there is no residue in the entrance. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly grasp the characteristics of the raw materials, and depending on the moisture content, the temperature and water temperature at the time of production, determine the time to cook the sugar, so that the crisp sugar of different flavors can be presented perfectly. ﹝2﹞Baking of raw materials: It is required to use a small amount of pot, so that a part of the sugar and filling can be evenly mixed to produce aroma, and the color is not yellow or burnt. Therefore, the firepower and baking time must be strictly controlled. It's real slow work. ﹝3﹞ Boil sugar: In the process of cooking sugar, it is necessary to master the heat, time and temperature, and moisture content, so that the boiled sugar embryo is not old and tender, and the room is full of sugar. ﹝4﹞Drawing sugar: The boiled sugar is at a suitable temperature, and artificial sugar pulling is used. Due to the high temperature, it is not easy to operate. If there is a slight error, it will fail. Therefore, the experience and craftsmanship of the master is very important. Whether the sugar-coated skin is thin but not broken, the filling is rich but not greasy, the skin is crispy and the filling is crispy, and the key is to keep the fragrance on the teeth and cheeks. ﹝5﹞Put sugar: The fried sugar filling is wrapped in a high-temperature sugar embryo that exceeds Baidu. The master uses hand tools to shape it and prepare to pull the sugar. The outer skin must be the same thickness and size, and the core should be tightly wrapped , no rupture exposed core. At this stage, the cooling is fast, and the thin sugar coating can be pulled out before the sugar embryo hardens. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51645448181_c0dde3cb30_c.jpg 【Characteristics of the 8th Crispy Candy】 Optimistic about the world, we will only demonstrate once, the exclusive secret of the innovative taste of the 8th Crispy Heart Candy will be revealed 【Pure & Real】Real natural ingredients and raw materials [Simple raw materials] Each kind of crisp candy is made of real and carefully selected natural fruits or ingredients, which can present a pure flavor. 【Zero+】No artificial and chemical additives added In the process of general candy making, emulsifiers, stabilizers, plasticizers, flavors, artificial flavors, colorants, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, etc. are added dozens of additives. Only sugar, salt, cream, and natural ingredients. Zero additions. 【Crispy Skin and Heart Crispy】Characteristics of Crispy Heart Candy Bite into the full filling, melt in your mouth, casual and delicious, natural and original, adults can eat with peace of mind, and children can eat with confidence. 【Reduce sugar-30%】 Challenge the limit of the master's craftsmanship and make the sugar coating thinner and lighter, so that the amount of sugar used is reduced by nearly 30% compared with the original formula, so it tastes less sweet and less burdensome. old fashioned, A hundred years of experience, Three generations of inheritance, New presentation. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51205143520_904c69a87a_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51203360652_b23086ce2b_b.jpg ✔ The 8th mouth should follow the epidemic prevention rules Safe delivery, safe delivery Be strict about epidemic prevention and relax✿ You all worked hard this time Let's cheer for Taiwan together~ ❤

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Inherited to the present, the third-generation masters have used the traditional peanut crisp candy with novel ideas, constantly experimented and innovated, and made unique recipes. Brand new taste, with amazing taste, the world's only new taste of crispy candy 🍬

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