Gaia's Forest __ Natural Stone Rosary Silver Bracelet Titanium Crystal La Lima Agarwood Turquoise Peridot

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|| Gaia. Sen|| What if I could hold the whole forest with both hands? Can you hear the cleanliness of the turbulent water between the fingers? In low light Feel the vitality of the green, From the wind in the stream, touch the stability of the earth and

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Gaia's Forest __ Natural Stone Rosary Silver Bracelet Titanium Crystal La Lima Agarwood Turquoise Peridot

Product Description || Gaia. Sen|| What if I could hold the whole forest with both hands? Can you hear the cleanliness of the turbulent water between the fingers? In low light Feel the vitality of the green, From the wind in the stream, touch the stability of the earth and the broken leaves. just now, Obey your breath Feel the world's melting in the group Quiet view, waterfalls and mountains Just follow your breath, Now let us also close our eyes and re-understand — Life. △ The following is a small introduction to the ore of "Gaya's Forest": ● Titanium crystal Titanium crystal, with its splendid gold-plated titanium wire and the legendary "function", has always been the throne of "King of Crystals". Titanium crystal can bring people's active and enthusiasm and courage, accept various challenges; overcome all difficulties; strengthen bones and muscles, treat rheumatoid arthritis, change fortune, bring good luck, improve vitality, recruit nobles, and master Zhengcai Also gather a lot of money. ● La Lima Indigenous Indians on the Caribbean islands have long discovered and used this gem called Larimar. Larimar, the name of the stone, has a sea-like blue color, and the blue-green color of the white sea wave, in the form of light, the geometric beauty of the plaque. It can improve insomnia, enhance interpersonal relationships, have positive energy thinking, make the mind calmer, have no distractions, bravely face any challenges in life, let life shine and color, as beautiful as Laliba. ● Agarwood The most expensive and rare tree in the world - agarwood. Agarwood is known in religion as an exorcism. Shen Xiang is known as the "King of the Fragrance". The use of agarwood by humans has been more than 3,000 years old. However, the agarwood is used in the religious three-story, exorcism, demons, meditation, peace, customs, customs, or The feng shui of the home is rich in gas and wealth, and the magnetic field is helpful. The effects of Chinese medicine on the essence of the aphrodisiac and the five internal organs are different. Aquilaria has always played an important role in the development of human spiritual civilization and medicine. ● Turquoise Turquoise is a triclinic system, and the English name Turquoise is derived from French, also known as "Turkish Jade." It is one of the ancient gemstones with a splendid history of thousands of years. As early as in ancient Egypt, Maya and Persia, it was regarded as a mysterious and evil-avoiding thing. The Indians regard it as a holy stone and believe that wearing this stone can avoid evil and receive blessing from the gods; while Chinese Tibetans regard turquoise as the embodiment of God and a symbol of power status. This stone belongs to South African pine. The ore body is blue-green and green in a multi-layered realm. Natural black lines are smudged like ink, giving off a faint aura. As the gods and incarnations are superb, sheltered. ● Phoenix Stone (Blue, Green, Malachite) Chrysocolla, derived from two Greek chryso (gold) and colla (colloidal), is very similar to a gold-synthesized mineral. The light blue copper-bearing mineral, mainly produced in the oxidized zone of copper-bearing deposits, is symbiotic with four minerals. The color it presents is like the natural beauty of the earth's forests and ocean lakes from outer space. It is close to the energy frequency connecting the earth and can receive messages from the earth. 矽 Malachite corresponds to the throat and the heart wheel, and it is the energy that has peace and symbiosis. It is the power to express self, communication, feeling, connection and influence. ● Peridot In ancient times, the olivine was called the "jewel of the sun." People believed that the olivine had the same strength as the sun, and it could drive away evil and fall into the evil. The olivine color is pleasing to the eye and is loved by people. It gives people a feeling of comfort and happiness, so it is known as the "stone of happiness." In many countries around the world, olivine and skein amaranth are listed as "the birthstone of August", which symbolizes mild and intelligent, happy family, husband and wife. ● Moonstone Also known as the Stone of Dreams, or the Stone of Lovers. In today's India, moonstone is still considered a symbol of sacredness, and in the evening can give the wearer a beautiful fantasy, they are called "dream stones". Moonstone can add a soft, romantic atmosphere to love, make the relationship more easily blended and attract love. It has always been regarded as a gift from the moon god to human beings, as if it is a mysterious and irresistible force. At the same time, it can help sleep, soft and delicate energy, and ease the feelings of impatience, impulsivity and irritability, bringing more relaxation and stability. ● White crystal Transparent and pure white crystal is one of the magical gifts of the earth. White crystal is the most widely distributed and the largest in the entire crystal ethnic group. White crystal is transparent and colorless, crystal clear, white is a combination of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, enamel and purple light colors, representing balance and content. White light is the mother of all the light, and anyone who knows the optical light knows that when the color wheel of the seven-color wheel turns, it will turn into a white. All power, evolved and diffused by white light, is the highest energy of the universe. White crystals produce a constant and stable oscillation in the light, so the magnetic field energy is the smoothest and purest in all crystal types. It has a powerful effect on concentration, deepening self-spirit, high-frequency energy, and purifying negative energy. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ★ Any design of any custom Aliya is given: "Free warranty". (see details below) ★ Orders are attached ─ [Classic packaging] "Collection of Iron Boxes", "Snow Grey Wool Felt Storage Bag", "Dust Fleece Bag", "Brand Card, Warranty Card", "German Made Silver Cloth" ★ Optional ─ [simple packaging] "Collection of Iron Boxes", "Security Cards", "Washing Silver Cloth" Low-carbon version of the simple packaging, we will provide you with a "sales discount of 60 yuan discount", if you want to use simple packaging, just enter the coupon number when you check out: SimplePackaging1111111 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ● Material / Material Titanium crystal, La Lima, agarwood, turquoise, phoenix stone, olivine, moonstone, white crystal, 925 silver, Japanese elastic silk thread. Origin: Taiwan, handmade design P S. Natural turquoise bare ore is the finest ground and texture of the ore body without fine grinding. However, natural ore can not be copied, so the turquoise of each piece of design will be "different", mainly in this similar proportion and color, I hope to remind you before you order. ● Use & Maintenance 1. If you accidentally get contaminated, you can wash it directly with water and then dry it with a cloth. Try not to use detergent or brush to wash the enamel, and it is easy to wear the gold plating layer. 2. Natural ore is highly resistant, and the natural color is mineral essence. (However, the colored ore should avoid long-term exposure to the sun, avoiding the thermal radiation that causes the crystal structure to change and affect the color.) 3. Aliya design uses high-quality metal "sterling silver, gold-plated solid copper, or pure brass", but in addition to gold in the world, no matter what kind of metal, it will be in contact with air, rain or sweat for a long time. Gradually oxidized. ★ So take a shower, sea, bathing, swimming, exercise, remember to take it off first, and temporarily "don't wear it", you can keep the jewelry long-lasting luster. 4. Really "Don't take a bath"! Because the irritating cleaning products will damage the jewelry, the dirt washed by the body will also adhere to the gap of the jewelry, and soon the entire jewelry will be dirty and tarnished. 5. After sterling silver and brass are oxidized, they can be wiped gently with a silver cloth until the silver is restored. ● For you, after-sales service All Aliya's designs have a "free warranty three times" service. A “Product Warranty Card” will be attached to the work you receive. If you accidentally break, break, or need to be resized, cleaned, oiled, etc. during the wearing process, you can fill in the warranty card. The works and the iron box will be sent to us and we will handle it carefully for you. So be sure to collect the warranty card, a piece of work, just like your "work identity card." Warranty Card + Works + Iron Box = Warranty Service ● Crystals and ores need to be purified It is often said that crystals are like natural sounds, or memory carriers, and the magnetic field will resonate with that frequency. It is also this feature that strengthens the positive front magnetic field and maintains the stability of the wear partner itself. But in the same way, if the crystal touches too much negative energy, it will be changed in the long run, and indirectly affects the owner. At this time, it is necessary to let him rest, re-purify (degauss), and return to the natural neutral state. There are many ways to purify. Here are two purification methods that are less convenient and comfortable. Daylight purification Zero cost, but good weather is needed. Place the crystal on a sunny window sill and let the warm sun shine. Because the energy of daylight is strong, the time does not need to be too long, usually about 15~20 minutes. ( ★ Non-colored ore, such as citrine, sapphire, amethyst, etc.) But it is not effective when it is light. It is recommended to imagine that you are sunbathing. It is warm and comfortable. You don't like sun-dried sun exposure, and your crystal doesn't love it. 2. Mountain spring, stream water purification method It is the so-called "washing stone", nature has always been the best healer! When you are in the natural environment, if you encounter a clear and comfortable creek, you can put the crystal ore into it, gently lick and rinse it, let the springs wash away the dirt on the stone, and the endless water energy takes away the negative magnetic field. To the balance of nature. (Please be careful, don't choose inaccessible water sources or magnificent waterfalls!) This is also a very zero-cost purification method. At the same time, there are more opportunities for you to walk in the mountains, purifying the crystals and purifying your body and mind.

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