OFoodin Food Bag (2L)【Wild Wild Step】Silicone Food Bag

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Eating habits are always dominated by garbage? Seeing food while shopping outside, but annoyed that he didn't bring the eco-friendly lunch box? ●Food is put directly into OFoodin, reducing disposable waste ●High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic ●Can be heated by microwave or electric pan (please follow the instructions) ●The

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OFoodin Food Bag (2L)【Wild Wild Step】Silicone Food Bag

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https://img.onordesign.com/auction/generic/generic-00.jpg https://youtu.be/vDBEtrouZQQ Wilderness Walk "Walking in the wilderness, light and lonely, like a living soul." https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5efaef48686be300216775f8/original.jpg?1593503559 ▲I often see misty fields in the morning in my dreams The sun shines shiningly on the leaves Then, a person walks slowly in it alone Light and solitary Maybe the existence of the soul is a lonely journey But the world is gorgeous, it's worthy of this life https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a01.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a02.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a03.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a04.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a05.jpg?20190712 Zinc ions can reduce mold in silicone. The silicone surface of the good food bag is wavy, which is not easy to stick to lint, hand, and easy to remove oil. The cloth surface protects the inner layer of silicone to prevent the outer layer from sticking to dust and reduce the sticking of the cloth. https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a06.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a07.gif Hot food and fried food can be put directly in the pot immediately after the pot, and you are not afraid that the hot pot will melt your inner bag when the food is loaded https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a08.gif You can quickly roll up when you vacate, and you can adjust as many rolls as you want. https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a09.gif The webbing "rolled up to three folds or more" can be leak-proof, and it is not a problem to put the bag in the car without squeezing vigorously. https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a09.jpg Do not let the plasticizer become a seasoning, no trace can also have a light choice https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a12.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a12.2.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a12.3.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a12.4.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a13.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a14.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a15.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a17.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a18.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a18.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a19.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a20.1.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a21.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a10.gif Linking Taiwan's local industries We do not allow compromises on food safety. Therefore, combining Taiwan’s expertise in various fields, Taiwan’s proud quality and exquisite craftsmanship will once again bloom in the hands of consumers. https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a23.jpg A story with a story https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a24.1.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a24.2.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a24.3.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/ofoodin-gourmet-bag_1200_a24.4.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a99-2.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a99-3.jpg Pick up this bag and replace many bags, leaving the beauty to the next generation Material specification introduction ◈ Buckle: Plastic steel-polyoxymethylene (POM) is a commonly used material for bags, wear-resistant, strong, and not easy to deform. >Wikipedia https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_a24.jpg ◈Weight: Good food bag=150g±10% Clever food bag=120g±10% ◈It is estimated that it can be used more than 5000 times under normal use https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_c01.jpg https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_c02.jpg Accessories introduction https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_c07.jpg ◈Deodorant activated carbon package https://www.pinkoi.com/product/SixtEjAw Coconut shell activated carbon can continuously remove the residual taste, is convenient to carry, and has a long shelf life. When there is no baking soda and white vinegar on hand, add some hot water to the food bag and put the activated carbon in. With NSF certification, quality is guaranteed. It can be used repeatedly, and the fine toner must be washed with clean water for the first time. ◈Go oil soap https://www.pinkoi.com/product/KEL8m69L In order to carry it out and clean it conveniently, we specially invited Cloud 9 handmade soap experts to develop super degreasing handmade soap (without added chemicals) for OFoodin. You can also use a knife to cut the degreasing soap into soap flakes and take it out. When it is inconvenient to clean after eating out, add some water to the soap flakes to make it easier to clean at home. https://img.onordesign.com/onorpic/OFoodin2019/2019_OFoodin1200_c08.jpg ◈Absorbent wipes https://www.pinkoi.com/product/3cPBx2gY To speed up the drying time of the good food bag is to use a rag or a cloth to absorb the moisture of the good food bag after cleaning. Therefore, Onor Design selected a water-absorbing wipe that integrates rapid water absorption and balances the drying time. Why choose a white cloth? Because it can be seen if it is dirty, I will work hard to keep the cloth clean. ◈Special lifting ring https://www.pinkoi.com/product/QQVHa47u The good food bag itself has a buckle for lifting, and the special lifting loop can lift more than two good food bags. Other colors and styles **Yufanbao**Suitable for lunch bags, fresh shopping bags, and large-volume dishes (such as bread, fried chicken) https://www.pinkoi.com/store/onor?tag=%E5%BE%A1%E9%A3%AF%E5%8C%85&i18n_tag=%E5%BE%A1%E9%A3%AF%E5%8C%85 (⇝Click me to enter the Yufanbao) **Silicone lunch box** https://www.pinkoi.com/store/onor?tag=%E7%9F%BD%E8%86%A0%E9%A4%90%E7%9B%92&i18n_tag=%E7%9F%BD%E8%86%A0%E9%A4%90%E7%9B%92 (⇝Click me to enter the silicone lunch box) **Good food bag 4 liters**Suitable for soup and noodle dishes https://www.pinkoi.com/store/onor?tag=%E5%A5%BD%E9%A3%9F%E8%A2%8B&i18n_tag=%E5%A5%BD%E9%A3%9F%E8%A2%8B (⇝Click me into the good food bag) **Clever food bag 2 liters**Suitable for soup and noodle dishes, just perfect for 1-2 people https://www.pinkoi.com/store/onor?tag=%E5%B7%A7%E9%A3%9F%E8%A2%8B&i18n_tag=%E5%B7%A7%E9%A3%9F%E8%A2%8B (⇝Click me into the smart food bag) **Snack bag**Suitable for hamburger and toast type meals (make the meals difficult to spread out) https://www.pinkoi.com/store/onor?tag=%E9%BB%9E%E5%BF%83%E8%A2%8B&i18n_tag=%E9%BB%9E%E5%BF%83%E8%A2%8B (⇝Click me into the snack bag) **Night market bag**Suitable for fried food, chicken cake https://www.pinkoi.com/store/onor?tag=%E5%A4%9C%E5%B8%82%E8%A2%8B&i18n_tag=%E5%A4%9C%E5%B8%82%E8%A2%8B (⇝Click me to enter the night market bag) **With food bag**Mini bag, storage bag for handmade soap, snacks, earphones, charging cable, tea eggs https://www.pinkoi.com/product/DzWXc4AE (⇝Click me into the food bag) **Dishware storage bag**Separate design, can separate used and unused tableware, 25cm tableware or long straw can also be put https://www.pinkoi.com/store/onor?tag=%E9%A4%90%E5%85%B7%E6%94%B6%E7%B4%8D%E8%A2%8B&i18n_tag=%E9%A4%90%E5%85%B7%E6%94%B6%E7%B4%8D%E8%A2%8B (⇝Click me into the tableware storage bag) **Placemat** ●Mother must, children eat like war, not afraid of difficult to clean up the mess (must buy elastic rope, fixed children's chair) ●Life aesthetics, food no longer makes noodle soup spray all over the table https://www.pinkoi.com/store/onor?tag=%E9%A4%90%E5%A2%8A&i18n_tag=%E9%A4%90%E5%A2%8A (⇝Point me into the placemat) **Beech tableware set**Chopsticks, forks, spoons https://www.pinkoi.com/product/ZwzSr6zu (⇝Click me to enter the beech tableware set) **Double sharing reflective beverage bag**Suitable for the lower narrow and upper wide cup shape, can hold up to two drinks https://www.pinkoi.com/product/UbVwqNWz (⇝Click me to enter the double enjoy reflective beverage bag)

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