<Slow Temperature Natural Stone> C1288 Pearl Fluorite Cordierite Double Circle Bracelet // Footprint of the Elf

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● Material: fluorite, ochre, freshwater pearl, amethyst, brass

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&lt;Slow Temperature Natural Stone&gt; C1288 Pearl Fluorite Cordierite Double Circle Bracelet // Footprint of the Elf

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https://i.pinimg.com/564x/99/ac/7f/99ac7f338fe6c75b7627279f576e41c6.jpg Confused you strayed into the quiet path, but did not panic and want to move on. Along the way, the misty ridges covered the air, the air was fresh, and the light seemed to reveal a little phantom. Curious you continue to start, the footprints of the elves are revealed between light and shadow, and the fresh experience brings endless fun, Keep following! Enjoy the secrets of the journey with the guidance of the elves. - https://i.pinimg.com/736x/20/58/21/205821ccc7f2bde375f64b5f2359f049.jpg The jewelry you wear represents your yearning, your texture, Let your favorite things crawl into your hands and become an invisible force. Slow and warm professional design, show unique taste, Choose the jewelry that represents yourself, and use the unique password to render confident and beautiful! - [No. Product Name] ● C1288 Pearl Fluorite Cordierite Double Circle Bracelet // Footprints of the Elves ● Material: fluorite, ochre, freshwater pearl, amethyst, brass Fluorite: Rotten peach blossoms, which can improve the beautiful appearance of women and have a calming effect. It can save the energy that is deliberately attached, and prevent others from being sick, moldy, or deliberately engaging in seduce, seduce and sexual harassment. It can help the human body's gas field to demagnetize and purify, remove the stray gas, and clean and balance the chakras. Cordierite: It is a unique lucky stone with dichroism. It has a reconciling effect on "rationality" and "spirituality". The energy is quite stable. In addition to recruiting and increasing popularity, it has a magnetic field that increases leadership energy, ability to work, Confidence and management ability will improve, can dominate oneself, stabilize the mind, and gain the power to believe in oneself. Pearls: To enhance the noble temperament of women, the beautiful beauty will last forever. According to legend, there are legends such as the tears of God and the mermaid, which is related to love. Indian women often wear pearls to ensure the happiness of marriage. Amethyst: increase wisdom, increase interpersonal relationship (marriage), prosperous house, migraine, negative side can improve insomnia, poor sleep quality, positive side can develop wisdom, help reading, study and practice. Helps stabilize emotions and promotes emotional blending among friendships, family relationships, and colleagues. Symbolizes unwavering love, especially high-level, spiritual, spiritual love and stable love after careful consideration. - [Before you buy] ● How long will it arrive: the products will always be produced after payment, and will be shipped on the 6th to 9th, and will be sent out early if you need to do it early. If you need an urgent item, you can discuss it with us before we can make an order. ● Reply to the message: We will reply to the message later on weekdays after work (19:00) and on holidays (Tuesday and Wednesday) at the regular store! If you are in a hurry, you can use other instant contact methods, but you will also reply later than when you are at work. But we will try our best to reply :) ● The authenticity of natural stone: The ores with marked efficacy are all real natural stones. A few artificial crystals that are matched for their beauty will not be marked with efficacy. Please rest assured that we have undergone professional inspection before purchasing natural stones, however on the market The technology of counterfeit goods is constantly improving, and we are also working hard to check. If genuine natural stones with marked efficacy are found to have counterfeit problems, we will be fully responsible and have physical stores to give customers more peace of mind. ● Whether the actual product is the same as the photo: it is impossible for each batch of raw materials to have the same color and crystal, especially the crystals containing crystals (such as green ghost, strawberry crystal, titanium crystal, black crystal, etc.) Not the same, and each screen has chromatic aberration, we will keep it within reasonable conditions, but if you insist on exactly the same as the photo, please think twice, or come directly to the store to buy it will be more in line with your expectations! ● Indication of the size of the beads: The size of the ore will be slightly different when the ore is ground into beads (for example, 6mm, but not a batch of materials that are exactly 6mm, there will be a slight gap), so we do not indicate the ore size, but it can Refer to the "label" at the bottom of the product page for the size that the style is mainly close to. Click on the label to see all similar sizes, and you can also refer to the actual wearing photos. ● Whether the number of bracelets is the same as the photo: Normally, if the general bracelet is customized, the number will be the same, but as mentioned above, there will be a slight gap in the size of the beads when the bracelet is made (for example, sometimes the size of the beads is 6mm) (Sometimes 6.5mm ...), some fine adjustments will be made at the end when arranging (if each is 0.5mm more, the total length of the number of beads must be adjusted at the end so as not to be too long) to meet the normal Bracelet length. ● Scope of customization: The scope of customization provided by us is "customized size of hand circumference" and "the price remains unchanged after simple replacement of crystal", mainly the styles that have been fixed on the shelf. Customized (such as custom made after re-matching and replacement, the price will change), you cannot take orders on this platform! Not sure if you can ask questions :) [Size measurement] https://i.pinimg.com/736x/86/6d/7a/866d7a8210c6c227bb7cf876db04ed5b.jpg ● Please measure the actual hand circumference according to the instructions, and choose your actual hand circumference when ordering (not the total length of the bracelet) ● If there is a decimal point in the hand circumference you measured, you can choose a similar size to order, and fill in your hand circumference in the remarks column ● Each bead thickness is different, we will make according to your actual hand circumference plus 1.5 ~ 2cm ● If you need to order too special size (less than 11 cm or more than 19 cm), please contact us separately [About crystal] https://i.pinimg.com/736x/e6/8c/8b/e68c8b458cb6a52df407c6a5a433d6d0.jpg ● It is our passion to turn crystal into beautiful jewelry without showing old fashion. Man Wen has two major orientations in designing a crystal bracelet: ▸Aesthetic orientation: Make use of the various natural characteristics of the crystal to change and create as you want to become a beautiful jewelry. ▸Functional orientation: A bracelet should not exceed three natural stones as much as possible. At the same time, it is designed in consideration of beauty, so that the crystal bracelet is not too vulgar and old, and still retains a certain strong functionality. → Whether it is for functional wear or pure-looking wear is very welcome! https://i.pinimg.com/736x/ba/22/ca/ba22cad72ed0d93a25e43d613e1a3e4c.jpg ● Crystal has been endowed with many different functional elements in scientific and traditional research due to its rich natural minerals, crystals, silicon dioxide and other chemical elements. On the way to study crystals, Man Wen likes to read information books from many sources, and then captures the most commonly recognized functions and meanings, instead of exaggeratingly giving too much functionality to a crystal. ● We most often use the natural colored light emitted by crystals to correspond to the seven major chakras of the human body from Indian Yoga. We provide professional consultation for any intractable diseases about crystals. Of course, you can wear it purely because of its beauty! ● Attached here is a simple comparison table of the seven atmospheric wheels of the human body and the corresponding natural stones. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/4a/40/80/4a4080fc73f416bd419eccc7cd5881d6.jpg ● I do n’t know how to choose a mineral bracelet that suits you. Welcome to discuss with us. Generally, we most recommend choosing the styles you like and seeing. According to the analysis of hexagrams in the I Ching Scriptures, etc., we provide professional consultation, and you can also quickly refer to the following recommendations. ● The slowest recommended: Zhao Zhengcai: Green Ghost / Zheng Zheng, Partial Wealth: Titanium Crystal / Peach Blossom Popularity: Strawberry Crystal Avoid evil and stop evil: Obsidian / Wisdom: Amethyst / Sleep aid: White Moonlight Improve gynecology: red pomegranate / calm mind: lapis lazuli / happy mood: Tianhe stone Omnidirectional: Tourmaline https://i.pinimg.com/736x/e0/56/ab/e056ab73afd5ec941eeca1e2268a8c8d.jpg ● Friends who care about functionality, remember to demagnetize the crystal regularly, and it is recommended to demagnetize it at least once a month. It is touched by people who do not like it, their wishes come true, they have entered or entered dirty places (such as funeral homes, hospitals, cemeteries) Decontamination of sewage and so on is required. There are many degaussing purification methods, which can be searched on the Internet by yourself. The slower temperature recommended methods are the crystal cavity purification method and the temple furnace purification method. ● I hope that the crystal can exert its effect. The most important point is: believe it completely. Well, the crystal you have won't let you down. [About brass] https://i.pinimg.com/736x/72/32/ff/7232ff6b0256f7e0c85458cbd5758d7b.jpg ● Brass used in slow temperature is EU standard anti-oxidation environmental protection brass, which is of good quality, anti-allergy, and not easy to oxidize and turn black. ● Generally, the normal wear rate will be different depending on the constitution (acid-base). The normal constitution will be slightly oxidized for about one or two years. It is also easy to maintain with a silver cloth to wipe and restore gloss. ● It can also be exposed to water (sea water), but care must be taken to avoid contact with chemicals such as perfumes and alkaline cleaners. [Brand Value-added Services] https://i.pinimg.com/736x/08/55/46/0855460a7642fbc0b8b051ddff4bc85a.jpg ● Each bracelet contains a small tag of this brand. The bracelets produced by the certified slow temperature can be changed for free once every six months, and can be replaced or mailed in person at the Tainan store. ● From the second time within half a year, the service fee is $ 50 each time (only for natural stone products) 【other instructions】 https://i.pinimg.com/736x/13/0d/40/130d4001958b590ba8a6e9d37ff3761b.jpg ● Slow temperature bracelets are made of elastic threads imported from Japan. They are sturdy and durable. They can become loose for more than one or two years under normal use. Unless the external force pulls or the bracelet accumulates too much negative energy, it is easy to disconnect when the brake is blocked, please rest assured. Wear it. ● Bracelets can basically touch water, but some natural stones are not suitable for severe temperature changes, exposure to the sun, or contact with acid and alkali items. Detailed precautions will be attached to the product's maintenance card. ● All products have after-sales service, and the products can be returned for repair. ● Please measure your hand carefully. If the wrong size is caused by your own measurement, you need to pay for the return shipping. ● Special sizes (without the hand circumference within 14 ~ 16cm) or special order products cannot be returned or exchanged, but we hope that each customer receives the most satisfactory products and will provide replacement services as much as possible. ● Except for defective products, for other reasons, the return freight must be paid by yourself. [Packaging Services] https://i.pinimg.com/736x/6b/3d/24/6b3d24fea4617a1bd1527b816e99408c.jpg ● The ore products are carefully packaged with high-grade crystal bags and slow-temperature paper bags, "Total Firewood Bags", with a complete product after-sales service card and maintenance instructions. [Packaging plus purchase] https://i.pinimg.com/736x/37/c7/fb/37c7fb26c1e5b5bfeb52c7b0f2ff3c0f.jpg ● For gift-giving needs, you can purchase a slow-temperature gift box at an extra price, which includes a slow-temperature blue paper bag, a black golden gift box, a satin storage bag, and a slow-temperature silver wipe. Please click the following link to purchase: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/19F295DP?category=8 https://i.pinimg.com/736x/c5/e9/0d/c5e90ddfbfd6e076cfee468ed8ce35de.jpg - Wear a slow bracelet, please enjoy it with peace of mind! Thank you for choosing our bracelet to accompany you or your friends. I hope it can fully represent your confidence and beauty and accompany you through every day of life. We provide complete after-sales service to let your bracelet be with you. Glow and create more beautiful stories😊 If you have other customized ideas or have any questions about crystals and products, please contact us! https://i.pinimg.com/736x/e2/e4/95/e2e495175d35cf2970b223f2799efab6.jpg