【Workshops】September-November, Happy Hour, authentic Taiwanese taste, wine pairing

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For us, the combination of meals and wine should not only be set against who ... who is a fusion of new flavor expressions, familiar cuisine, non-tasting wines, sommeliers Subtle and keen taste, subtle mix, subvert your established impression of "auth
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Taiwan / Taipei City
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中正區襄陽路一號 6 樓
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30 minutes before the workshop begins
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See workshop description
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Aged 18 and over
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【Workshops】September-November, Happy Hour, authentic Taiwanese taste, wine pairing

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https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48437395681_c79c12fbd1_c.jpg Taste the taste of life, start from ordinary life. For us, the combination of meals and wine should not only be set against who ... who is a fusion of new flavor expressions, familiar cuisine, non-tasting wines, sommeliers Subtle and keen taste, subtle mix, subvert your established impression of "authentic Taiwan flavor". [Series 1-Street Food] Speaking of "Taiwan flavor", eating on the street has an important position that is hard to shake! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48437394446_12ebe28f90_c.jpg **Braised Rice Sano Turkey American Bourbon** Keelung in the north and Kenting in the south can be seen across Taiwan. Although the use of materials and flavors varies from region to region. Preference is given to fatty glutinous rice dumplings. Invariably, the perfect combination of it and the glutinous rice always makes maggots impossible. The wonderful flavors that are endlessly eaten have won CNN's vote for Taiwan Food No.1. Utilizing the two different parts of Taiwan's local pigs ... to create a combination of tenderness and chewyness, while using 2 ~ 3 flavors without adding pure brewing soy sauce, Let the loquat be sweet and salty, and finally add the finishing touch to the loquat. It is the wisdom of the mother, using pure wine to stew the loin, so that the sauce of the marinade is more delicate and lasts for a long time. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48437541122_7d037e560c_b.jpg **Salted Chicken with Spanish Marina Alta Liquor** It can be said that it is a representative of refreshing food. It uses the crispy outer skin of old chicken and Q bomb quality, and is seasoned with simple onion ginger garlic and black pepper. I can't stop. However, the old chicken is not easy to obtain in the market. It uses the same chewy imitation chicken legs, which is marinated with homemade spiced powder, and then roasted with chicken bone soup. With vegetables, fill the ingredients with a strong aroma, and finally add the rich aroma of Zhizhi Soy Sauce. The fresh sweetness and simple seasoning of fresh chicken legs and vegetables alone can create a confused flavor. **Chiba with Choya Brown Sugar Plum Wine** ⿇ 糬, ⼜ is called 糍粑, Wu 碖 in the original ⺠, Hakka, southern Fujian and even the original copy of the ⽇ copy, there are such glutinous rice glutinous rice dumplings. The scent of glutinous rice, paired with slightly sweet and fragrant Zhi Zhi, is simple, but it is a wonderful taste of childhood. Traditional rice dumplings are complicated and difficult to control modern rice dumplings. In fact, using high-quality glutinous rice flour and electric pots can make delicious rice dumplings. Paired with fragrant zhizhi tang sugar powder, you can relive childhood happiness at home. [Series 2-Surging feast] In addition to eating on the street, the Taiwanese dishes in the restaurant highlight the diversity of Taiwan's diet. From Fuzhou cuisine, Chaoshan cuisine brought by southern Fujian and Guangdong, to restaurant dishes after the war, and from other provincial cuisines that have been newly transferred in 38 years, Lao Guo has stirred and merged with each other. Become a beautiful scenery on the Taiwanese table. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48437393511_8a32412c0c_c.jpg **Ramen with Remy Martin St. Remy VSOP** Cantonese cuisine in Yuanyuan. The salty sausages, liver sausages, and Chinese ravioli are spread on the rice. During the cooking process, the tartar sauce is slowly dripped into the rice grains. When it is cooked, it is topped with oyster sauce as the base. The aroma is strong and sells well, It is an indispensable dish on the banquet table. The dried wax products from the traditional famous shops in Nanzhao Market are used. The flavor is strong and not dead and salty. With the unique sauce sauce, the rice is not only fragrant, but also the rhyme. The cooking style only requires the use of an electric pot, no casserole preparation and constant attention to the fire. Even busy office workers can easily complete it when they return home. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48437393841_eb21874fd5_c.jpg **Braised Lion Lion Bun** Out of the Huaiyang cuisine, it is called "Siki Maru". Its round and round appearance makes it an indispensable martial art cuisine for Chinese New Year and the feast! The lion head is stewed with spicy spices such as amaranth, coriander, shrimp, onion and ginger. The sweetness of pork gizzard, the sweetness of amaranth, and the freshness of baked shrimp are a perfect fusion, and it has become a delicate vegetable dish that is not too greasy to eat. The lion's head is made from Taiwanese pig's twisted pork and raised eggs. In addition to traditional amaranth, boiled cabbage is added to enhance the sweetness of the soup. Finally, it is seasoned with pure brewed high-quality soy sauce, using the highest quality ingredients and thick scallions, this classic dish is presented. **Longan Cake with Royal Porter Ruby Red Wine** Lai Changhua's 100-year-old shop, although it has only a short history of more than 40 years, has a sweet and strong unique flavor, and it has quickly become a Taiwanese home-made cake! In the traditional etiquette and custom of Taiwan, "lair longevity" has the meaning of "satisfaction". Therefore, at the wedding and birthday party tables, you can often see the longan cake. The cake body is made from the flour and the fermented cream from France, and the high quality longan from Taiwan. It has a strong aroma, light weight, and is suitable for all ages. [Series 3-Nostalgic Home Flavor] I have eaten all the flavors of Luanzhen, and they are no better than nostalgic. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48437539657_43dbee67e3_c.jpg **Soy Sauce Chicken and Lasagna with Golden Gate Sorghum Platinum Dragon World Championship Edition** Authentic Taiwanese cuisine was once a nourishing product for Taiwanese women. In the past, the mellow aroma created by soy sauce and ginger flakes combined with the rice scent remaining after the rice wine was rolled through. When moms cook in the kitchen, they will Caused unrest in the house. It is made of high quality Q bombs and stewed imitation chicken thighs. It is topped with edible soy sauce oil as base and sautéed ginger slices. Add "pure rice wine" without adding alcohol to the stew. ⼭ ⾼ Li Cai to add the overall sweetness ... In the cool autumn, help you warm. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48437393116_a98ba4b2a0_c.jpg **Table top lozola berry sparkling wine** In my childhood memories, my mother always put a large amount of onion ginger garlic, soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, and Chinese medicine packs into a simmered stainless steel pot to make a marinade, and then slowly make the tendon, scallion dry, sweet and not spicy, Put eggs and other ingredients into the stew, In a few moments, the scent of savory loquat came to the table, sprinkle some green onions and dip some spicy oil, the taste is unforgettable today! In order to eat more healthily and safely, we choose natural ingredients to make table top lozenge, and at the same time, use 13 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials as the flavor base of bitumen to create a refreshing, delicious and unburdened table top lobe. **Roasted Immortelle Taro Round Zubei Rites** Although Xiancao is derived from Cantonese-style desserts, the way of eating "Roasted Xiancao" is mainly from Taiwan. Thick immortal grass juice, paired with honey red lotus root, green lotus root, or sweet potato round, taro round, is a good choice for warmth in autumn and winter nights. It's the coolest day and the most delicious supper with the sweet-boiled celery made from simmered rice as the base, and sweet potato and taro balls with fragrant Q. **Activities:** ① Sharing stories and recipes of classic Taiwanese cuisine ② Cooking and cooking ③ Sommelier selection and sharing of wines ④ What's the secret to buying wines at reasonable prices and good quality? ⑤ How to make a wine tasting and taste wine? **The Happy Hour Cocktail Reception series is especially suitable for:** ① You like to exercise discretion and want to know more about the characteristics of different wine types ② You do n’t want to come, you want to taste all kinds of wine ③ You who want to improve your taste and the breadth of topics ④ You who want to drink a cup but do n’t know how to choose and match the meal ⑤ Gourmet food, you eat well! **Pinkoi Pinpin Academy Cooperation Brand | ⾃ 厨 ⾃ 活** Beginning in 2016 ... self-cooking life to become "a good friend on your cooking road", I hope to accompany you more easily to enjoy the self-cooking fun, slow down the pace of life, and live a conscious life. Self-cooking puts it bluntly, it's not just "cooking for yourself" ... it's a life attitude that pursues "autonomy." With cuisine as the core, we have been involved in the wine, coffee and other fields, and cooperated with professional staff in various fields. Expect to add points to your life texture through rich experience activities! **Collaborating Sommelier with Pinkoi Pinpin Academy | Aaron** Aaron (Ryd Proverb) is currently serving as the ambassador for the wine brand, Choya plum wine, and holds multiple wine ordering certificates. Aaron believes that "the ultimate mission of the sommelier is to make the perfect combination of wine and food". Since 2018, he has collaborated with ⾃ zhuo ⾃ huo, and designed a series of "Happy Hour dining party" to bring the wine and wine back to ⽣ huo. In the ordinary, let ordinary ordinary people also live a texture. [Professional License:] China National Sommelier Sommelier Certification French sopexa Advanced license / WSET Lv.4 license AWI Sommelier Certificate Australian RSA Bartender License ▶ Event Information ·date . 2019/09/29 (Sun) 14:30 – 16:30 Eat on the street ⼿ Cooked Braised Rice, Salted Chicken, Chiba . 2019/10/27 (Sun) 14:30 – 16:30 Surging feast Bacon Rice, Braised Lion Bun, Longan Cake . 11/24/2019 (Sun) 14:30 – 16:30 Nostalgia Soy Sauce with Chicken and Rice • Activity mode: -⾃ Cooking 简要 活 Briefly introduce cooking stories, make ⽅ styles, and provide detailed recipes. -Sommelier Aaron introduces pairing wines, matching concepts, as well as interesting knowledge about process, characteristics, and tasting styles. • One welcome wine and three table wines will be prepared on site for a total of four drinks. ・ Number of people: 24 people / field ▶ Ticket purchase notice ・ Ticket description . Single ticket NT $ 1,850 . Double Pass Package: NT $ 3,500 (average NT $ 1,750 / ⼈, save NT $ 100) . Three tickets: NT $ 4,650 (Average NT $ 1,550 / session, save NT $ 300) ・ Ticketing Rules **. After purchasing a ticket, Pinkoi will provide a proof of successful ticket purchase in the station letter and will not send physical tickets. On the day of the event, please go to the registration office and present your registration notice or order form to enter the venue.**


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