【Workshops】[Shaoguang Afternoon Tea] Good luck and good harvest • Pray for Liansheng. New Year floral hand made. Contains afternoon tea drinks and snacks. No withered flowers

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Using the traditional praying power of the Japanese-style Zhurenwa, the new year flower gift that symbolizes "erasing, purifying, welcoming God, and inviting blessings" is made by hand. With the beautiful eternal rose of optional colors and the Sola flower that can be dripped with essential oil to diffuse the fragrance, you are invited to complete
活動日 2 天前需付款完成
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Taiwan / Taipei City
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10 minutes before the workshop begins
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See workshop description
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Plants & Flowers
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【Workshops】[Shaoguang Afternoon Tea] Good luck and good harvest • Pray for Liansheng. New Year floral hand made. Contains afternoon tea drinks and snacks. No withered flowers

Workshop Description

**High-quality rich flower materials, value-for-money experience, plus 5% off the whole museum at the opening of the festival, welcome to refer to all parties and grasp the most beautiful time!** Note Lianxuan (しめなわ, meaning "knot knot") originated from the straw rope woven for purification in Japanese Shinto ceremonies, which can create a barrier that cuts off disaster and bad luck. On the occasion of the New Year in Japan, every household will hang a string of various decorations (正月飾り) to "purify, welcome the gods, and invite blessings" to pray for peace and a good harvest. This experience class uses red imported from Japan (purple is also optional) Note Link Use colored raffia instead of straw rope or straw It is more "happy" and "new year" in Taiwanese culture The "water lead" with pink and gold indicates good wishes "Flower Pine" means eternal longevity "Ears of rice" and "Miscanthus" designed in a fringe shape It symbolizes "good harvest" and "gratefulness to nature" Pair with beautiful immortal rose, sora flower diffused with dripping essential oil Inviting you in a relaxing healing space and afternoon tea Hand-made a self-styled New Year wish decoration Appointment for the new year is full of blessings! The students on the ladder have all hung up the door! (As shown in Figure 3) [Hand-made time] Like the menu, about 2 hours, depending on personal speed **recommended to reserve half an hour for buffering**. [Hand-made process and service]: ▪ Know selected flowers, basic knowledge and preservation ▪ How to bloom and techniques for everlasting roses ▪ Pay attention to the overall layout of Liansheng and personal design plan ▪ The production and embellishment of composite materials ▪ Appreciate the works and taste the afternoon tea (after the experience class, you can also continue the afternoon tea outside the hand-made area, unlimited time) ▪ Follow-up service: If you want to make your own after class and encounter problems, you are welcome to ask by private message 【product size】 Depending on the personal design, most of the students do longer than the sample in the first picture **Figures 3~6 are all students' works** ▪ The sample size of the first picture is: width 20cm, height 30cm ▪ Note that the diameter of the rope body is 14~15cm [Experience fee] Such as the menu, 5% off for two or more people Including: tuition, materials (high-quality immortal flowers and dried flowers, materials and consumables, high-quality bags) Delicious afternoon tea (a hand-made dessert, optional $150 coffee or a drink) [Experience location] The Circle ▪ No. 6-1, Lane 269, Section 3, Roosevelt Road, Da'an District, Taipei City **Taipower Building MRT Station Exit 2 and walk for 3 minutes** ▪ MRT transportation is convenient and there are parking lots nearby 【Teacher Experience】 ▪ NFD (Nippon Flower Designers' Association) Level 1 Flower Art Certification ▪ Taiwan General Design Association, Dry Floral Design Application Certificate ▪ Green barn dry floral designer specializing ▪ Trend Micro Society Festival Course Teachers ▪ Rotary club inner-wheel activity teachers **Spread your thoughts in the well-built magic garden and become yourself freely** **Hand-made works are not only blooming works, but also the beauty of the moment in dynamic meditation** **come together!**